A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C14

King of Heroes Sympathiser





“Good morning Ryu, it’s good weather today as well”

Morning, Deep Forest Eastern Region.
In front of a small shrine, I joined Lily.

Dragon Knight’s decided meeting point is here, we meet here at least once a day.
For that reason I met up with Lily but……Terry’s figure can’t be seen.

“Where’s Terry?”
“That is you see, they captured a human queen yesterday, so the goblins are all busy today”
“Ahh……now that you mention it that’s true huh”

Recalling such a thing, she consents.
The goblins captured a noble woman, it won’t end overnight.

“Perhaps Terry’s younger brother will be born after some days”
“There’s a chance for a son too”
“A nephew or a cousin as well. It would be good if lots were born this time”
“Last I heard was that if their social position was high, then to some degree the child making is good, for goblins”
“I’ve heard that as well. If it’s the queen then she’ll give lots of births”

Lily and I talked talked about the ecology of goblins.
If the race of monster is different then their ecology is also vastly different. Even if they’re monster companions, it’s not they’ll know perfectly.
That point isn’t thought of as strange. The reason being is that everyone is different.

Goblins make noble women nurseries; Lizardmen have only men, so they warm their eggs with two fathers; Vampires have perpetual youth and longevity so instead of reproducing they make humans they’re pleased with into followers.

Since they’re all different, thinking it’s strange every single time is stranger.

Incidentally, slimes’ diets consist of fibers. There are individuals who like clothes that have been seasoned with human sweat as well, but I’m an exceedingly normal type. A herbivore slime who eats vegetation.1

“We’re incomplete today, so what should we do”
“Wouldn’t it be fine to breakup? It’s fine even if we don’t fight everyday isn’t it”
“That’s true too”

Since the goblins are very busy today Dragon Knight is taking a break from heading out. I gained the privilege to slack off brazenly.

In order to head to my basking spot, I headed back to the center of the forest for the moment. There I encountered the scene of an uproar.

There are a lot of monsters making a ring, and in the center of that is a single person. A human with his hands tied behind his back, a hero.

He’s young, his age is mid twenties. Despite being surround and bound, he floats a daring smile.

“What is this”
“Ohh, Ryu”

The monster closest to me answered.
A four scissored large crab, a monster by the name of Death Crab.
His name is Jack, he’s my senior by who knows how many years.

“Jack-san. What is that?”
“The hero who came invading today. His defensive power is excessively high, so we were no match for him. Hime-sama, Yui-chan, and Mother Dragon-sama had take care of dealing with him.
“I see”

There are these types occasionally, the kind who specialize in defense. Even if they can capture the human, they’re unable to defeat them, but.
At those times they can capture them, bring them here, and the executives will take care of it.

“Fuhahahahaha, even though you’re called monsters, you’re not that big a deal huh”

Despite being surrounded by monsters after being bound he isn’t frightened. Rather he looks to the sky and laughs loudly.
Thus Jack gets annoyed and threatens the man.

“You can be cocky for now, if Mother Dragon deals with you, you’ll be torn limb from limb in an instant”
“You lot as well can be cocky for the moment. Our savior will return before long”

Jack is dubious, at the same time the surrounding monster become noisy.

“That’s right. Our Savior, the Legendary King of Heroes Ryu-sama”

I let out a voice reflexively. Why me?

The monsters looked at me for a moment since I let out my voice, but they immediately burst into a clamor of laughter.

“That’s not it, it’s different, it’s not about Ryu”
“Ryu’s a slime after all”
“Saying that’s no good, Ryu is Mother Dragon-sama’s son, he’s a dragon”

Though they’re teasing me, it’s all in good fun.
I felt a little relieved. I reacted reflexively when he spoke about me, but the monsters laughed that away.

“That slime’s also named Ryu, filthy. Listen here, Ryu-sama is incomparably strong compared to something like that slime. To start with, he’s a Dragon Slayer, in his lifetime the number of dragons he’s killed exceeds 100”

Don’t exaggerate as you please, certainly of those mentioned 99% of them were Wyverns or something like that but.
A true dragon that holds intelligence like Yui, I’ve only defeated at most five haven’t I.

“He’s not only strong, accompanied by his twelve apostles, he’s annihilated many monster’s nests and labyrinths”

Those guys called themselves apostles! Even though I only taught them the basics of of capturing Labyrinths or exterminating monsters a little.

“In order to bequeath that strength throughout the world, he was petitioned by kings from various nations to train the next generation of heroes”

That was extremely bothersome.
My genes were certainly coveted that I was told to gather a large amount of virgins and embrace them.
To the point that a certain country with a fairly old tradition of right of the first night pressed it on me.

The man continuously bragged about stories of my past self.
They were mostly troublesome events. Although they were not lies, they’re were stories that had been conveniently exaggerated by some influential person, as such I was worked to death retorting within my mind.

Jack, who had been listening for a while, judged the timing and forcibly cut in when the hero paused his boasting.

“Are you done yet?”
“I also know the stories of the King of Heroes Ryu, but, that guy’s dead already”

With Jack’s declaration the monsters simultaneously became relieved.
With the legends of Ryu that the man spoke of, a not insignificant amount of monsters became scared.
When they heard he had died, they became relieved.

“Fu, fufufufufufu”
“What’s funny”
“Ryu-sama will soon be resurrected”
“Ryu-sama’s first apostle, Alex-sama, has said so. That he has found Ryu-sama’s soul”

……now that you mention it, that guy sniffed out my existence.
Ah mou, so troublesome that guy!

“I, for the sake of Ryu-sama’s resurrection, came here”

The man said that, and spread out a magic circle at his feet.

“What is this!?”

Jack questions the hero.

“A transfer magic circle. Five minutes from now, our comrades will transfer here in great numbers. I talked about Ryu-sama’s stories non-stop in order to buy time for this magic circle”

The monsters become noisy all at once.
This is the center of the forest, if they transfer here it’ll be non-stop all the way to Mother Dragon.

“You bastard!”
“Opps, it’s too late even if you kill me. Even if I’m not here, the magic circle has been completed already”
“Ku! Everyone, call back your comrades!”

With Jack’s brief statement the monsters dispersed and began running.
They ran to call they’re companions to intercept the large crowd of the heroes who would come.

In a flash, the monsters disappeared.

“Ha-hahahahaha! With this Mother Dragon will be defeated, as long as she’s gone we can slowly search for Ryu-sama’s soul afterwards.
“Sorry but, I won’t allow that”
“……N? What, a slime, are you fine? Without running to call your comrades to gather”

The man looked down on me, he looked at me with eyes full of contempt.

Well that’s how it is, with a slime as an opponent, that’s how it is right.

“Bringing out this kind of Transfer circle, you really plan to conquer/dominate this forest”
“Fu, of course. Look they’ve come, the first party has come”

The radiance of the magic circle increases, at last it begins to operate.


I let out a sigh, and spread a magic circle at my feet.
On top of the magic circle the man spread, I place another magic circle.

“It’s useless, this magic circle was handed down by Ryu-sama directly. It’s a magic circle that’s impossible to destroy or stop”
“That’s certainly true, but it’s possible to re-transfer”
“The first party will……be sent to the Lizardmen’s place. This next one will be the Ogre’s nest. The rear priest force will, be a present for the goblins”

I briefly judged the transferred lot, and sent them to the monster with the best affinity’s place.

“W-what are you doing”
“Un? Like I said, re-transfer. It would be a big problem if they gathered here, I scattered them and sent them all over the place”
“What did you say……y-you……what are you”
“I’m Ryu, a common slime”

I said so to the astonished hero, I defeated him so he wouldn’t be an obstruction.

[Good work]

From behind I hear Mother Dragon, Kaa-san’s voice.
Even though there is still some distance, as expected she had grasped the situation.
If I overlooked this group being transferred the heroes would go non-stop to Kaa-san’s place in large numbers……if it became such a situation, I would be scolded afterwards.
It’s good that I happened to pass through here coincidentally.

I was considerably tired from placing a transfer circle on top of another transfer circle in order to re-transfer, but without fail I split up the heroes and transferred them in a way that the monsters could defeat each of them.

1. This herbivore is the term for describing guys who aren’t aggressive and show little interest in pursuit of romance, etc.

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      1. plant pot-kun

        And it’s a must… well it’s not like there’s anything explicit but well, isn’t reading mostly related to imagination

        I am just laughing that they said cousins, brothers but never ever considered sons… poor goblin


  1. thatguy572

    How did MC die in the first place and reincarnate into a slime? Did he mess with Mother Dragon and she was just too much for him (granted, wearing her out with numbers and revivals is probably the only strategy that would work when you are lacking in people who can fight her as an equal)? Is MC of now stronger than he was as a human? Hope an answer arrives one day.

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  2. Reman Scimitar

    Pretty late to the game (just started reading as of yesterday), I’m not phased by the rape from goblins since they’re shown the same across some fantasy/isekai medias (goblin slayer being the head of that media).

    Bear in mind, this rape issue is very common in the Middle East, Northern Africa and Southwest Asia (Afghanistan and Pakistan, just not the breeding part, sorry had to get my two cents out as I’ve been to both Iraq and Afghan a few years back).



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