A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C19

An Accurate Judgment





Today as well I met the morning in Yurie’s arms.
I the slime slept right in the middle of the bed, and almost as if treating me like a cushion, Yurie slept with clinging to me.

“N……no good……”
“What’s no good huh”

When I moved to slip out of Yurie’s arms, even though she was sleeping she reacted and gripped me tighter.
Not only her arms but her legs clung to me as well. Completely being a body pillow.
Well, whatever.
Sleeping stark naked Yurie’s body temperature is high so sufficiently lukewarm, what’s more is that I like lazing around on top of the bed.

Since reincarnating as a slime I’ve mostly slept outside, but when trying this as expected beds are nice.
Beautifully cleaned sheets, a soft and fluffy bed.
I think it’s the best thing within the inventions of humans. Even if the world falls into ruin, bed culture should be absolutely be properly preserved within a historic ruin and conveyed to the life to come is what I believe.

I decided to laze around.
Of course I didn’t let Yurie laze around.
While cutting her fatigue, just by holding me her physical power and magical power were consumed was continued.
The thing called sleep learning, it’s still too soon for Yurie to laze around.


The door was knocked on.
Investigating the presence outside, there was one monster.
Who is it? When I considering that.

“Fuai……wdho ish ith……”

Yurie while half asleep raised her body.
While holding me she got off the bed and opened the door.

“Wdho ish ith……?”
“Fire spirit”

When I identified him, Yurie “Haa……” like that was still half asleep.
Well, it’s fine, I decided to let her sleep like this. The sleep learning is continuing so there’s no problem.

Leaving her alone, yesterday, among the four spirits that were guarding Arganse, I spoke to the fire spirit.

“Do you have some business?”

The fire spirit looked at me and in a low voice said.

“Today’s guidance is unnecessary, I came to convey that”
“Waka has us by his side, it’s not something to trouble you with”

The fire spirit spoke so.
Were they mad about yesterday’s thing? When I thought so, it seemed that was not the case.
That manner of speaking if we were to say which, rather included strained laughter as well as being troubled.
Well, either way is fine.
I was told by Kaa-san so I guided them, but if the other side says it’s unnecessary then I’m grateful.

From what I saw yesterday, Arganse fire power is the real thing. The Spirit King’s lineage right on the mark, that high magic power and being able to rapid fire that Phantom Disaster.
Only that won’t normally hit, thus with the spirits’ support it hits.

“I got it”
“I’m thankful”

The fire spirit said as such and left just like that.
If I were to express it in words, he’s exactly a guy who gives off the feeling of a military man.
Being useful to a foolish prince, a loyal military man, in a certain meaning a perfect fit.

Well, that’s not worth worrying about.
I was told guidance was unnecessary so let’s laze around today.

“Yurie, let’s go back to bed”

Despite instructing her she doesn’t move. I look at Yurie’s face, before one knew she who had completely waken up was trembling.
Trembling? Why? Her fatigue should be cut.

“What’s wrong Yurie”
“My bare body was seen……I can no longer be a bride……”
“……now that you mention it, you were stark naked huh”

When I said that, Yurie burst into tears.

We left the house and came to a basking spot.
Becoming free, wanting to laze around here I instructed Yurie to carry me here.
Within the light filtering through, sitting on top of the lawn, Yuri place me on on her lap.
She was still uncontrollably weeping.

“You’re minding it too much, it’s not like a human saw you after all. Most types of spirits are nature itself. Since it’s a fire spirit, it’s like standing in front of an open fire nude”
“I understand……”

She nods in accordance to my persuasion, but even so she remains despondent.
Being seen by spirit isn’t something to mind is what I think, if it were a goblin then you’re chastity would be in danger, but if it’s a fire spirit then it isn’t something to be comforted about. It’s really just like standing nude in front of an open fire, but it seems that’s unconvincing.

If she continues sobbing then even I’ll become dispirited, so I decided to change the subject.

“After this I’ll show you a hero’s battle”
“A hero’s battle?”
“That’s right, learning by observation. Exactly observing an experienced person battling, a method of learning with your eyes”
“But it’s dangerous to go the place where heroes are fighting isn’t it?”
“Don’t worry, look”

I spread a magic circle and cast magic on both Yurie and me.

“Wahwah, t-the scenery changed”
“Distant View magic, magic that exchanges the scenery you see with far away scenery”
“Amazing, you can use this kind of magic too huh Slime-sama”
“It’s not really amazing, when I was 12 years old it’s the first magic I learned after all”

My human days, when I was a child there was an open air onsen near where I lived.
When thinking about it now it’s an idiotic story, but at that time “I want to see” with my whole heart I desperately learned it. Thanks to that it didn’t take even 5 minutes.

“Like this the heroes’ battle can be shown. It’s fine if you just watch”
“I understand. Ah, there’s a hero-sama”
“Let’s see let’s see……geh”

I let out my voice reflexively. The hero I saw, it was a familiar face.

Near the entrance to the Northern Forest, at that place was a single woman.
Her long blonde hair in a half-up half-down hairstyle, her face while wearing absolutely no make up is fair and beautiful, just by standing there her gorgeousness is increasing.
Contrary to her neat high class beautiful looks, on her body she wears a silver plate and a long sword hangs at her waist.

“An acquaintance?”

The conversation will become troublesome, so I didn’t respond to Yurie.
Lucia, a single one of my students.
One of the ones called the 12 apostles among the humans I taught, Saru Kingdom’s first princess.
Good looks from her peerage, until her strong talent, a woman with no complaints but.

“Ah, lets eat. It looks delicious huh rice ball”

Using Distance View we saw Lucia sitting on a tree stump eating rice balls.
A monster suddenly appeared.

That monster was in comparison to Lucia a far larger ogre.
A demon faced giant was swinging down a club thicker than a human’s torso.
Lucia avoided that, and unsheathed her sword.

[Deceptive Impression]

Murmuring while brandishing a sword slash from the shoulder, the ogre promptly dodged it, jumping out of the range of the long sword.
But, in the next moment, Lucia’s long sword extended.

Whip Sword.
It’s also called Galient sword, a sword that extended with chains and bent like a whip reaching the ogre and surrounding its entire body, the giant was shredded.

That blow was shallow, the ogre raised their club overhead to counterattack, but Lucia like a dance using the Galient sword she cut up the ogre once more.
In an instant the ogre was defeated.

“S-strong. ……I didn’t understand a thing”

Yurie was disappointed, well that can’t be helped.
The one who said to learn by observation was me, but the other party was bad. In Lucia’s case the level is too different that even if you look it can’t be helped if it’s not comprehendible.

“Ah, he came again–the spirit person”

Before Lucia who defeated the ogre appeared Arganse and the four spirits.
Different from the end of yesterday, the confidence had returned to Arganse’s face.
The four spirits backed him up, defeated heroes and restored his confidence I’m sure.

That full of confidence Arganse shot a spirit beam.


With that single word, Lucia put in spirit “Ha!” and in her body’s surroundings something burst.
The four spirits each made an expression of surprise.
To the sluggish beam Lucia swung her sword, shifting the trajectory completely.

You became stronger again Lucia. Though slow is slow, Arganse’s that beam’s power was the real thing. Shifting that with a sword was something.
You did your best. When I think about it, this one, in spite of having talent she was someone who tried harder than anyone else.
Even after I disappeared you continued training huh, for some reason or another I became happy.

Within the Distance View, Arganse was still battling and making a face full of confidence, but the four spirits’ judgment was quick.
Two of them stepped out and held Lucia back, the remaining two carried Arganse and ran away.
After that Arganse escaped, one of the remaining spirits, the earth spirit made the ground explode and created a smoke screen, and ran away from Lucia.

Lucia didn’t pursue.

[Loyalty Max rear unit guard……it’s unfavorable to chase them too far]

So she muttered.
The time with the ogre, the time with Arganse as well–no from long ago she’s been like that.
At any rate her judgment was accurate and fast.
If she pursued them like that then that the spirits would become desperate and act to let Arganse get away is certain.
Not pursuing them is better, she made that judgment.

“She’s an amazing person huh……”
“Well, yea”
“What’s wrong Slime-sama, you’re inarticulate?”
“No, well……”

Within the Distant View, I found a certain thing.
And I who understand about Lucia could read to a certain extent the development after this.

Lucia put the Galient sword into it’s sheath, as if saying come to think of it, she looks around her surroundings restlessly and tracked something down.
She immediately found that.

In a place a little separated from her, the rice ball was fallen on the ground.
The fallen rice ball received damage from the earth spirit’s smokescreen and the surface was completely covered in mud.

Lucia who saw that let out a Ku–but.
After looking around nearby restlessly.

[300 second rule so it’s fine right]

And, she picked up the rice ball, she drew her sword and with dance like whip handling she cleaned off the mud on the surface. Like that she put it in her mouth.

“Her frugal tendency hasn’t changed huh”
“F-frugal tendency”
“Ahh, she for some reason when it comes to food, in that moment she gains a frugal tendency. A grain of rice that fell onto the table is certain, like right now things that fell onto the ground were made clean with her own rule and she would eat it. I’ve seen cases of up to the greatest 3000 second rule”

Despite that she’s a princess of an entire country but, it’s mysterious.
Lucia having completely consumed the rice ball joined her hands and let out a “Gochisousama”.

At that point I dispelled the Distance View magic.

“……now then. Put me down Yurie”
“Why Slime-sama”
“I’m going to drive away Lucia, if I leave her alone the damage will become too big”
“I-I understand”

Yurie lowered me onto the ground, and hopping I headed towards Lucia’s place.

Now then how should I fight her.
Lucia who became increasingly stronger, it will probably become a fierce battle.
Going all out from the start and aiming for a short decisive battle, or utilizing Deep Forest’s magic as well and make it a drawn out battle.

……a short decisive battle is nice, for as long as the battle grows the chance that my strength will be exposed to someone rises..
Un, lets go with a short decisive battle.

Thinking so, while preparing a number of preemptive attacks, I finally reached until Lucia’s place.
While searching for monsters, calmly waking within the forest is Lucia.

Preemptive attack!

“–Chances of victory zero”

Lucia suddenly dodged and broke into a full speed run.


You aren’t……going to fight?

Escaping with all her power is Lucia, in an instant her figure becomes unseeable.
Her mutter before she ran away at this late hour enters my head.

Chances of victory zero.

“You……your judgment’s too quick isn’t it……”

To the escaping figure of former student, I felt proud, amazed a complicated feeling.
Well, I drove her away, so for the time being it’s fine.


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