A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C14

Oni, Flower, and Contrary Person





A certain early afternoon, while being carried by Yurie I went out of Crystal Tower.
Recently using my own power I made a pseudo sun and made it possible to bask in the sun even in Secret Crystal Tower, but after all pseudo is just pseudo is what I thought.
I was able to relax considerably and it felt good, but it was unsatisfactory somewhere. If you eat only cultured fish, then you’ll come to want the natural product, that kind of feeling.

That’s why wanting natural sun rays I went out of Crystal Tower, and I was in the middle of searching to see if there was a good place somewhere.

“What’s going on Yurie, you seem in a good mood, huh.”
“It’s been a while since I’ve been together with Slime-sama huh, is what I thought.”
“Now that you mention it, that’s right, huh.”

Recently there was the matter of Lucia coming, so certainly it being the two of us might have lessened.
For an Alex type that’s a believer of me like Yurie, being just the two of would be pleasant I guess.

As long as nothing happens, Yurie will surely keep carry me and not let go.
She’s in that good a mood.

……fumu, in that case let’s do this.
I stealthily made my body heavier.
Naturally, not physically.

In the first place, me being carried by Yurie was in order to forge Yurie. With her always carrying me a burden will be place on her physical power and magic power constantly, and her basic ability will diligently go up. That’s the reason she carries me.

Yurie is in a good mood so since she probably won’t let go of me today, I stealthily increased the burden placed on Yurie ten percent.

Even if I increase it excessively, there’s no meaning. Ten percent is the limit of being able to barely bear it with willpower.
Of course if it’s for an instant then humans can show from several to dozens of so called emergency power, but I don’t use that for training. Having a burden always placed on you for a long time is my style.


Yurie was still humming and in a good mood. It’s good that she didn’t notice immediately, I decided to leave it like that.

“What’s wrong Yurie, suddenly stopping.”
“There’s an Ogre-san over there.”

I looked in the direction Yurie pointed.
Certainly, there was a single ogre there.

Ogre, a monster that’s also called a Kijin.
A frightening appearance and high fighting strength, and finally possessing a strong killing intent, a natural born genocider.

That ogre for some reason was sitting on the ground holding their knees.
In front of their gaze……a flower bed was there.

Perhaps……is what I thought so I told Yurie and we approached them.

“Slime……what do you want slime.”
“That face, you’re Chris right.”
“Do you……know me?”

The ogre Chris.
A certain individual I met once when I was in Deep Forest.
Despite her appearance being frightening like an Oni, she was an eccentric ogre that said she liked flowers.

Incidentally the other side had a mask on, a oni mask.
The mask is scary as well, but her bare facing after taking that was even scarier.

I remembered the other side, but it seems the other party didn’t remember me.

“Did we……meet somewhere?”
“Do you not remember, look.”

I crushed my eyes myself.
My slime body scattered around, and my eyes became “><” like.

“The slime from that time.”
“Did you remember?”
“Why are you here?”
“I was searching for a place to bask in the sun. Oh, there’s a flower bed in just the right place.”

Saying that I looked at the flower bed.
There where Chris was staring at was one side of the flower bed. They were growing in the wild, and they were only wild flowers that wouldn’t become money blooming.

The flowers were blooming beautifully, at the same time sun rays were pouring down warmly.
As if to say, the one who raised the flowers was I were gentle, warm sun rays.

“Come to think of it you were looking at the flowers right, won’t you get closer?”
“It’s useless for me.”
“Since if I get close, they’ll wither.”

I was curious about what that meant when I noticed that from from her ogre body a faint aura was leaking out.
For a monster it’s extremely trustworthy, an ominous like aura.
However it seems that it’s only a poison for living beings, and if you look carefully the grass in the vicinity where Chris is sitting holding her knees is withered. In a radius of one meter it’s completely become a desolate land.

“That will wither the flowers?”
“Un, if it’s not Deep Forest, flowers without immunity will immediately wither.”
“I see.”

For flowers raised in a coarse environment like Deep Forest then they have immunity for a monster’s standard aura, but if it’s a flower raised in an ordinary environment then it’s no good, huh.

That’s somehow heartrending.

“Oi look, flowers are blooming here see.”
“Kyahahahaha, flowers in this kind of place, no way.”

Suddenly, from a distant place the voices of a man and woman could be heard.
Not heroes, just ordinary humans. What’s more the man and woman were both rather gaudy.

The two thoughtlessly and briskly entered the flower bed, they trampled the flowers and went around.
They picked the flowers and immediately threw them away, they were simply laying waste.


Standing up, the moment she took a step forward Chris stopped.
Her body trembling, she seemed extremely frustrated.

She wants to immediately rush out and restrain them, however is she approaches the flowers herself, they’ll wither. She’ll cause the cause the damage to grow.
That dilemma, the reason of hesitation.

“Go ahead.”
“It’s fine already, Chris’s power is sealed.”
“Take a look.”

I jumped down from Yurie’s embrace. I lightly rammed Chris.


It was an impact on the level of being stuck with a light ball, Chris massaged the place where she was hit.

“The majority of your power is sealed, it’s fine if you even if you approach now, see.”

Half in doubt, Chris stepped forward a single step.
The ground that was bare beautifully in a one meter radius was fine.

Taking another step forward, safe.
One more step, nothing wrong.

Having gained confidence, Chris stamped around the flower bed.


Then she faced the sky and roared.


The two idiots who devastated the flower bed seemed like they were going to run away.
Even if they ran in the complete opposite direction it seems like they’ll trample the flowers again, but Chris one step faster circle around, and seized the two’s nape of their neck.

Almost like you might do to a cat, she seized the two, face the outside of the flower bed and tossed them.


Hitting the ground the two raised anguished voices, however the dread towards the monster called ogre exceeded the pain, and the two immediately got up and ran.

Chris who chased away the idiots was standing still within the flower bed.
I suppressed her power––––I don’t know if that’s why.
Chris standing in the flower bed looked kind.

I, while being carried by Yurie approached, on the way I picked up a certain thing and presented it to Chris.

“I’ll give you this.”
“This is……?”
“The flower those guys picked for amusement and then just threw it away like that just now.”
“How sad.”

Chris received the flower, and admired it on in her palm.
Size wise, it was like a human admiring something the size of a pinky finger, that kind of scene.

“You really like flowers, huh.”
“Un, like flowers.”
“I see, I got it.”
“Got it?”

While Chris was being suspicious, I melted my body.
I melted my slime body, and slowly spread it out.
Almost like amezaiku, with my slime body I coated the flower, the entire flower bed.

A vast flower bed, since I thoroughly coated a flower bed that’s proportionally 100 times an arena’s ring, I got a bit worn out.

“What are you doing.”
“I’m covering it with a shell, do you know amezaiku? Kinda like that.”
“For what reason?”
“Chris’s power already returned to normal.”
“Eh? ……it’s true.”

Looking at her own body, Chris was surprised.
The aura that was the reason she was sitting far away and holding her knees started coming out again.
However, the flowers didn’t wither.

The coated flowers didn’t wither.

“It’s fine now. If you like flowers, then it’s fine to see them close by.”
“For that reason……?”
“……since I want to relax, here’s just right after all.”

I had Yurie sit, and while being carried became half melted.

I couldn’t just watch, and unconsciously did it, but being told intentionally, “For that reason?” I was embarrassed.

“Thank you……slime.”

Chris said that, and sat by my side and gazed at the flowers.
Showing a gentle atmosphere, intently staring at the flowers, and admiring them.

It’s not like it was for Chris’s sake, when I noticed my body had moved, my bad habit went out again is all.

I’ll say this while I’m at it, since this place was just right, if flowers are growing this much in this place then the sun rays are good too, so I decided to try to bask in the sun is all.

Just that, un.


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