A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C17

First Gathering





In front of Crystal Tower, we arrived together with Chris at the base after a few days.

“This is Slime’s house?”
“A house you say……well yea.”
“I see.”

Nodding, Chris enters inside.
Like I thought she plans on living here.
Well, there’s no problem though.

“Another hero, huh! Wait, Chris-san!?”
“Eh? Chris-san, you mean that Chris-san?”
“It’s true, she’s become even scarier.”

Chris who entered first was greeted by the greeted by the monsters of Crystal Tower first floor.
Those in Crystal Tower now, excluding Lucia and Karen, are all originally monsters in Deep Forest.

Of course they know of Chris, they were comrades after all.

Even if Chris settles down here, there’s no problem.

That she’s sticking to me is a small worry is all but…….

While being carried by Yurie I enter Crystal Tower.

“Oh, if it isn’t slime boy. Where did you go?”

Chris having become an uproar, Shesta was just descending to see that situation.

“Just somewhere.”
“Don’t roam too much ok? If you’re killed by a hero outside, then you can’t resurrect after all.”
“I know.”

Somehow or another being kind to his monster comrades, and looking after others is Shesta.
That Shesta approached Chris.

Crystal Tower boss, and a famous power person in Deep Forest.
At the two’s confrontation the present monsters seemed to be excited at a glance.

There a hero arrived.
The one that appeared at the entrance of Crystal Tower was a young human woman.
A young woman, and a non hero like appearance.

A white blouse that give the impression of tidiness, and a corset and skirt close to deep blue.
Her breasts big, a thin waist, coupled with the hues, an attire that emphasized greatly her breasts.

Quite charming.

“Close that’ll kill a virgin have come!”
‘Hyahaa! I’ll charge first!”

Due to the clothes that seemed suited to some kind of appeal rather than combat, one of the first floor monsters, the goblins, charged first of all.
Within them was a face I was acquainted with……you too Terry.

The goblins who almost all advanced simultaneously were kicked about in an instant.
The woman’s style is, hand-to-hand fighting.
No, is it kenpo?

She does the kata precisely, and the blows are a dignified feeling kenpo.

And then after kicking about the goblins in an instant, the remaining monsters’ lines of sight naturally poured onto the two.

Shesta, and Chris.

To the two strongest in this place.

[The strongest one is Slime-sama.]
[You don’t need to mind that.]

While pacifying Yurie is Alexifying as the days pass, I watch over the situation.
The current me is the same as the other monsters, one of many.
Secret Crystal Tower aside, there’s no way I can butt in here.

The one who moved was Chris.
Chris held the slime club, and slowly approached the woman hero.

They glared at each other at outside a very close distance, they measured each others attitude.

“Don’t take up time, this great me will bring that one down.”

Shesta leapt from behind.
Shesta who can’t read the mood, ironically that became chance to break the equilibrium.

Chris fully swung her club directly horizontally, the female hero *Thud!* stepped on the floor and released a punch from a waist stance.

Club and punch, they directly exchanged bows and a shock wave was launched.


Shesta who was blown away by the shock wave hit the back of his head on the wall and fainted.
That Shesta whose eyes spun and and who fainted was as usual was relieved me a bit.

On the other hand, the first blow was the female hero’s win.
Her fist and club that exchanged blows, it resulted in her fast being slightly red, however the club was smashed.

The slime club, that was broken and Chris’s aura recklessly discharge, so visual wise she seemed to weaken.

The first round seemed to be the hero’s complete victory, and the monsters made a commotion.
With the monster side applying pressure excitement began to run.

I decided to participate in battle.
Like usual I used magic and operated Shesta, it’s good that he just hit his head and fainted.

Moving slowly, Shesta gets up.

“Chris, fall back.”
“This great one will undertake that one. You aren’t a being of this place yet. Don’t get involved, ok.”

Chris easily withdrew. In exchange Shesta went out in front.
The female hero and Shesta faced each other.

“I’m going.”

Shesta rushed out first.
The female hero counterattacks, similarly she steps on the floor with a thud, and this time rotating in a circle she swings down a hammer punch.

“Naive! ……take one of this great one’s blows.”

I counterattack while being aware of Shesta’s character. I catch the hammer punch from head on and just like that tackle her with the back.

I have seen the woman’s kenpo, relying on memory I use it to imitate a back tackle.
If I remember correctly it’s something like this, it should be that kind of technique.

Having received that the female hero is blown away.
*Crunch* She’s blown off while the sound of her bones breaking sounds, she bangs the wall with her back, and like a puppet with it’s strings cut, she collapses.

“A-hahahaha. It seems you were a hundred years premature, hero.”

And then I made Shesta declare victory.
The next moment, Crystal Tower got excited with the boss’s victory like always.

Secret Crystal Tower.
With the issue settled I who returned was followed by Chris.

Chris shows truly no interest in the secret dungeon, and asked me.

“Just now.”
“Causing the mouse to win was Slime’s deed?”
“What are saying, that was because Shesta’s strong––––”
“It was similar to the club.”
“––––I see.”

I resigned, being told that pin pointedly I thought it was impossible to deceive her after all.

“For reasons I made the public boss Shesta……don’t tell anyone this please.”
“I won’t tell.”

Chris replied immediately.

“Since I have no interest.”

Since it’s not a flower, is it.
Speaking of Chris it’s flowers, I can guess that other than flowers she has no interest in things.
That helps me greatly.

“Ryu-sama welcome baack.”
“Welcome back.”

When I was was relieved for the time being, Karen arrived from the surface.
In addition to that, Lucia who was sitting in seiza in a corner of the secret side stood up and came as well.

“Are? Newcomer?”
“Rather strong……probably second in this tower.”

Karen, Lucia, Chris.
The three faced each other, and watched each other.

A tense atmosphere runs, w-what’s happening?
I anxiously watched over, I watched, depending on the situation I have to intervene, but.

“I’m Karen, a Night Queen with 100% loyalty for Ryu-sama. Nice to meet you.”
“My name is Lucia. I’m human, but I’m Master’s disciple.”
“He showed me a flower, I’m thankful.”

When the three of them asserted something, the sense of tension completely and cleanly disappeared.
For the moment I’m thankful they got along, the case of them fighting would be MAX bothersome.

I had Yurie sit, and relaxed.
A miracle fit by half melting, when there’s no sunlight this relaxation feels the best.

Chris is quiet, so even if she settles down here it shouldn’t become a problem right.
I thought that, and started relaxing but.

“Onii-chan if you’re back then properly say you’re back––––they’ve increased!”

Arriving from the surface Yui raised her voice.
A dragon girl, my step sister, Yui.
She came and suddenly for some reason made a sullen expression.

“They increased again……when I took my eyes off for a bit they increased……”

She muttered as such.

“What’s wrong Yui, do you need something?”
“There’s no way I need something from Onii-chan right.”
“No, you wouldn’t come if you didn’t need something––––”
“More importantly!”

Like usual Yui with an angry expression declares.

“I’m going to live here too ok.”
“Eh? No, you have the eighth floor––––”
“I-m l-i-v-i-n-g h-e-r-e o-k.”

Pressured by Yui’s threatening attitude, I reflexively nodded “O, oh”.

“I have to stand guard so that they don’t increase more than this.”

Grumbling Yui mutters something.
Somehow……I have a feeling like it’s going to become something troublesome again.


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