A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C19

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Cleaning Up After Little Sister





Secret Crystal Tower.
Like always I was in a miracle fit in Yurie’s arms and in the middle of relaxing, everyone else were also spending time as usual.

Lucia is sitting straight in seiza close to the wall, and Chris is holding her knees and intently staring at the flower growing from a crack in the wall.
There seem to be heroes coming sporadically on the surface, but they’re of the level of having the tables turned on them the the monsters on the way, so I was able to do nothing and relax.

……I was able to but.

“Ne ne Yui-chan.”
“Don’t call me Yui-chan! I’m Mother Dragon’s daughter, a proud golden dragon ok.”
“Ehh, but Yui-chan’s cute, so Yui-chan’s fine isn’t it.”

Karen is entangled with Yui.
Karen is as usual, and Yui’s reaction is as usual.
The two are the same as usual, but as soon as the two got involved it felt like trouble.

I saw Karen starting a conversation like juggling a lit torch over oil.

Whether she drops it or not it looked like it would catch fire, it looked about that troublesome.

“Yui-chan, why are you here?”
“I got it, you want to be by your Onii-chan’s side right.”
“Na—a-are you an idiot!?”

Yui blushed and frantically denied it.

“It’s not?”
“Isn’t that obvious? There’s no way that’s it.”
“Hee, I thought that it was surely that you see. I mean, since everyone here wants to be by Ryu-sama’s side, they’re here right.”

Surprise, Yui who lost her words.

“Ne, you two are like that as well right.”
“That’s right, since I want to retrain myself at Master’s side, I’m here.”
“Flower bloom beside Slime’s side.”

Lucia and Chris as usual answered the truth.
It’s the simple truth and normally that would be no problem but……see look.
Yui is trembling her body all over.

“What does that mean……”
“Like I said, everyone wants to be by Ryu-sama’s side see. I also want to be by Ryu-sama’s side who let me evolve into a night queen. That’s why I thought Yui-chan was like that as well. Bluntly speaking, it’s like that right.”
“I-it’s not! It’s not like that!”
“The truth is?”
“W-what do you mean.”
“Look look, Ryu-sama’s over there seee.”

Karen said that, and with her hand on Yui’s lovely face, forcibly turns her line of sight here.

Yui’s face that’s like a boiled octopus turns even more red.

“Yui-chan act honest, say you want to be by Ryu-sama’s side. That’s natural after all, thinking you want to by the strong, cool, and wonderful Ryu-sama’s side is nothing embarrassing after all.”
“No, I……”
“Oh yea, I forgot to say, but a night queen’s a succubus, so I understand that kind of thing somehow or another ok.”

Being surprised too much her face became even more red, and after that became pale. While opening and closing her mouth she became red—Yui’s expression repeated that.

“Oi, stop around there, if you tease her more than that Yui—“

Since as one would expect it was bad I couldn’t overlook it and interjected but—I was one step late.

Yui snapped.
When you thought that in an instant she widened her eyes and faced the ceiling, you see that her body swelled up in an instant.

She changed from a lovely human form to a sublime golden dragon form.

“Ge, is this maybe dangerous?”

Yui who returned to her dragon form raised a howl, and indiscriminately sent out attacks.
Karen who was at point blank range just barely dodged, Lucia blew away the tower rubble that came flying, and Chris staked her life to protect the flower.

During that Yui raged.

“W-wait up, I’m sorry, I’m sorry so—kyan!”

Karen tried to bury the hatchet while continuing to evade Yui’s attacks desperately, but immediately after avoiding the flame breath that could melt even stone she was blown away by the tail lying in wait.
She plunges into the tower’s wall, and from her head spills blood.

“Owowow……there’s no distinction huh.”
“You’re the bad one.”
“You messed with her too much.”

Lucia and Chris simultaneously blamed Karen.

“I mean I understood, and then I wanted to do something somehow.”

While holding her head Karen stood up.
What is she saying she understood?

[Slime-sama, like I thought you’re thickheaded……]
[Do you understand Yurie—]

I tried to ask Yurie, but furiousness of Yui’s attacks increased even more.
Her eyes had completely lost consciousness, and commencing indiscriminate attacks.

“Arara, this is dangerous isn’t it. Is it possible to stop I wonder……”
“I’m prepared.””
“I will protect flower.”

Karen and co. spoke their respective expressions, and tried to oppose Yui.
The three of them were considerably strong, but even then they’re no match for a rampaging golden dragon as an opponent.

“There’s no helping it……you three fall back.”

I said said that and returned from being half melted to my usual state, and jumped down from Yurie’s arms.
Hopping, I went before Yui.

“I-is it fine Ryu-sama.”
“Watch—ready and!”

I unleashed my power.
I materialized the unleashed power above my head.


I aim that at Yui and swung it down.
One shot kill, Final Strike.

The swung down forefoot hit Yui cleanly.
A blow enough that Crystal Tower furiously shook.
Without being blown away Yui was directly below—crushed flat on the ground.

“W-wait a minute. Is that fine, Yui I mean.”
“If I don’t do at least this much then she won’t stop, a rampaging dragon I mean.”

It’s the strongest blow that in the case of Shesta, surely he would easily die ten thousand times. Yui lies flat, her tongue out, and fainted.

“So that she’ll faint, far off from a fatal wound. As expected of Master, without taking life simply stopping her, a superbly controlled blow.”

Excelling at assessment of the situation, Lucia immediately concluded, on the other hand Chris already lost interest, and in order to gaze at the wall’s flower returned to her former spot.

“That kind of blow isn’t usually controlled, it uses all one’s power though.”

Karen mutters.
The fainted Yui gradually deflates, and returns to her human form.

“U……n, are? Here is……”

Yui who regained consciousness quizzically looked around the surroundings.

“O-onii-chan? Could it be……I……?”

Instead of an answer I stare directly at Yui.

“Uu……i-it can’t be helped, being told that kind of thing—”
“—I’m sorry.”

Yui became despondent, and apologized obediently.
This is something due to dragon pride.

The descendant of the proud golden dragon Yui feels shame at inexperienced acts of rampaging due to being unable to control her power.
No matter what kind of provocation is received, not losing oneself is a dragon.

She’s reflecting on herself who went along with that and rampaged.

“Haa……there’s no helping it.”
“I’m sorry Onii-chan! I won’t do it anymore, so at least don’t—”
“I’ll teach you the way to control it.”
“—drive me out, wait eh?”
“I’ll teach you the method of control, so stay here for a while.”
“I-is it fine to stay?”

Yui made a small guts pose, why something like a guts pose?
I don’t understand, but for the time being it’s no good if I don’t make it so that can use control and not rampage, huh.

“See, one way or another it was good I did it right.”

Karen made a kind of proud expression, and since I strangely got angry I headbutted her with a tackle.


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