A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C26

Outside the Dream





The strongest slime Ryu used up his power and while he was dormant, the five girls unfolded a struggle.

“I-I will continue to carry Slime-sama like this. I know how to carry Slime-sama so he can rest the most.”
“Rather, leave it to em. If it’s me then I can heal his flesh and spirit altogether.”

In contrast to Yurie who timidly asserted, Karen made use of her high exposure clothing, and took a sexy pose emphasizing her chest.
A sexy pose to the extent that if it’s a healthy youth they would shoot a big nosebleed in one shot.

“Instead leave it to me. I’m able to use Master’s directly taught [Super recovery for times when you overdid it]. It was due to chance, but now is the time to pay him back.”
“Draw back human. The one to heal Onii-chan will be me. I who can emit the same dragon spirit can heal him the best after all.”

When Lucia spoke, Yui appealed like a cat bristling it’s fur, intimidating her.
Beside those four, Chris took some flowers that where growing in the altar.

“The smell of flowers is the best therapy.”

Rather than appeal, she was diligently preparing.

The masked Chris whose expression couldn’t be read, the smiling Karen, the serious faced Lucia, the trembling Yurie, and intimidating everyone Yui.
Each one of them was making a different expression, but what they asserted was the same.

That the one who could best heal Ryu who was currently exhausted and unconscious was themselves.

The atmosphere was tense, even some kind of evil haunt wouldn’t be this tense.

“Yaa yaa, this me is indeed Luiz Ruth, humans new ray of hope––––”

The hero that invaded without reading the air with just one blow was, minced by the galient sword, crushed by the club, and after being burnt to ashes with dragon breath his soul was messed up with the night queen’s charm.

The five glaring at each other, with no one giving way the explosive air continued.
Within that, Ryu who was in the center of the five moved.
Like a mollusc slime, he crawled on the ground moving like a slug.
His eyes were closed.


Even when called he didn’t respond.
He only crawled on the ground.

“Somehow, this is like sleepwalking right.”

Karen uttered some succubus like thoughts.
Without reacting to that Karen’s muttering, Ryu crawled on the ground and before long arrived at the center of the dungeon.
Where the four altars crossed, right in the center.
He climbed on top of the fake egg that was for tricking the heroes, half melted and once again stopped.

Seen from the side it seemed like some kind of sauce was on the egg, a somewhat curious scene.

“This is––––”
“Ah, it’s that kind of thing, right.”

The human combo Lucia and Yurie suddenly realized.

“What what, what happened?”
“This dungeon is something Master made, and the magic power from when Master made the altars in order to trick the heroes is flowing.”
“Seeking that Slime-sama while half asleep moved.”

The human combo……or rather Ryu’s disciple combo said that.
The two of them thanks to being Ryu’s disciples, where able to sense the flow of magic power he manipulated.

“His own magic power, the most familiar.”
“I see I see, un, I can consent to that.”
“This kind of Onii-chan’s face……it’s the first time I’ve seen it……”

After Yui said that in a mutter, everyone peeked at Ryu’s face.


Ryu who was half melted on top of the fake egg was unusually making a slack foolish smile.
That wasn’t a monster slime’s, it was an expression of a cherished small animal.

“That there was this kind of face.”
“I want to eat him up, right.”

Including Chris and Yui who were speechless, everyone was captivated by Ryu.

“Or rather that’s unfair! Even though Ryu-sama’s strong, that he’s cute is unfair!”
“It’s Onii-chan, so that’s obvious isn’t it!”
“You, say that when he’s awake!”
“Eh? Eh? What does that mean?”
“Lucia Onee-san……you still don’t understand?”

If three girls gather it’s said it’ll be noisy, but here it wasn’t at three here it was nearly double.
The boisterousness became something appropriate as well.

However, on the contrary that was good.
Due to Ryu’s unintentional actions, the four of them united.

“It should be best to leave Master like this.”
“I agree as well. Which means.”
“……that’s right, that way would be better, right.”

Lucia, Chris, Karen, Yui.
The four who were in the position to be called Ryu’s four heavenly kings nodded, and turned aside.
They returned to their respective altars, or so it seemed but they passed by and went outside the dungeon.

East, west, south, north, they scattered to the dungeon’s four cardinal directions, and standing imposingly they guarded there.
Not within the dungeon, outside. They were protecting the dungeon’s entrances.

No one will pass here, such determination came out strongly.

In actuality, no one passed.
On this day the heroes that came to attack without entering the dungeon were instantly killed.

While Ryu was sleeping well after a long time, because of the four heavenly kings a great number of heroes became stars and fell.


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