A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C2

Slime Within the Smoke





Crystal Tower First Floor.
Dulce was attached to me.
She hugged me with her forefeet, rubbing my head, I received damaged with the ant’s hard body, so my slime body was shaved like cheese and was scattered around.

Even so.


Dulce was doing it happily, so I thought it was fine.
Even if my body is shaved it doesn’t hurt that much, in a certain meaning Dulce is leisurely relaxing with me, so I let her do what she wanted.
The surrounding monsters were also relaxing.

Humans often misunderstand, but monsters also have an everyday life.
When heroes don’t come monsters spend daily life not that different from humans.

“I believe that lolibabaa should be virgins.”
“Wrong! It’s best that lolibabaa are sluts.”
“Don’t say something that’s a disgrace to goblins. Whether virgin or slut, kidnapped women are the highest.”

Though there’s also some species that spend a strange everyday life, in general it should be an everyday no different from humans.

“A hero!”

When someone yelled, the monsters that were enjoying their individual everyday until then started moving.
With a snap the slackened atmosphere became tense. The majority went into war preparation.

“W-wait please! We aren’t heroes.”

The ones that appeared at the entrance were humans that truly felt like farmers, carrying a white flag and were flustered.
Ahh, that’s come, huh. Like that I who continued to have my body shaved by Dulce thought.

“W-we’re representatives of Suuyon village.”
“Suuyon villagee?”

Having come to hear the story, the Crystal Tower boss who descended to the first floor, Shesta.
He heard the story of the villagers that continued to hold a white flag, and just like that inclined his head.

From the side a single goblin.

“It’s a village separated a little ways from here, Shesta-san.”
“I see. And, what did the guys from that Suuyon come to do.”
“Please let us join under the umbrella of monster-sama.”

The villagers said that, and suddenly prostrated themselves on the spot.
Since it’s before monsters, even if they prostrate themselves, their bodies are trembling.

The surroundings fell deathly silent.

“Fufu, fufufu, fuhahahahaha.”

Shesta looked at the ceiling and laughed loudly.

“It’s come huh, at last.”

It seems Shesta understands as well.
When fame is gained as a dungeon, within humans rather than resist, groups that think of going under the dungeon appear.

The reasons are various, but probably this village called Suuyon has the most common reason within that.
Since there nearby, it’s most likely such a reason.
Villages and towns close to the dungeon are easy to attack. If they resisted and had the confidence to secure safety then it’s still alright, places that don’t choosing to surrender to the dungeon in exchange for not being attacked is wise.
Suuyon, seems to have chosen that way.

“Alriight, then lets go to that village.”

The villagers raised their heads, and with eyes of half hope and half fear they looked at Shesta.

“Ou, show us the way.”

Shesta was led by the villagers, went out of the dungeon, and headed towards Suuyon village.
The other monsters as well got excited and bustling went along.
They plan to go see Shesta’s gallant figure I guess.

“……Karen, Chris.”

I thought a bit, and called out to those two.

When I did, putting aside space the two came out from the secret side and stood before me.
Wearing high exposure clothing the erotic Karen, and causing an ominous aura to go up Chris.

“What’s wrong Ryu-sama.”
“Go along with Shesta, I think it’ll be fine, but just in case.”
“Understood, leave it to me.”

Karen was fine with her usual high tension, Chris quietly nodded.
The two followed behind the monsters going along bustling.

In an instant, Crystal Tower became empty.

“Well then, shall I prepare as well.”
“What are you preparing Slime-sama.”

This time Yurie addressed me.
At a spot a little ways away from me, she was carrying my double.

“Around when a human village surrenders, the number of conspiring heroes grows.”
“A trap is it?”

Yurie was surprised.

“There are cases like that as well, but not just that. In other words a dungeon becomes a threat, for humans. When that happens, those that hadn’t moved until now will all move at once.”
“Then new heroes will come right.”
“What’s more, in great number. You’re judgments good huh.”

Yurie shyly faces down, and buried her face in my double.
Well that’s it, so I who remained decided to prepare for the heroes’ raid.
I quickly scanned the inside of the dungeon. I was a bit surprised.

There wasn’t a single monster left.
Right now, the monsters in Crystal Tower are me, Dulce, and Yui the three of us.
Moreover there are the humans––––Lucia and Yurie remaining.

Monsters other than that aren’t left at all.

“Everyone followed Shesta, huh.”

He’s really popular huh, that uncle.
Well, though that way helps me so it’s fine.

As such if we’re attacked now only I can battle, huh. With no ward here everyone will pass through and go to Secret Crystal Tower, and it’ll become a pain afterwards.

I have to fight but……if I’m exposed it this will again become something troublesome.

“……shall I use that?”
“That, what is it?”

I generated smoke within my body. After bestowing an effect to that smoke, I breathed it out and filled the tower.
Immediately after breathing it out the smoke was like fog, but it soon mixed into the air like mist and became transparent.

“This is……are? Slime-sama where are you?”
“Here, even if I say that you can’t hear me huh.”
“Dulce can’t see me either, huh. It’s been a while, but I was able to use it properly, huh.”

On the first floor of the tower Yurie and Dulce were looking around restlessly and moving about in confusion.

[Don’t panic Yurie.]
[Ah, Slime-sama.]
[Telepathy gets through, right. Just like that walk five steps forward diagonally right, after collecting Dulce turn around 180 degrees and take ten steps.]

Without holding any doubt in my words, Yurie moved as directed.
After collecting Dulce who even now was in a fluster, she arrived at my location.

“Ah! After touching Slime-sama I’m able to see.”
[Even if you can see me, if it’s within this smoke then your voice won’t carry, so use this way.]
[My voice won’t carry?]
[Ahh that’s right. A hero’s come at just the right time, see.]

From the entrance of the tower heroes came in.
The three brothers we saw a while ago.

The three of them jumped into the tower vigorously, but.

“Mu? Oi, where did you two go.”
“Kuo-niisan! Pan! Damn! The monster’s actions, huh.”
“Nii-chan! Nii-chan where are you guys?”

The three of them looked around restlessly, and calling their comrades they threw out curses at the monsters.

Watching from the side, it’s a comical scene.

I released my power, and killed one of the three instantly.


He screams, the tower shakes with the blow of a dragon.

“Calm down, first let me join up with Kuo-niisan.”
“Nii-chan……uwaahhn, nii-chan answer me.”

Regardless that one of their comrades was done in, the two couldn’t see that, and they couldn’t hear it either.

[What is this Slime-sama.]
[If you’re inside this smoke, then you’ll no longer be able to hear at all, and you’ll no longer be able to see parties you don’t touch. For example––––]

I went before one of the heroes, the fatty, and changed my slime body and made a strange face.
A strange face that most people would burst into laughter at, but that guy didn’t react.

Furthermore when I took a step back, and breathed in.


I released a dragon’s roar.
A roar to the extent that the tower shook.

However, the two didn’t react to that either.

[Like this, it’s something that steals the sense of sight and hearing. A technique for the purpose of separating heroes and crushing them each one, but––––]

While saying that, I instantly killed the remaining two.
The three heroes without knowing anything, without understanding who defeated them, just like that were defeated.

[––––with this, even if I do it I won’t be exposed.]
[I see! As expected of Slime-sama.]

Yurie was impressed.
With this the situation settled.

And then the heroes came, as I expected a large number came.
I lurked within the smoke, and defeated the heroes that arrived one after another.
Like an assassin lurking in the darkness, a never before seen amount of heroes’ corpses were piled up in Crystal Tower.


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