A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C5

Golden Dragon Within the Darkness





A trip towards Suuyon village, Shesta, Terry, Lily, and me for a total of four.

Shesta was lumberingly walking ahead, Terry and Lily follow behind him.
The reluctant me was forcibly dragged along by my two childhood friends, that kind of shape.

“Sheesh, why are you guys coming too.”
“It’s fine right, only Occhan making good memories is cheating.”
“That’s right. You were invited to the village’s banquet right. We’re usually fighting, so we have a bit of qualification to be invited. Ne, Ryu thinks so as well right.”
“I’m don’t really––––”
“More importantly Suuyon village’s banquet, what kind is it! How is the village head’s daughter like.”

That again.
He likes them huh, the village heads’ daughters and such.
Why he likes that, I don’t understand a bit but.

“I don’t know about the village head’s daughter, but I’m certain there should have been a small church Terry.”
“Really! Which means there’s sisters too! I like chaste sisters too.”

Anythings fine huh.

“It’s fine if you guys come, but the guest of honor’s this great me ok. Don’t but in, got it.”

Terry and Lily cheerfully replied.
Do you really understand, it was a reply that made one anxious.

When we arrived at Suuyon village it was getting dark, but the village was bright.
In the center of the plaza there were bonfires lit here and there, and the preparations for the grand banquet were done there.
And beginning with the village head, the villagers lined up tidily and met Shesta.

“Welcome to Suuyon village. We have been waiting for you.”

The man standing at the lead, this village’s village head respectfully lowered his head.

“Ou, good work on receiving me. Sorry but let these guys eat and drink properly as well.”
“Yes! Shesta-sama’s subordinates are also welcome here.”
“Then lead the way.”

We followed behind Shesta who proceeded with large strides.
Having become affiliated, Suuyon village. They explained that in order to welcome the new landlord Shesta, they held this banquet.

At the plaza there were various treats lined up, and the usual simple dancers at this kind of village, and simple instruments and players were already on standby.

When Shesta arrived the welcoming music began, and the dancers began to dance.
And separate from that, young girls emerged, surrounded Shesta and started fussing over him.

No matter where you look at it from, it’s a welcome with no complaints.
Shesta was shown to the guest of honor’s seat, the three of us were lead to a spot a bit aways, and the feast was carried over.

“Ahn, Nezumi-sama you’re very lovely.”
“Oou? Is that so?”
“A long and narrow face and whiskers, and you’re protruding front teeth. It’s out of this world.”
“A-hahahahaha, you have a discerning eye, huh. Your name’s.”

To the girls serving the good humored Shesta––––nono.
There’s no way normal human girls would say those points are lovely, they’re completely in serving mode.
But, Shesta seems happy. In that case it’s fine, is what I think.

“Na na, there’s sisters in this village right. Where.”
“Those clothes are cute. Did you make them yourself? Ne ne, teach me that way of making them?”

Terry and Lily both were surrounded by the villagers, and it seemed their mood is the excellent.

Everyone seemed to be having fun.
Just in case I investigated and looked at the entire village once with magic, but the villagers didn’t have hostility, and there weren’t any traps either.
Relieved, I went along with the banquet suitably.

Late night village plaza.
Humans and monsters both, other than me they all drank themselves unconscious.

At first the villagers were serving Shesta, but midway through Shesta, “You won’t drink my sake?” entered that kind of mode, and made the villagers drink plenty.

Honestly it was an annoying association with sake, but from the villager’s point of view they seemed to instead felt intimacy from what the great monster ruler did, and both men and woman became close with Shesta at great speed.

And now, they’ve all drunk themselves unconscious.

With a hop I jumped and strolled around inside the village.
With just a bit of going around, I came to be able to see this village’s daily life.
Agriculture and hunting are about half and half, even without using much money daily life is practical kind of village.

That money isn’t used, also means that humans don’t really come.
Different from humans that settle down locally, the majority of heroes are wanderers, no matter what they come to spend money.

That’s exactly why they surrendered, huh.

Suddenly, I perceived a presence.
I stop my walk, I search for the presence.

From the east, someone is approaching with considerable speed.
Mostly likely it’s human, and I sense substantial hostility.

Hostility directed towards this village.

This kind of thing is common.
Despite being human they connect with the monster’s side, it’s common that groups that don’t find that amusing attack in retaliation.
The ones who protect the village from fellows like that are monsters.

I hurriedly return to the plaza, and came to Shesta’s location.

“Shesta-san! Wake up! An enemy’s come.”

Shesta hugged the sake bottle, and kissed that bottle.
I awaken him a few times, but he didn’t wake up.

Whatever, if he’s dead drunk then close his eyes, and like that if I operate him……no that’s wrong.

I looked at the surroundings.
The entire village was drunk unconscious.
The children who didn’t drink due to dancing and singing were also exhausted and sleeping.

I am the only one awake in this village.

No one……is watching.

In that case.

I release my power, and approach the direction the enemy is heading from.
Dragon’s power, almost all my power.
Since no one is watching, even if I release it it’s fine.

The power enveloping my slime body modeled a golden dragon in the middle of the darkness of night.

Just in case I cast several magic.

Silencing magic, Earthquake Resistance magic, Anti-wind magic.
So that even if I rage the sleeping humans won’t wake, so that secondary effects won’t reach I spread several barriers.

And then I face the enemy.
They number 20.
It’s not a significant number, I who released my dragon power properly easily won, and annihilated them.

The barriers were flawless, even if I attacked enough to change the outside of the eastern side of the village into a deserted and desolate land, not a single villager woke up.

Knuckle Only.
The single surviving man dragged his legs, and ran away the way he came.
His fellow travelers were annihilated, though they were mercenaries hired at the town with a large amount of money, without being able to do anything they were completely annihilated by the monster.

Knuckle himself as well, carries a serious injury.
He used all the restorative medicine he had, it was great damage enough that he ran away barely escaping alive.
The monster at Suuyon village far exceeded expectations.

There was one more unexpected thing.
Knuckle felt deja vu at the blow he received.
Though it was golden dragon breath, the moment he guarded that he felt something resembling nostalgianess.
Almost like being scolded by his master, that kind of sensation.

Why he was reminded of his master having received a dragon’s attack, he who continued his escape didn’t understand.

Knuckle Only was brimming with curiosity, an honest youth.
When he didn’t understand something unknown he honestly accepted it, and asks someone who knows, that is him.

Knuckle, in order to unfasten that mystery, to the master he hadn’t met in a while.
He decided to visit Alex.


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