A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C6


I meant to get this done earlier, but I was blindsided by some exams that I thought were next week. Sigh, anyway I’ve gone and finished the next chapter as well so we’re fully caught up with the author. Now we play the waiting game.

I have a few web novels I’m interested in translating next, but I’m not sure when I’ll start sooo yea.

Almost forgot, the novel version of this is coming out March 14!

Enveloped by Onii-chan





Secret Crystal Tower.
The human and monsters living here were both mostly out, and Yui was house-sitting alone.

Placing the chair, and elegantly sitting down is Yui, but in reality her enthusiasm is amazing.

(While Onii-chan isn’t here……I’ll defend, ok)

Elder brother, the Crystal Tower that Ryu created, that last barrier the Secret Crystal Tower.
If this place is gotten through then the dungeon will become completely cleared, that by all means not allowed, especially while Ryu is absent, if that happens she’ll be to ashamed to face him.
Yui was behaving calm and elegantly, but she was emitting blood lust enough to instantly kill a weak hehearted human just with a human setting foot inside.

“Fuu, I’m baack.”

Then one of the ones away, Karen returned.
One of Secret Crystal Tower’s Four Heavenly Kings, Night Queen Karen.

“Is no one here? Wait, Yui-chan what’s wrong.”
“……what do you mean?”
“You’re making a really scary expression but.”
“It’s nothing.”

Yui *Pui* turned her face away.
Even this enthusiasm, for her it’s sacred feeling.
She feels she doesn’t want Karen to step into that.

“Fuun. Whatever. Ne ne, more importantly look, look at this.”

Karen took clothes out of nowhere.
A pink undertone, using lots of frills and ribbons dress.
A cute, princess like dress.

“I went to play at the town, but it was so cute I spontaneously bought it.”
“Is that so.”
“Yui-chan, try it on.”
“Haa? What are you saying, why do I have to put that on.”
“I mean it’s cute right? Or rather it’s too cute, it doesn’t suit me right. Lucia’s also no good. Chris is out of the question.”
“With process of elimination it’s me……?”

Yui’s eyes narrowed.
There’s blood lust packed even in her pupils, they become reptile like.

“Unnya, I just normally thought it would suit Yui-chan. I think it would really suit you.”
“This kind of thing, I think Ryu-sama likes it, right.”
“That’s why try it on ok, wear it and to Ryu-sama.”
“A-a-a-a-a-a-are you an idiot!? Why do I have to put that on and show it to Onii-chan.’
“Ehh, you don’t want to show him? Your cute points, to Ryu-sama.”
“There’s no reason to show him right!”

Karen stared at Yui’s face for a while, before long like she lost interest she *poi* tossed the dress.

“Oh well.”

Like that she went out from Secret Crystal Tower.

Yui returned to being on her own.
She went back to her enthusiasm from just before……or so one would think but she didn’t.

With glances she minded the dress that Karen left behind.
It would suit herself……Ryu would be happy.

That was the magic words.
Magic words to draw out both her obstinacy and docileness.

The two ratios were conflicting, but this time her docileness was just a bit higher.

“I-I’m just trying it out for a bit ok. It doesn’t really related to Onii-chan ok.”

Regardless that there was no one there, after making excuses Yui picked up the dress and changed.
A pink colored, soft princess dress.
Just like Karen’s judgment, it suited Yui extremely.

It suited her to the point that the person in question thought so unconsciously.

“This……Onii-chan will be……”
“I’m baack.”

Yui was surprised enough that her heart would jump out.

When she timidly turned around, there was the figure Ryu being carried by Yurie.

“W-welcome back Onii-chan.”
“I’m back. Did anything happen while I was away?”
“Uun, n-nothing happened.”
“I see.”

While being carried Ryu returned to his reserved seat, and like always created a pseudo sun with magic and sunbathed leisurely under that sun.

He didn’t give any reaction.
Even though she’s dressed differently than usual, Ryu didn’t give any reaction.

Yui readied herself, and approached Ryu and called out to him,

“Un? What’s wrong?”
“D-don’t you think something’s different?”

Ryu slide his eyes on his slime body, and looked around the inside of Secret Crystal Tower.

“There’s nothing though.”
“……is that so!”
“What’s wrong all of a sudden, are you angry?”
“I’m not angry ok! Idiot!”

Spitting out words that are clearly contradictory, Yui *pun pun* returned to her own seat she was at until just before.

(He doesn’t have any interest at all, right! Later I’ll kill that woman!)

The aim of Yui’s anger was completely turned towards Karen.
And then, it turned towards someone unrelated.

A single hero appeared.

“GYYAAAAAAA! This is the last huuuuuh!”

Overflowing with a style of wildness, a hero like a wild animal.
The hero looked around the inside of the tower and looked for the enemy.

An enemy appeared.
It was Yui in human form, but in an instant she became her original form, the form of the golden dragon.
A giant golden dragon, power overflowed, wrapping the place in an intimidating air.

The hero didn’t flinch and challenged Yui, but relying on anger Yui sent the hero flying, and burnt even his bones with a shining white flame.

A full power retaliation, simply venting out her anger.
She instantly killed a powerful hero that ran through the tower just like that,

Yui returned to a human form.
The dress is already gone, since it’s not the one she’s usually wearing and is just a human use dress that Karen bought from the town, when she transformed it completely tore.

But, that’s fine.

(Onii-chan didn’t look at it anyway……)

She pouted. Completely a child that’s sulking.

Something touched that her.
No, covered her.

She wasn’t on guard and didn’t resist, the instant it came into contact the familiar touch made her do so.

What came to cover her was a slime that Ryu separated from his body.
The next moment after that completely covered Yui.
What would you know, the slime replaced the dress.

The pink dress that Karen bought, the soft dress.
The dress that just got torn once more put on Yui.

“When I thought that they were new clothes, they were human made huh. It’s fine now, the materials of that is my body so even if you transform it won’t be torn.”
“What’s wrong.”
“You noticed.”
“Well yea, if you change your clothes I’ll notice.”
“But you said there was nothing that changed……”
“Yui’s always cute and that suited you, so that didn’t change right.”
“Slime-sama……it’s not that kind of thing.”

Yurie who carried Ryu said that in an exasperated manner.
Ryu inclined his head.

On the other hand, the corners of Yui’s mouth twitched.
Twitching like she would break into a smile any time.

“Un? Are you not pleased with it? I intended to completely reproduce the previous one, but is it different somewhere?”
“T-there’s no way I would be pleased right!”

While blushing Yui, *Pui*, averted her eyes.

“I’m not pleased with it, but since it seems like it won’t tear, it can’t be helped so I’ll wear it ok.”
“Is that so.”

Yui turned around, and returned to her own chair.
She made it just in time.
If she was one more second late in turning around.

Yui would have exposed her carelessly grinning face to her elder brother.


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    “[Well yea, if you change your clothes I’ll notice.”
    “But you said there was nothing that changed……”
    “Yui’s always cute and that suited you, so that didn’t change right.”]

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