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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C1

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Crystal Tower

With Shesta in the vanguard position, the monster procession advanced.
When thinking of what what we’ll be doing from here on it’s almost like pioneers, while thinking that I who was being carried by Yurie was right in the middle of the file.

Not in front, nor in the rear, right in the center.
As a simple slime, I mixed in among the small fry monsters.

“I’m tired already, we’ve been walking for around three days already now haven’t we?”
“It’s only been half a day Terry”

Next to me are the two familiar, the goblin Terry and the imp Lily.
Along with these two and I the slime we form “Dragon Knight”. I have absolutely no interest, but these two seem to have a dream of forming a party, steadily defeating heroes, and eventually just by hearing the name cause the heroes to tremble violently, rising to become big monsters.

“It has still only that long? I’m tired already, I want to go back to Deep Forest”
“Giving up is no good Terry. Perhaps where we’re going now there’s a white elf village nearby after all”
“Really! I wonder if there might also be a lolibaba virgin queen that’s lived for a hundred years” Continue reading