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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C21

Hello! It’s been a while sorry about that~ Excuses down below, but if you don’t care go on ahead and read the chapter!

So last time I posted I had planned on continuing with a regular schedule, buuut I messed up real bad on an exam. Like if my next exams aren’t amazing I’m not passing the class bad. So for the next wave of exams I studied like crazy, and I was planing to go back to translating after that.

However, on another exam during that wave I got an ok grade, but not the grade I was hoping for. After I ran the math I figured out I actually needed to care about the final for that class. Now the thing is I had given up on this exam because it was a comprehensive exam based on two semesters. As such I had to continue studying and I forgot to post an update explaining stuff. Sorry about that.

Anyways that’s all done, passed all my classes, so I should be able to do regular chapters as long as nothign major happens in life. I haven’t really figured out when I’ll post yet though…

Well enjoy!~

The Meeting with Zenobia’s Leader






When we arrive at the city of Zenobia, we’re invited to the Octave house.
We were to be entertained as guests of honor that saved their daughter from crisis.
While choked with tears, the Octave family butler,

“Thank you very much for saving Ojou-sama. This Hans won’t forget this favor for life.”

He grasps my hands.
It appears there’s no lie in those words.
As if to say this wasn’t enough, every day I am welcomed warmly.
Rich roasted pork with plenty of crops characteristic of the south.
Ripe fruit that can only be harvested in the south.
Fresh marine products taken from the southern sea.

Those were prepared by a first class cook, select beautiful woman carried it over.

Those were always line up on top of the table, and whenever one dish was finished a new cuisine was carried over. Continue reading