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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C8

Hime’s Egg





“Ahh……it feels nice……”

The outskirts of Crystal Tower, I went out from the dungeon and was sunbathing.
A step further than half melted, with a feeling of about 70 percent melted I basked in the sun’s light.

Since reincarnating into a slime, what I thought is best are these sunbathing moments.

[Does it feel that nice, Slime-sama?]

In a place a bit apart, Yurie who was sitting in seiza asked.
She was sitting in seiza on the bare earth, and placed a dummy me on top of her lap.

For the sake of her training, it was the dummy doll I created before sunbathing.
The same as when she’s holding me, it’s an excellent thing that gradually consumes magic power and physical power. Continue reading