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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C0

PrologueSecret Crystal Tower’s Four Heavenly Kings





“I did it! I did it!

A young man made a triumphant pose.
The real feeling that wasn’t there immediately after defeating him, slowly formed and appeared.

The palm’s sensation, the heat held by the body, and most of all the figure of the defeated large mouse on the ground.
Those all, that the man had defeated the boss of this dungeon––––Crystal Tower, gave that significance.

A sense of accomplishment filled the body.

How much time had passed from capturing the tower, every day continuing to capture the tower the man had only been killed that many times, being returned to the town.

Even then a step at a time he continued forward.
He raised his power, prepared his equipment, and remembered the monsters movements.
Heart, technique, physique; with every level little by little he raised himself, at last he defeated the tower’s boss, the large mouse. Continue reading