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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C25

First Rank and Second Rank





The sixth day, on this day too I protected the fire ant’s egg.
The hero rush that continued since morning reached a resting point, the situation of this dungeon spread, all the heroes that came dispersed o the four alters, so I was able to relax a lot.

Occasiiionally, there was a hero that didn’t know anything and came charging, but those that didn’t prepare would without fail easily attack the egg, so due to the twice fold return counter they were mercilessly finished off.

When I spoke the reality that it wasn’t reflection and that it was analyzed in real time and shock back with twice the power, Yui.

“Even though if you would properly work like that normally it would be good.”

She said that.
What she said was as usual, but for some reason she smiled with all her heart.
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