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The Two’s Guide

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Within the forest, the heroes are invading so monsters go out one after another to intercept them.

The personnel are: being born from a gemstone, a Carbuncle, an insect about the size of a human child, a worm, these kinds of guys.

Monsters who aren’t all that strong, being not much different from the weakest.

That the intercepting monsters are those guys means that the heroes’ strength is of that level.

So far so good I thought, the fact that the monsters aren’t that strong means that those who know my strength like Kaa-san or Hime wont forcibly send me out.

Let’s spend today relaxing……or so I thought but.

“Hey hey, let’s go too”

“Hero suppression, now is exactly the time for Dragon Knight”

My childhood friends, Terry and Lily, who I formed a party with are full of motivation.

“Uhehehe, I wonder if there are any virgin white elves”

“Mou, Terry that’s all you think about”

“It’s fine isn’t it”

“It’s not good, thinking about those kinds of things before fighting. Do that after properly winning”

“You’re pretty serious aren’t you Lily”

I thought so as well. Continue reading