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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C8

A Good Person Won’t Be Cured Even If They Die





Secret Crystal Tower, I was being carried by Yurie.

“It might be a bit prickly, but bear with it.”
“Prickly is it?”
“Ahh, it’s the first time so I don’t know if I can hold back. Though I’ll try to control it as much as I can.”

Saying that and nodding is Yurie.
It’s the same unchanging obedience, but above her head a number of “?” are floating.
It’s something she’ll soon understand, so rather than explaining I decided to implement it.

While being held by Yurie I refined magic power, to magic power stronger than usual I compressed far smaller than usual.
From all directions, to magic power from all directions I turned it towards a single point and after compressing it, faced the ceiling and released it. Continue reading