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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C26

Outside the Dream





The strongest slime Ryu used up his power and while he was dormant, the five girls unfolded a struggle.

“I-I will continue to carry Slime-sama like this. I know how to carry Slime-sama so he can rest the most.”
“Rather, leave it to em. If it’s me then I can heal his flesh and spirit altogether.”

In contrast to Yurie who timidly asserted, Karen made use of her high exposure clothing, and took a sexy pose emphasizing her chest.
A sexy pose to the extent that if it’s a healthy youth they would shoot a big nosebleed in one shot.

“Instead leave it to me. I’m able to use Master’s directly taught [Super recovery for times when you overdid it]. It was due to chance, but now is the time to pay him back.”
“Draw back human. The one to heal Onii-chan will be me. I who can emit the same dragon spirit can heal him the best after all.” Continue reading