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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C18

Sorry about the late update, got busy and then had to travel.

The Kickstarter was funded! Unfortunately, it didn’t reach the stretch goals. However, I wanted to thank everyone who backed or spread the word. It really came down to the wire, seriously it went over by only $359 after going up and down at the last couple seconds. Anyways, thanks to anyone who helped out!


Unexpected Aid






When I approach on my horse, the battle had already begun.
A fierce battle unfolded.
At first I thought that the caravan group with fewer numbers had a disadvantage, but they were surprisingly putting up a good fight.
It seems there were magicians and magic swordsmen among the caravan’s guards.

“Support might not have been needed, huh.”

I think for a moment, but while I was thinking like that one of the vanguard’s soldiers was struck directly by the bandit’s axe and collapsed.

––––as expected it seems there’s a need to cover them.

I begin chanting the usual Impactmagic.
This magic’s strong point is that it’s easy to adjust.
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