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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C18

Surprise release~



Noble Illness





Night, Deep Forest’s corner.
While being carried by Yurie we walked around within the forest.

That’s not it, this isn’t it either, saying that I walked around.
Before long, we finally arrived at a place that was slightly open.

On the right rose a small hill the size of a mature male, and on the left the sound of a small stream could be heard.
A good environment to live in.

“Here is fine”
“What are you going to do?”

Using low grade wind magic I produced a vacuum wave, and mowed down the weeds growing in the clearing.
Immediately I blew out a gust of wind from my mouth and blew away the mown weeds.
I also blew away the stones, dead trees, and rotting swords dropped by heroes all together. Continue reading