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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C12

3/5 This chapter gave me a scare, I thought I saved over it, luckily I just misnamed the file~

The Brigade Commanders Who Gather






One after another, the 7th Army Corps’ brigade commanders gather in the town of Ivalice.

Currently, there are 8 brigades in the 7th Army Corps, and seeing the town I rule it seems they’re shocked.

First having the nickname Demolishing War Demon, the troll brigade commander raises a shocked voice.

“This is that town of Ivalice!?”

If I remember right, this troll and the commander Sefiro should have been selected for the capture of Ivalice.

I’m sure the appearance of the gate the commander demolished with Meteorite FallMeteor>Strike is stuck in his brain.

It seems he is surprised at the gate that became more splendid than before it was destroyed. Continue reading