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Hello, it may be a while before anyone reads this but here goes~

I have been wanting to improve my Japanese, so I thought I’d check out reading the raws of web novels I read. Albeit with some struggling on kanji, I managed to read at a decent pace while understanding what I read. Thus I thought why not try translating something~ So I came across this work which is by the same author of other web novels I read. I thought it was interesting so I hope you’ll enjoy it too! Here we go! First post~~!!!



The Weakest Son, The Strongest Slime





Deep Forest.

The monster’s den, filled with densely packed trees and thick magic power.

In one of the few places within the forest where sunlight filters through the trees I was basking in the sun. Warm sunlight blankets my body, ever since I was reborn as a slime this has been my favorite pastime.

Sunbathing until I change color and melt into gel feels indescribably good that its addicting.

If comparing it to my time as a human then–it might resemble taking a smoke break. The sensation of smoke filling the lungs and the sunlight gradually warming my body are pretty close.

Today as well I came here secretly, and I enjoyed sunbathing– however.

[Ryu……My son.]


This voice resounding in my head……Kaa-san.

Sheesh, what business does she have, even though I’m sunbathing here.

……let’s ignore it, either way she doesn’t know I’m here. I’ll go after a short rest–.

[Return within three minutes, otherwise I’ll kill you once for each second you’re late.]

“That’s not a laughing matter shitty hag!”

I jump up without thinking, my body that began to melt pleasantly has completely returned to a Nikuman state. My face that had collapsed into a bad pin the tail on the donkey game instantly returned to normal.

Fuck, if I don’t return quickly. That shitty hag, if shes says she’ll kill me it won’t end as a joke, she’ll seriously kill me. Bouncing like a rubber ball I hurried back home. I passed many monsters I was acquainted with on way.

I thought to myself, what’s going on? But if I was like I would seriously be killed, I returned home in a rush.

Home, even if I say so, its not like there are buildings like in the human world.

The center of the Deep Forest, where the magic power gathered by the dragon vein is thickest.

There was the shitty hag, my Kaa-san.

The ruler of the forest, Mother Dragon.

Her entire body covered in deep crimson scales, a body several hundreds of times my size, even her eye alone is larger than my body.

While Kaa-san lies down on the center of the gathered magic power she looks down at me idly.

“……You’re slow.”

“I-it’s fine since I made in time isn’t it. More importantly, suddenly calling me back, what do you need.”

“Humans have attacked.”


“I have ordered the others to repulse them, you as well, go.”

“No way, even if I don’t go–”

The moment I tried to object, Kaa-san’s forefoot trampled me.

I blacked out for an instant, when I regained consciousness my surroundings had become a crater, scattered throughout were jelly-like things.

I was not alright, once again I was killed and resurrected.

Fuck, how many times does this make now.(how many times is it with this

On one side being called the oldest monster, Mother Dragon, on the other a common slime.

The difference in power is clear, since I was born I have been Kaa-san has forced an never ending defeat event on me.

Since I was born, whenever I try to talk back, just like now I’m immediately scolded.

“I won’t say it gain, go.”

Kaa-san’s eyes shone with a glare.(Mother’s eyes gleamed.)

“OK, OK, I’m going!”

In a hurry I rushed out bouncing. On the way I saw other monsters, the monsters that live in this Deep Forest were running in a hurry.

They were all headed in the same direction. So that means this way is where the humans, the heroes were attacking.

Sheesh, such a nuisance, the humans are.

They’re always, always attacking without thinking of this sides circumstances.

……No, well, before being reborn as a slime I was a human so it’s not like I don’t understand the feeling of having to subjugate monsters who [Bring harm to people] that humans have.

Even so, a nuisance is a nuisance.

After all, the me right now is a slime, what’s more a harmless slime with the pastime of basking in the sun.

It can’t be helped, let’s quickly drive them away.

I thought as such and tried to join my neighbors but.

“Ryu, Oi Ryu.”


I was called to a stop on the way. I stopped bouncing, and looked around.

From the shade of a tree I could see a goblin beckoning me.

It was a face I knew, my partner in crime Terry.

I changed directions and bounced towards Terry.

“What’s up.”

“For crying out loud, you can understand if you look. I’m hiding.”


“Damn straight, weak monsters like us, if we directly clash with heroes we will be killed in an instant. For the moment we hide here, going out when the battle is about to be decided is the smart way”


What Terry says is reasonable.

Slime and Goblin, as a race they are monsters that in a way compete over who is the weakest.

For the eager heroes who purposely subjugate monsters, they are normally so weak they don’t even become worthy experience.

Waiting for the end to loot is the wise way, Terry’s excuse is reasonable.

“If you’re saying these kinds of things, do you understand this times opponent?”

“Ou, this time there are more priests this time, what’s more female priests. Guhe, Guhehehe, female priests……female priests……virgins……Guhehehe.”

Terry laughed obscenely to the point of spilling drool.

This one is just like he looks, he loves to do lewd things to human women.

Goblins as a race are even within the monsters very few, a race that is capable of impregnating human women, as such they are mostly perverted, but this one is even worse.

“Ryu, I have realized. If a human woman is made a nursery then a virgin is best, and then using the back not the front making her give birth as a virgin.”

“Virgin birth, you’ve zeroed in on something good.”

“Right, right?”

Terry who puffs up with pride, his prided nose that is normally long seems like it’ll grow even more.

He’s saying these kinds of things but this guy is still a virgin. Even among the weakest goblins having no interest in anything other than lewd things and being too weak, for the moment he has not succeeded in his attack against a single human.

In other words a virgin goblin……fumu,if you write it as the Virgin Shogun Goblin then from a character point of view it might be cool.

“I-I’m not a v-v-virgin!”

“Say you were I did not.”

“O? Oou…is that so?”

Terry had a face that looked like he was convinced yet not and tilted his head.

“Whatever. Rather, if you stand there we’ll be found, come hide here.”

“Ou, that’s right.”

It’s bothersome, since he’s especially asking I’ll slack off with Terry until it’s nearly over. Or so I thought but.

“A-, Onii-chan you were in this kind of place.”


When I began to conceal myself in the shadow of the tree I was startled by the voice of a young girl.

When turning around, a 13,4 year old young girl had found us.

Her looks were that of a young girl but on her head were horns, on her back were wings and a tail. Her race was overwhelmingly higher than ours, dragon.

Her name is Yui, Kaa-san’s real daughter.

“Oo Yui-chan, today as well you are very cute–Bugh!”

Terry who jumped over to Yui got a beautiful cross counter, he drew a beautiful orbit and slammed his face into a tree just beside Yui.

With his face pressed against the tree he slipped down and fell onto the ground.

He twitched and convulsed weirdly but……well, he’s probably fine.

“Ecchi! Disgusting!”

“You’re merciless aren’t you.”

“Because I hate obscene things.”

“Well, for now let’s put aside the guy who suddenly gets into a rut and jumps at my sister in front of me.”

“Rather than that, why is Onii-chan in this kind of place?”

“Why you say.”

“Because Kaa-san said to go kill the hero.”

“Well yea, she told me to but……everyone is there, so I’ll just be a third wheel.”

“Even as a third wheel, properly go, if you don’t I’ll report to Kaa-san.”

“O-K, O-K I got it so please stop with that.”

Having been found by Yui was the last of my luck, resigning myself I went towards the direction the hero was attacking.

As soon as I set off I saw monsters running back while screaming.

Lizardman, Succubus, and Harpy as well.

Every single monster that resides in the Deep Forest were tattered and heading back.

Within them were severely injured who were shouldered by others. I rushed over and questioned them.

“What happened.”


The one who stopped was my childhood friend imp, Lily.

A devil the size of a stuffed animal, tentatively a human type ,there is small animal like charm.

“Um you see, this time’s heroes are absurdly strong, it’s dangerous so it’s better for Ryu-kun to escape as well.”

“Strong ones huh.”


Without having finished speaking an explosion occurred in the distance, the imp Lily lets out a scream while flying in the sky, she was blown away by the shock wave.

Fixing her posture in midair, Lily runs away just like that.

I felt relieved to see that, and looked towards the explosion’s direction.

They are strong huh, this times heroes.

Hehe, if that’s the case I’ll run too–.


Yui stood in front of me as I thought to do a 180 U turn.

While folding her arms she stares at me with a glare.


“I got it, it’s fine if I go right……haa.”

While letting out a sigh, I once more make a U turn and head towards the heroes.

When I jumped in the forest for a while, I encountered the heroes.

It was heroes of a three person party, a warrior, a priest, and a magician, a balanced formation.

All members were men and their equipment was serious.

I looked around, at the same time extended my awareness searching for presences.

There are no monsters nearby, the only ones there are the heroes.

If that’s the case, it’s good.

If my neighbors aren’t around, then I don’t have to worry about getting found out even if I act.

“Slime, huh.”

“I got it, you should preserve you’re magic power.”

“All right.”

Stopping the priest and magician, the warrior comes towards me and carelessly swings his sword down.

Well, this side is the weakest slime, so that’s obvious.



I lightly jumped and rammed the sword.

The sword let out a sound and broke right in half.


The warrior with a face that doesn’t understand what happened, it’s a bother so I won’t explain either.

Just like that I hurl myself and ram the warrior and send him flying, *crack**snap**crack* the sound of armor and bone being broken was heard.

The magician and priest remained frozen, it seems they can’t believe what I did.

I confirmed their equipment, because it was equipment with strong ice resistance, I breathed out fire.

The roaring flame engulfs the magician and priest, it burns to nothing instantly.

“What happened!”

“T-this is……”

When I killed the first three instantly, the other heroes gathered after hearing the uproar.

I expanded my awareness once more and scanned. The range was expanded to the entire Deep Forest.

The remaining heroes number 41, only their number is impressive.

“Who did this?”

“Slime? No, there should be a stronger monster somewhere.”

The heroes made an obvious judgment, they take a reasonable vigilance.

Sorry but, vigilance is useless.

Since I will be exposed if I prolong this, let’s quickly settle this.

The center of the Deep Forest, in front of Mother Dragon.

Kaa-san stared at me with a glare with her eyes that are bigger than my body.

“It took as much as 3 minutes for 44 people huh.”

“T-there was a defensive magic user. There was someone who able to use nullification on both physical and magic, it took time to break that.”

“This thing huh.”

Kaa-san said that and without movement cast magic on me.

Ultimate defense magic, magic that nullifies physics and both magic.

Magic that took three people with the aid of a magic tool to use, Kaa-san easily used it by herself.

And easily destroyed it.

She swung her forefoot down on me who had Ultimate defensive magic casted on me, I once again lost consciousness.

When I came to there was my uninjured body and a crater, scattered around were jelly fragments, and magical remains gleamed in the air.

I was scolded again.

“This sort of thing, it’s possible to destroy it in one blow.”

“Don’t lump me in with Kaa-san.”

“My son, what are you going to do if you can’t do at least that much.”

“Like I said I’m a slime and Kaa-san is a dragon–”

“Excuses are useless.”

Kaa-san said as such and once again used magic.

A gaping hole spreads behind me.

The bottom is not seen, a large hole that continues towards the abyss.

“Please wait Kaa-san–”

Without any time to stop, Kaa-san thrusts out her forefoot and pushed me into the middle of the hole.

It’s that, the proverb that a lion throws their child down an abyss.

Ever since I was born, whenever something happens Kaa-san would push me down in this hole like this.

The bottom of the hole had large amount of skeletons.

I recognized them, things such as equipment or clothes, the heroes I killed today.

They become undead and headed towards me.

The swordsman swung his sword down with full power, I countered by ramming his body but the without breaking the sword was an even match.

Aa, mou! you strengthened them again shitty hag! Undead strengthened by dragon’s power is bothersome!

What is more annoying than anything is that the undead strengthened by Mother Dragon is ten times as much as the usual experience.

45 undead, 10 times experience value.

Five minutes later, I sighed on the corpse of the hero who died a second time.

It became stronger again.

Strength is already good, I wanted to bask in the sun and live peacefully.

Even though I was just a slime……I was reborn as the weakest just as I wished, just being born in the dragon’s family, except Mother Dragon I have been made the strongest now.


A continuous sigh.

That my strength hasn’t been found out by anyone other than Kaa-san is my sole salvation……maybe.


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