The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C1

Screw Making





7th Army Corps Brigade Commander Ike––––

Until a few days ago, a familiar title, but now “Brigade” has disappeared from brigade commander and changed into “Assistant”.

I am in a position to be called assistant commander from my subordinates, but what I did didn’t differ much from what I have done until now.

At most it’s coming to sit next to Sefiro at the periodic army corps meeting.
Also it’s come to be that the other brigade commanders acknowledge my superiority.

Even Beio who until now had been overflowing with hostility until now, as one would expect came to recognize my strength.

When we pass by each other in the corridors of Sefiro’s castle Barencelle as well, that guy started making way for me. Continue reading


The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C35

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Smile and Black Tea





The duel with Basteo ended in complete victory, but it’s not like there were no problems.

Due to me winning, two problems arose.

The first problem was Basteo’s punishment.

Not long ago, Basteo and the zombie soldiers were scattered away by my magic, but actually Basteo is alive.

To be exact just his head is going strong.

Thinking taking as far as his life was pitiable, I left just the head, but even so, “Curse you, damn youngster!” telling him whatever he wanted.

Well, as a head he can no longer cause mischief I’m sure. Continue reading

The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C34

Duel with Basteo





In Maou Castle, Duvallberg there is a place called the duel hall.

Long ago, there is where imprisoned humans were made to fight with beasts, and criminal demons were made to fight.

The privileged class among the demons would watch that cruel spectacle and enjoy themselves.

I suppose it’s demon like, but starting with the previous world’s ancient Rome, similar events occurred in various places.

It seems beings that possess intelligence, the higher they are the more they come to like blood.

However, even that duel space, ever since the current Maou-sama it hasn’t been used for that purpose.

In short this duel space hasn’t absorbed [Blood] in a while.
Nevertheless, this evening for the first time in a while blood is sure to flow in this duel space.
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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C33

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The Girl’s Dream and Making Gunpowder





I had sworn anew my allegiance to Maou-sama, but two questions welled up.
Why she came all the way to this mansion.
And, how did she notice that I was human.

I tired asking about that matter.

“Since before, I noticed that you held memories from your previous life. Therefore I thought wouldn’t you know the method to make [Gunpowder]. ––––I never thought that even your insides were human though.”

I see, in short I was exposed just before in the bathroom, is what it means.

There’s a barrier spread on this mansion, but if it’s Maou class magic power, then it’s not impossible to breach it.

I was negligent, or rather unlucky.
No, the opponent was bad, is what I should say perhaps.
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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C32

An Unexpected Person’s Visit





“It’s impossible even for me.”

That was the first thing the Mad AlchemistMad・Scientist holding the alias of Witch of Black Calamity said.
I’m bewildered by the unexpected reply.

“No, Commander. You’re always speaking full of confidence aren’t you. There’s nothing impossible for me, like that.”

Sefiro who heard those words, “Dear me, did I say such a thing I wonder.” plays dumb.

“I am not a god. It’s not like I can create everything. What is it, that teppou? I’ve never heard nor seen it before. Should I just make an iron tube?”

“That’s not it. No, it’s an iron tube, but pack in gunpowder and iron balls, light that on fire, and fire the ball.” Continue reading