The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C24


Resounding Fire Bell






The one who thought up sea sickness countermeasures was Hans.

According to him, “If you stare at the horizon, you’ll be fine. Besides that, if you throw up greatly once, you’ll feel fine.”

Seeing a cute girl vomit is that, so recommended the latter to Sati, and board the ship without delay.

Next the butler Hans also boarded.

Wearing leather armor, and a scimitar at his waist.
I ask curiously, but his answer is light and clear.

“This Hans. In the past I’ve run around the five seas together with Eltria-dono.”

In other words, I have confidence in my skill so let me accompany you as well, is what he means.

The butler Hans is aging man who looks past 50, but his chest is quite bulky. I grasped that even while he was wearing his butler clothes, but when he takes that off and puts on armor it stands out.

As stated, he’s quite a warrior.

He’s surely has plenty of experience with combat at sea, it won’t be a loss to have him accompany us.

Thinking so, I allow him to come along.

“This Hans will, for Ike-sama’s sake, work with the greatest of resolves.”

While choked up with tears Hans came to embrace me, but he was sultry so I didn’t let him.

If I were to marry Yuria, “this” would without a doubt come along, when I think that I shudder.

As I was thinking that, the man who’s this ship’s captain raised a loud voice.


And with that cue, the sailors raise the anchor, and the ship “Boromouke” owned by the Octave merchants left port.

My first sea voyage is unexpectedly comfortable.

The ship swayed side to side more than I imagined, but now that I think about it I’m used to riding horses in this world.

That too when compared to modern vehicles is far more uncomfortable, if you get used to that this is not a big deal.

I send a glace towards Sati.
Surprisingly, she has a calm expression as well.
These kinds of things may be related to disposition.
Rather, Hans’, who hasn’t boarded a ship in while, face is getting pale.

When he looks over here,

“You don’t want to age, huh.”

and shows a bitter smile.

“What, you’re still young.”

Is what I want to respond, but I suddenly worry.

I expected a seasoned man of the sea, but I might have overestimated him.
I became a little worried, but in the first place I planned to take care of it by myself.
It’s not good to expect more than necessary.

While thinking that, I survey the inside of the “Boromouke”.
Boromouke isn’t a passenger ship, it’s a merchant ship.
A so called sailing boat, it uses a sail and moves with the power of the wind.

When I hear pirate I think a galley ship for some reason, but in this world, fighting with galleys is long over.

If this world had an inland sea like the Mediterranean sea, then it might still be in use, but this world’s continent is shaped like a diamond.

There’s an area of ocean that can be just barely be called an inland sea in the western region, it seems it’s still taking place there, but at any rate it seems sailing ships are mainstream in this world.

It’s left up to the wind for a sailing ship’s travel, but according to the ship’s captain today’s wind seems to be quite favorable.
Like this we’ll reach our destination faster than planned, is what the captain said.

“Our destination?”

Sati who shows no signs at all of seasickness asks.

“Ahh, our destination is a place called the “Devil’s Triangle”.

“The Devil’s Triangle?”

“That’s right. The halfway point of three important archipelago towns. They’re called Eschas, Lobos, and Cillian, each produce important spices. That’s why there are escort vessels stationed in each of their harbor but––––q”

“They can’t quite manage that area of the ocean that’s the midway point?”

“Exactly. That’s why the pirates zero in on there, 70% of attacks occur there it seems.”

“In other words, this time if those pirates follow us we’ll purposely slow down.”


As expected of Sati.
She’s quite clever.
While thinking that, I hear a loud voice from outside the cabin.

“Confirmation of enemy signs!”

As the man who climbed the watchtower shouts that, he rings the bell.

The men who were cheerful chatting just before suddenly make serious expressions.
They’re not Eltria-dono’s subordinates for nothing, their training is thorough.
If this is the case, then they won’t fall behind the likes of pirates.
While thinking so, I go to leave the cabin, but Sati grips my sleeve.

“Please wait.”

As she says so, she looks over the cabin.

Most likely she wants to do what she did on the occasion of the duel with Basteo, the “Hiuchi Ishi” superstition, but unfortunately no sources of ignition are permitted on the ship. Things to handle fire are limited.

I call out to Sati who even then wants to do it somehow.

“It’s fine without that superstition this time. Let me see, this time why don’t you pray to the god Sati believes in.”

Sati nods, “Yes” and places her hands together and prays.
While seeing that sight I think.
Now then, what god does she pray to I wonder.
In this world polytheism is mainstream.
The god each species, region, and class to are different.

I don’t know what god she believes in, but at any rate, I have to suppress the pirates quickly.

I’ve said it before as well, but Sati absolutely obeys my orders.

Since I said, “Pray” she’ll continue to pray until I return.

If I were to lose, she might even take off her maid clothes and become a nun just like that.

Just once, I wanted to see Sati in a habit, but the future of the Commerce Alliance and Maou Army hang on my shoulders. I can’t cut corners here.

“Now then, shall I quickly exterminate the man called Red Beard Carossa.”

As I mutter that, I take the “Ouroboros cane” that’s leaning against the cabin.

Then when I bid farewell to Sati, I go outside the cabin.


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