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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C22

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This Time I’ll Transfer from Here





When I invited the Orc staff officer Jiron to the mansion, I had him sample the [Rice] Sati made.

First is white rice.

Though he made an expression of half interest half unease towards the food he was eating for the first time, when he brought it to his mouth timidly, “Delicious!” he leaked such a reaction.

“Ike-sama, it’s delicious. This food called rice.”
“……I see, it’s delicious huh.”

I, “Uun” tilt my head.
Honestly, orcs eat poor food so it’s not helpful.
Well, I understood that, so I only tried it on a whim is all.

“The rice I ate in Japan was even more delicious.”
“Nihon? What is it? That.”
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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C21

Sati’s Monologue ††





†† (Maid Sati Point of View)

As always Goshujin-sama is amazing.

What’s amazing I can’t exactly explain well, but I understand at least that he’s amazing.

Four crop rotation method?

He initiated farming methods I hadn’t heard of before, and increased the amount of food many times after all.

From Goshujin-sama’s experimental farm, almost daily crops like corn and turnip are delivered.

Since I do my best and cook those, Goshujin-sama, Jiron the orc, also the other members of the brigade eat them, and it seems the taste is generally popular. Continue reading

The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C20

Ike’s Paddy Field Making





When we arrived at Ivalice, I sent all other documents I obtained to my superior Sefiro.

Tentatively, I took a copy of everything with Copying, but particularly the map, they were in a domain beyond me.

If I had to say, then my forte is attack magic, and I’m not good at that kind of detection magic.

From the just the little traces of magic power left on that map, I’m unable to infer the one who wrote that map.

That kind of work is the field of the mad alchemistMad・Scientist commander.

That’s why I decided to devote myself to another work that I was assigned to.

When I called the maid Sati, a handed over a certain thing. Continue reading

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C13

Mother Dragon and Hime





Time flows back a little, Deep Forest’s Central Part.

The forest’s master, Mother Dragon was enshrined there like always.
There was a single girl in front of her eyes.
Her best friend of some thousand years, the Vampire Hime.

“My lifespan will run out.”
“Oh my.”

Even with the devastating truth announced from her close friend, Hime was not surprised.

“About when is that?”
“Within a few days.”

“I seee, and, what are you going to do this time?”
“As always, can I leave my egg to you?”
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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C19

Alistair’s Identity





I snuck up behind the gatekeepers and dealt them sword hand to their necks.

It’s a common scene in movies and manga, but if you put in magic power, then it’s easy to make an opponent faint.

––––conversely, even if it’s not particularly a hand sword, it would be fine but.
On the other hand, the succubus Lilith was splendidly hitting their heads hard.

The gatekeepers foam, and collapse.
They are pitiable.

Though I did sympathize, I had no time to care for them.

Afterwards if there’s leeway I can at least cast recovery magic, but right now, what’s necessary was the White Rose Knights’ commander Alistair themselves. Continue reading