The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C22


Pirate Capture Strategy






Leaving behind Eltria’s office I, as she instructed, call out to the butler Hans.

“As such among the conditions I have decided to accept one.”

“Which is that? As for me, by all means, I hope you’ll become Yuria Ojou-sama’s husband.”

While joking Hans said that.

“……I’ll defer that one.”

“However, Eltria-sama should have given two conditions though.”

“Is it no good to realize half of it if only half is accomplished.”

“In other words.”

“Have the amount of dealings with the Maou Army halved.”

“––––Is it that unpleasant to marry with our Ojou?”

This time it’s a serious expression.
What part of our Ojou-sama don’t you like, is what his eyes are saying.

“––––no, isn’t it too soon to settle down, is what I’m thinking.”

I give a vague excuse.

Though I have spoken to Eltria about the complicated circumstances, there’s no need to explain to even Yuria and this man.

Recently, my identity has been exposed frequently, but I have to carefully choose who I reveal the truth to.

––––Anyway, marriage huh.

It’s something to worry about, but I don’t have someone to consult with.

If I consult with Sati she seems likely to say, “As Goshujin-sama wishes” with a smile.

If I consult with Lilith she seems likely to say, “Is it fine if I kill them?” with a smile.

If I consult with Sefiro she seems likely to say, “Let me name the child that’s born” with a teasing smile.

If I consult with Maou-sama she seems likely to say, “––––dearuka” expressionlessly.

The only one I’m would seemingly be able to consult with is just the married Jiron.

If that guy were here, so I think for the first time in a while, it can’t be helped that he’s not here.

While I’m at a loss like that, Hans gives me a helping hand.

“Well, making the marriage with Ojou-sama into the form of an “engagement” is best I’m sure. If you do that I’m sure Ojou-sama would consent as well.”

I see, there was that method.

I will marry, I’ll say I will, but I won’t go as far as to specify that time, using such sophistry, no, means is also possible.

“Diplomacy is a bargaining of wiles and tricks.”

So Jii-chan said.
If it’s a lie of that level it would be forgiven.

In my mind I persuade myself and thank Hans who proposed that.

“Well then, so as to fulfill the two agreements with Eltria-dono, first I have to eliminate the pirates.”

“That’s true.”

When Hans mutters so from his splendidly grown mustache, I suggest, “Now then, shall we get started.”

Agreeing, together with him I head fro the reception room.

Heading towards the reception room, the butler Hans, “Excuse me,” extends a map on top of the table.

First he indicates Zenobia.

“I believe you are aware, but Zenobia is a trade city that faces the south sea.

“I’ve heard that it’s flourished mainly as a relay point for trading between the southern seas’ island towns.”

“That is correct. Pepper, cinnamon, saffron, turmeric, nutmeg, it is said that 30% of the spices that appear on the market on this continent pass through Zenobia.”

“That’s amazing.”

“In addition the south’s temperate climate is advantages for raising crops.”

“Superfluous enough to export to the north.”

“––––That is correct.”

Hans respectively lowers his head.

“That’s something I would like to have exported to our Maou Army by all means.”

“That will be dependent on Ike-sama’s actions.”

As Hans says so, he once again indicates the map.

“Currently, our Zenobia’s trade route is being threatened by pirates, I believe you have already heard that.”

“I have heard that. If I defeat those pirates, Eltria-dono will accept the secret agreement with the Maou Army.”

“The scale of the enemy pirates?”
“A single boat.”

I’m surprised at the unexpected remark.

“Pirates don’t group up. They’ll stand out after all. With the smallest possible vessel and in addition using a fast ship, they raid merchant ships.”

“In short they’re elusive and difficult to capture?”

“That’s exactly right.”

“Do you not know their stronghold?”

“They change their stronghold on every occasion. As such the navy and their colleges are having a hard time.”

I see, apparently this world’s pirates are similar as well.
Pirates that form large fleets are simply things of tales.

They camouflage their ship so as to not stand out, when they’ve approached a merchant ship they raise their pirate flag and plunge in.

It seems that the usual trick in any world.
It’s a simple matter.

“In that case, please prepare a merchant ship with lots of gold and silver loaded on it.”

“……however, we’ve carried out that kind of strategy many times. They pick up things fast. They see through phony gold and silver immediately, they haven’t approached before. In addition fabricating a merchant ship and placing mercenaries on it, they’ll see through that too.”

“That’s because it was fake silver and gold right. They pick on things quickly, but they’re also quick to notice things, for information of that that level they can blend in with the harbor workers and it will leak from the subordinates.”

“––––I see, certainly.”

Hans agrees.

“In that case, this time real silver and gold will be loaded on correct. It will become quite a gamble, but in exchange we can prepare capable mercenaries in large number.”

I shake my head to that.

“You won’t prepare soldiers either?”

Hans says doubtfully.

“If we were to recruit soldiers in large numbers with this timing, they would be suspicious of us. In addition mercenaries are money mongers. We have to assume that they’ll at least sell information.”

“In which case, we would have to fight them with the usual war potential……”

Hans suddenly takes on a meek expression.
However, I have to further perplex him.
After a short pause I make another suggestion.

“Fighting them with normal war potential is natural. Loading actual gold and silver is also natural. Moreover bait to draw the pirates eyes is even more is necessary.”

“On top of this, is there something that is necessary?”
“There is.”

As I declare as such, I say the name of the bait that Hans would absolutely oppose.

“In this time there is “someone” that is more valuable than gold or silver.”

“Someone, is it?”
“Ehh, not something, somebody.”

Hans who heard that changes his expression.

“Y-you don’t mean.”

His splendid mustache shakes.

“That’s exactly what I mean. It’s most likely, but the incident of the attack on Yuria-jou the other day as well, the information was leaked beforehand I’m sure. Therefore she was attacked in such a place. Since an astronomical value can be expected for Yuria-jou’s ransom.”


Hans naturally objects, but I rein him in,

“Please relax. I won’t allow even a finger to touch her.”

I declare.

In reality, I do plan to prepare a plan where she absolutely won’t be harmed.
If he hears that, then I’m sure this super loyal butler will content as well.
While thinking so, I tell him the outline of the plan.


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