The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C10

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7th Army Corps’ War Council






As I thought, the transition space in Barencelle is congested.
Since the 7th Army Corps brigade commanders arrive one after another.
Brigade commanders that I’m familiar with gather.

Beio the werewolf is here too, the other personal as well.

Compared with other army corps the 7th Army Corps there connections between the brigade commanders, but on top of being a newcomer, there was the matter of being envied.

There weren’t really any demons I could call out to casually.

As I had too much time to deal with in the transition space, the one brigade commander I got along with, Kushana began to talk to me.

He’s the Fanged Beasts Brigade Commander.

The Fanged Beasts Brigade is self-explanatory, a brigade organized with beast type monsters and demons as a focus.

Naturally, that brigade’s commander is a beast type demon.
He is the so called manticore monster.

He has a lion body, a scorpion like tail, and possess an old person’s face, a strange appearance.

In Japan that would correspond to a nue I suppose.
At any rate, even within the Maou Army he’s a strange looking demon that particularly stands out.
He comes to speak to me with a friendly tone.

“It’s been a while hasn’t it, Ike. ––––no, Ike-dono, I should say.”

His face is exactly that of an aged person, but his age is unknown.
At the very least he’s older than me I’m sure.
I reservedly reply.

“Ike like always is fine. Kushana-san.”

“But, I can’t do that. You have become vice-commander. The distinction of hierarchy should be established without fail.

“Then, dono it is, but, please pardon me the sama. Even if I become corps commander for example.”

Kushana slackens his expression and,
“Though I can’t guarantee that when you become Maou,”
laughs, and cuts to the chase.

“However, for what reason did Sefiro-sama gather the brigade commanders I wonder.”

It’s for the sake of a holding a war council I’m sure, but the regular war council was just held recently.
What he wants to ask is not that kind of matter, but the details.
Of course, I didn’t know either, but I could imagine to a certain degree.
I decided to speak to him of that guess.

“Most likely, the state of affairs of the war with Rosaria are unfavorable.”

“……fumu, like I thought. The other day, the 2nd Army Corps that went on the offensive also had the tables turned on them after all.”

Though that’s because I entrapped him, as expected I couldn’t say that.
Instead I speak a harmless truth.

“Eeh, ever since the Multiple King Alliance has been established the Maou Army’s steady advance has been completely stopped after all.”

“……maa, that’s as expected. However, I never thought we would be stopped so utterly. In the past the Multiple King Alliance has been invoked three times, each time we were repulsed.”

Now then, will it be like that this time as well, so Kushana the manitcore lets out a sigh.

“It won’ go like that this time ok.”

Jumping into our conversation was Beio the werewolf.
According to him it seems, “The cause of last time’s defeat was that I wasn’t born yet.”

A man full of confidence as always.
Kushana seemingly thinking so as well, floats a forced smile.

The Maou Army, particularly young demons, have a tendency of making light of humans, so I and Kushana thought.

The ones who know of the human’s strength and dreadfulness in the Maou Army are only a few I’m sure.
Sefiro and I, and Maou-sama, and this old man is about it.
It’s a urgent war council for that purpose I suppose.

As I’m thinking so, Sefiro’s demon secretary appears and communicates, “Please gather in the war council room,” to all the brigade commanders present.

An elegant voice.
She’s quite a beauty, but as one would expect of being Sefiro’s secretary, she seems capable.
For as much as Sefiro is unsteady, she compensates seriousness I suppose.
While imagining that, I head to the war council room.

The war council room in Barencelle is large.
There’s still room even if around 30 demons gather.
Each brigade commander sits at their position.

That snacks or even tea are not given out is because there’s no sensible girl like Sati I suppose.

Or perhaps it’s such an urgent war council that there’s not even room for that.
From what I can see of Sefiro right beside me, it’s the latter.

“About this time’s agenda––––”

The start is the same, but there’s much more seriousness than usual.
That’s just how much the Maou Army is being cornered I suppose.

“Speaking bluntly, the other day, our Maou Army suffered a crushing defeat.”

No voices of surprise went up.
As expected each brigade commander has heard information of that degree.

“First, the 2nd Army Corps Commander Jet Black Winged Gelmoir failed to capture the town of Aleste.”

The brigade commanders who hear that feel satisfied.
The 2nd Army Corps’ cruelty and greed is known even among each army corp after all.
There were some brigade commanders among them whose expression plainly relax, “Serves you right” and laugh.
On the other hand, Sefiro looks over here with a fleeting side long glance.

Possibly t his person might have seen through the scheme where I instigated Gelmoir and made him proceed towards Aleste.

This witch is also quite a schemer. Also she’s concentrated on information gathering.

Even if she realizes, she’s not surprised, but from that fact that she’s not saying anything this person too thinks, “Serves you right”, or she might understand my intention.

When Sefiro returns her gaze, she continues.

“Not just the 2nd Army Corps. The 4th Army Corps also had half their occupied territory stolen. The 5th Army Corps The 5th Army Corps have suffered devastating damage. Even the 1st Army corps said to be greatest elite are being forced to struggle.”

“Even that 1st Army Corps?”

Kushana the manitcore raises a surprised voice.

“That’s just how intense the humans’ resistance is.”
“The effect of the establishment of the Multiple King Alliance has appeared without delay, is it.”

Kushana supplements.
Sefiro silently nods.

“The only ones fighting well is our army corps. We’re still defending our territory now.”

Sefiro once more looks over here.
It’s largely due to the work of the Undead Brigade, is what she wants to say I’m sure.

In reality, that my brigade continues to defend the front line Ivalice to the end is a big achievement.

Thanks to that, the other brigade commanders hardships are reduced, and the food and goods sent from agriculture town Ivalice have become the lifeblood of the 7th Army Corps.

By all rights it should commended in front of everyone, but Sefiro deliberately doesn’t praise me in this place.

In order to avoid the other brigade commanders animosity, or perhaps to protect me from envy, she’s being considerate.

Seemingly not thinking of anything, unexpectedly being sensitive to the subtleties of demons’ hearts is the witch called Sefiro.

In order to thank her consideration, I make a certain proposal.

“Commander, I have a suggestion.”

I humbly raise my hand.


As Sefiro speaks, the gaze of everyone present gathers on me.
I suppose that means it’s fine to make a suggestion.

“I hear that currently, the Maou Army’s important base Arsenum is being sieged by the Multiple King Alliance.”

Arsenum is a commerce town in the center of the continent that I captured previously.

Presently, as territory directly controlled by Maou it has become an important base of the Maou Army, but if it were to fall, at last the Maou Army’s momentum would completely stop, the state of the war might be completely reversed.

No, a complete withdrawal from Rosaria would be certain.

Not just that, the other occupied territories would also be abandoned, and in the worst case, just like last time the counterattack might reach all the way to the Maou Castle base.

I wanted to avoid that much.
It’s said that history repeats itself, but just this time I didn’t want to make the same mistake as last time.

“It’s true that Arsenum is being sieged. However, don’t tell me you’re saying you’ll go help there.”

“That’s exactly it. If Arsenum were to be lost here, the Maou Army’s loss would be immeasurable.”

“However, Arsenum has already been abandoned, I have received such an order from Maou-sama. Even if we proceed to rescue them, it’s pointless.”

……Maou-sama already intends on abandoning Arsenum, huh.
It seems she feels that much of a threat from the human’s momentum.

Arsenum has already been abandoned, consolidate the defense of the towns behind it, so Sefiro informs everyone.

That that calm and capable Maou-sama has judged as such means that she’s been considerably backed into a corner.

However, right now, losing Arsenum here is a regrettable situation for the Maou Army.
That should be avoided.
I who judged as such, insist.

“I believe that we should take all of the 7th Army Corps power and go rescue Arsenum.”

Hearing that proposal, half the brigade commanders raise voices of surprise.

With a solemn expression, Sefiro slightly knits her brows.

“Oi, Ike, did you not hear the conversation just now, giving up on Arsenum and moving back the battlefront is the Maou Army’s plan.”

Surprisingly the one to advocate the dissenting opinion was the werewolf Beio.
It’s unusual that this guy who’s the most warlike is opposed.
Although, it may just be that he wants to oppose my opinion.

Though he wasn’t acting in concert with Beio, Kushana the manticore also states his opposition.

“Vice-commander. I hear that Arsenum is already completely besieged, and their numbers reach ten thousand. Even all together our brigade is just 3000. Are you saying that with those numbers you’ll beat the enemy?”

While further straining his hoarse voice Kushana continues.

“What’s more, it’s 3000 altogether. We can’t leave the occupied territories completely vacant. At present, in our army corps’ occupied territory a uprising has never occurred, but if we leave the occupied territories vacant, that’s not going to be the case.”

The other brigade commanders agree.

“Exactly, if we move the entire army, there will certainly be towns the rise in revolt.”

Certainly, I’m of the same opinion on that.

“That’s certainly true. There’s also a possibility of receiving the enemy’s surprise attack. The minimum amount of guards should be left behind.”

“In which case, those that can move will be 2500 soldiers, no, 2000.”

“That amount is reasonable.”

I reply.

“Are you saying that you will beat ten thousand with just 2000 soldiers?”

“It’s just 5 times as much. If it’s us, then there’s no problem.”

––––is what I wanted to declare here, but that’s overconfidence.
The basis of war is to defeat a small military force with a large military force.
In other words the strategy I’m proposing is a strategy that you should never do.
In the worst case, the 7th Army Corps is liable to be destroyed.
It’s natural that everyone would oppose.

––––however, there’s just one person who would be my ally.

Sefiro who kept her silence until just now suddenly opens her mouth.
She’s doing it to protect me I suppose.
Or perhaps, because she believes me.
She speaks with a firm tone.

“Very well. I also thought it was painful to lose Arsenum here. Here we’ll adopt Ike’s strategy.”

The 7th Army Corps’ commander declares as such.
The conclusion of the meeting was decided with this.

In front of me Sefiro doesn’t ever show a shred of majesty, but before the other brigade commanders she behaves like a army corps commander, and awes them.

If she has decided so, then that is correct.
As such, the other brigade commanders seem to consent.


“Well then everyone, return to your territories, and begin preparations for war. Within a week gather at Ivalice, like that head north, and head to rescue Arsenum.”

declares as such.

The brigade commanders say, “Certainly” and getting up from their seats leave behind the council room.

There are no cowards in the 7th Army Corps’ brigade commanders.
With going to war being decided, each one was in high spirits, and exultant they left.
A few minutes later, the meeting space that was noisy just before regained it’s silence.
The only ones left were me and Sefiro.
When it becomes just the two of us, a strange silence spreads.

I’m sure she didn’t sense that, but Sefiro’s secretary carries drinks on a silver tray.

Sefiro is a great drinker, so it’s wine I’m sure.
Purple liquid is poured.
For me it’s red liquid.

This secretary doesn’t know that I’m human.
Since I’m an undead, she might be misunderstanding that I like animal blood.
I pretend to taste that, but when the secretary leaves I place it on the table.

Honestly things like animal blood are not to my taste.
Far from it, if I where to drink that I would get an upset stomach I’m sure.

When Sefiro sees that spectacle, heh, curls her lips and says, “Next time I’ll tell her to put out water or something.”

“At least make it tea please.”

When I object, she says this.

“That will be on the occasion when the rescue of Arsenum succeeds.”

“In that case, I’ll designate the tea leaves now. Ivalice produced, please.”
“Are you fine with the cheap product?”

“I like that fragrance see.”

When I declare as such, she asks me.

“Since you’re declaring that much, you have confidence that you can make the rescue of Arsenum succeed, you don’t mind if I believe that right?”

“Commander knows that I’m a prudent person. I don’t have enough courage to challenge a lost battle.”

“––––which means the development of that weapon called a matchlock has succeeded, right.”

“Ehh, it’s still only about 100 guns though. Even just that is enough, it will become fighting power.”

“Are you thinking of using that Sandan-uchi you used with Basteo?”

“That time I did it with Nidan-uchi. This time I’ve gathered the numbers, so I think I’ll go with Sandan-uchi.”

“Still, that weapon is powerful, but is it possible to compete with a large army of ten thousand?”

“With just that it’s no good.”

I declare.

“Then you have another bright idea, it’s fine if I interpret it that way right?

“Ehh, I don’t mind.”

I affirm.
As she looks at my eyes, she nods with a solemn expression.

“Very well, I’ll leave everything to you in this time’s strategy.”

“……you won’t ask for the details?”

“I won’t ask.”

So Sefiro answers shortly.

“Because it’s a pain.”

Mixing in a joke she speaks.

“……even as a corps commander of the Maou Army is it fine to have that attitude?”
“Because I’m a corps commander of the Maou Army, I’m fine with this attitude.”

So she declares.
Seeing that jesting attitude, “Good grief,” I let out a sigh.
She’s someone I’ve been in the care of for many years, but truly I can’t grasp this person’s personality.

I guess she sensed my subtle mood, Sefiro quickly takes a serious attitude and says this.

“––––previously I’ve said something similar right. I’m the type that doesn’t challenge a fight with no chances of success.”

“This time with Basteo’s duel right. In other words, this time too the commander thinks you can win right.”

“That’s right. With your command and that weapons called a gun, most likely there won’t a be a loss.”

As she finishes saying that,
“Once again, won’t you show me the same sight as that time? Ike.”
She asks me.

“Somehow or another.”

As I answer like that, in order to live up to expectations I decided to give it my all.

“Well then one week later, let’s meet in the town of Ivalice.”

Leaving with that, I get up from my seat causing my undead robe to flutter.
She speaks to my back.
her tone was serious, but her business was to play a prank.

“Prepare the highest class wine. Peruna produced is fine.”

“If I can obtain it, I’ll prepare it.”

Without turning around, I leave with that, and return to Ivalice.


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