The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C11


A Moment of Relaxation Before the Battle






As I return to the town of Ivalice, the first thing I do is to prepare the Peruna produce wine––––, not, I confirm the food stockpiled in the warehouse.

Immediately, I have Jiron bring a catalog.

Ivalice is an agriculture town. The degree of self-sufficiency surpasses 100%.

In short the excess is exported and is earning money, but it was never assumed that many soldiers would gather this quickly.

Will the food stockpile be enough I wonder.

Worried, I investigate, but it seems it will work out somehow on that front.

“This is the result of that Norfolk Farming Method of Goshujin-sama’s.”

Sati says happily.

“Sati seems happy, huh. A lot of demons will gather you know? Aren’t you scared?”

“I am not scared.”

Sati declares.

“There are still people who are afraid in the town’s people, but Sati is perfectly fine.”

“I see, you’re used to it already.”

“Yes, also everyone, they’re Sefiro’s subordinates right? In that case, there’s no need to be afraid of anything. Surely, everyone are good people.”

“……well, there’s no bad guys.”

There’s simple minded people though, I call to mind the werewolf Beio.

“Besides, Sati is really happy.”

Her smile keeps up.

“Sati can’t help at all with battle, but if it’s battle preparations, then I can help.”

Like that, full of confidence she rolls up the sleeves of her maid clothes.

According to her,

“If a lot of demons gather, then a lot of meals are necessary right? Sati can also be useful.”

or such.

“Certainly, when the soldiers gather then it’ll be necessary to have the town’s girls help with cooking.”

“Yes, leave that matter to Sati. I’m acquaintances with the town’s bakery’s hostess, and I also have retired maids as acquaintances.”

“That helps.”

Close to 2000 demons and monsters will gather.
If the town’s stoves aren’t all operating, the food provision might not keep up.

“In addition, Sati has discovered a delicious way to eat the rice called long grain rice.”

“Since recently you’ve been enthusiastically reading cooking books right.”

“Yes, although I still don’t understand about half the meaning.”

––––prefacing with that she continues.

“Stir fry onion until it browns, and put beans, paprika, and tomato into the pot. Cook that with olive oil, put in rabbit-san’s meat. Next put in rice, salt, and saffron and cook together, and it will become really delicious food.”

“That’s probably paella. I don’t the name of it in this world though.”

If there are similar ingredients, then similar cuisine will naturally develop I suppose.
However, I suddenly wanted to eat rice.
Tonight after a long time lets order “Rice”.

“Sati, make tonight’s dinner rice.”

“Yes, will you eat that paella immediately?”

“No, that’s not bad either though.”

That I recall white rice when I hear rice is sad nature of someone who holds a previous life.

However, it’s true that I’m tired of white rice as is.
What suits white rice is after all Japanese food.
I want to eat side dishes with soy sauce as a base.

However, I know that’s impossible, so I decided to make an acceptable order.

“I want to eat Chahan.”

“Chahan? What kind of food is that?”

“It’s a popular food in a country called Japan.”

“Haa, it’s juhpan again. How do you make that?”

“Just stir fry rice in a fry pan. Put onion and bacon, and chicken eggs in. For flavor just salt is fine.”

Really I want to put in Chinese ingredients, but that’s impossible so I give up.
In addition even with just bacon, plenty of umami extract will be included so it’s delicious.
Coming to another world I understood, bacon is not a food, it’s a kind of dashi.
Umami is condensed.
If you fry bacon in oil, that will be passed to the rice, and it will become an indescribable flavour.

In short, even in another world it’s possible to eat plenty of delicious foods.
While I recall my previous life’s memories, I instruct Sati how to make Chahan.
What appeared on the the dining table was a simple, salty chahan, but it was pretty delicious.

While eating that with a spoon, I recall the faces of each of the brigade commanders that will come to Ivalice.

It has been a long time since everyone is present.

Those guys will gather in this mansion, but at least there are none who would complain about the presented food.

As I eat Sati’s fried rice, that impression comes to mind.

The town of Ivalice overflows with activity.
From various of Rosaria, the 7th Army Corps’ would gather.

The human merchants who heard those rumors gather alcohol from various places, gather meat, gather armor, and begin business.

The 7th Army Corps’ demons properly pay compensation without pillaging, it seems such rumors have reached the farthest merchants.

The succubus Lilith curiously asks me.

“Why are human merchants trading with Maou Army members?”

“That’s because we’ll properly pay compensation.”

I answer.

“Haa, but, we’re the Maou Army. We’re enemies aren’t we?”

“That’s human’s commercial spirit’s strong point.”

“You mean shameless?”

Lilith laughs, kusukusu.

You’re not wrong.
I laugh as well.

“––––however, I like this kind of scene.”

“This kind of scene?”

The one who joined the conversation is, the maid Sati.

I turn towards her.
I answer shortly.

“Looking at gloomy scenes is tiring. I like this kind of lively townscape.”

“Humans and demons, dwarves and elves, and other demi-humans as well, living together in this world. I think it’s very wonderful.”

Lilith who heard that is doubtful.

“Is it really possible to make that kind of world?”

“Lilith thinks it’s impossible?”

“I mean, naturally fellow demons, even fellow humans quarrel don’t they. With just the slightest reason.”

“That’s true. Fellow demons are always fighting over stupid reasons. I can’t stand your face, or, my horns rare more majestic, truly stupid reasons.”

Lilith agrees.

“Humans are the same. Fellow villagers’ skirmish, aristocrats’ rights, more or less, they always fall out.”

Sati as well unusually states her opinion.

“In the village my mother was born in as well, fellow villagers fought. Concerning the rights of water……”

“Rights of water?”

Lilith curiously asks back.

“Yes, they fought over the water saved in the reservoir. Years with little rain in particular, everyone was threatening……”

“That’s stupid. It’d be fine if the strongest village monopolized that wouldn’t it.”

“That became the fight’s origin I believe. I think it would be fine to split it evenly with everyone.”

As always the two’s opinions were opposite.
Both symbolized their respective race’s view.
No, somewhat, Sati’s is too docile an opinion I suppose.
Humans too, as expected power means everything.
If they’re at their wits ends, they choose the means of using all their might.

“Well, if it could be settled in a discussion, that would be best though. But because that won’t work, it becomes war……”

I didn’t disdain humans like other demons, and I’m not a nonviolence advocate like Sati.

Halfway between them.

“Realist” that word might be ideal.

I want to aim at coexistence with demons and humans, and the other demi-humans, but there’s no need to live like neighbors.

It’s fine to live separately.

Just, their respective skills leveraging their special characteristics, trading like this, occasionally drinking together, if they were to build a suitable relation, that would be fine.

Furthermore, that relationship doesn’t have to be permanent.
Since an eternal peace or such is impossible.

The previous world’s history, this world’s history as well, there was no existence of eternal peace.

Just, even so there were moments when there were times of peace.
What I aim for is those days.
Just a few decades is fine.

If there were at least that much time, then at least while the girls beside me are living they’ll able to live without being involved in war.

As I thought that way, hyoi, from the side Lilith shows her face.

“Ike-sama, are you thinking of something?”

As ever, a carefree and seemingly not thinking anything face.
I think it’s charmingmbut at the same time I also think this.
Come to think of it, I wonder how long the lifespan of the Lilin race’s succubus is.

If a succubus are an unexpectedly, long lived race, then about a few decades won’t be enough.
It might be necessary to rethink my plan.

––––though, it’s about this succubus.

Whether it’s a peaceful era, or an era of war, she’ll cleverly, enjoyably live I’m sure.


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