The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C12

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The Brigade Commanders Who Gather






One after another, the 7th Army Corps’ brigade commanders gather in the town of Ivalice.

Currently, there are 8 brigades in the 7th Army Corps, and seeing the town I rule it seems they’re shocked.

First having the nickname Demolishing War Demon, the troll brigade commander raises a shocked voice.

“This is that town of Ivalice!?”

If I remember right, this troll and the commander Sefiro should have been selected for the capture of Ivalice.

I’m sure the appearance of the gate the commander demolished with Meteorite FallMeteor>Strike is stuck in his brain.

It seems he is surprised at the gate that became more splendid than before it was destroyed.

“Ike, just how, what kind of magic did you use to restore this gate?”

“Rotation System”Shifts. That and a little trick I guess.”

I’m not unwilling to share information with comrades.
Since the stronger the 7th Army Corps becomes, we draw one step closer to my dream.

“I see. A rotation system, huh. I’ll use it as a reference. Are there any other secrets?”
“Let’s see. Also properly paying remuneration to humans as well I suppose.”
“I’ll keep that in mind. There’s the commander’s official notice after all.”

As he says that, the Demolishing War Demon props his chin up with his hand.

“At first I was skeptical. What’s the use of handing over money that we scraped up with great trouble to humans, and such. However, how was it when I actually tried it. The efficiency was far better than forcing humans to work. It’s marvel.”

The one who heard that and jumped in is the werewolf Beio.
Apparently he arrived a moment ago.
Bringing along the famed werewolf force, he passed through Ivalice’s gate.

“Right, that’s it. It’s a marvel. It makes the olden days when you forced them to work with just a whip ridiculous.”

“At times candy is necessary, right.”

The War Demon summed it up as such.

“That’s right.”

As I state that, I guide them to Ivalice’s mansion.

Troll the war demon who saw that mansion, “It’s small, huh” let out such an impression.
Beio expressed a similar impression.

“It’s a crude mansion.”
“I used the previous lord’s mansion as is after all.”

Hearing that, the two raised voices of surprise.
Usually, when a demon rules over a city it’s common practice to build a new mansion.

Large demons like the troll before me would be inconvenienced if they don’t make the ceiling high, and vain people like Beio try to show off their power by building a new mansion.

Well, I won’t completely deny that method.
It’s a good chance to demonstrate that you’re a powerful person, and as mentioned above demons with problems appear.

Tokugawa Ieyasu and Toyotomi Hideyoshi also did something similar.
I merely used the money for building an extravagant mansion for investment in the town.

That difference might be the difference between the town they rule and mine, but there’s no need to advise them that much.

If I interject that much, I understand at least that I’ll buy animosity.

Also I was warned by Sefiro.
“I’ve warned you that you’re in a position to receive envy and jealousy numerous times.”
like so.

When I brought them to the meeting room, the other brigade commanders were already waiting there.
Kushanthe manticore was already there, as well as the commander.

Seemingly already taken a drink, she held the wine bottle in one hand, and helping herself she drinks the alcohol.
The moment she sees me, she calls out to me discontentedly.

“I told you to prepare Peruna produced wine right.”

I should honestly apologize here.

“I’m very sorry. I couldn’t obtain it.”

Incidentally, that battle had another region’s brand label stuck to it, but the inside is Peruna produced.

Alright, I’m convinced.
This person doesn’t understand the taste of alcohol.
From the next time if I affix Peruna’s label or something to a cheap wine, I’m sure she’ll be satisfied.

As I confirm that, I address Sefiro.

“It seems everyone’s present.”

As she nods she turns to everyone and announces, “Well then, let’s begin the war council.”

Eveyone, “Ha!” shows their respect reverently, but Sefiro disinterestedly yawns,

“I delegate the rest to the vice-commander.”

and once again begins drinking.

Following her proclamation from last time’s war council it appears she’s going to leave everything to me.

Is it a pain, is she trusting me, I hesitate in my judgment, but at any rate I decided to advance the war council in place of Sefiro.

“As the commander said, I will progress this war council.”

I speak not politely, but overbearingly.

Due to my previous life’s habit, even now I’m bad at speaking to my elders high-handedly, but I can at least discern the occasion.

The brigade commanders as well without minding lend me their ears.
When I confirm that, I decided to speak of the strategy’s outline.

“I said it the other day as well, but we will aim to rescue Arsenum.”

We heard that the other day.
So Kushana spoke.

“What we want to hear is how we’ll beat the humans large army with this small force, just that point.”

Even within the 7th Army Corps, Kushana is brigade commander of long service.
The way of battle, in other words he understands strategy more than anyone else.

Around when I became brigade commander, I was taught various things by this old man.

Therefore, I understand that this old man is concerned.
Rather I would be troubled if he were optimistic.
What I’m about to do completely ignores the art of war after all.

“I understand everyone is worried. Originally, take a large number of soldiers and crush a small number of soldiers. That is the usual way of war.”

The werewolf Beio objects.

“We of the werewolf force can hunt 5 knights with one.”
“However, your numbers are few right?”

Beio become silent. Since he was hit with the truth I’m sure.

“True, your werewolf force is powerful, but the opponent is a main army of ten thousand centered on knight orders. It won’t go so easily.”

“Requesting reinforcements from the other army corps, can’t we do that?”

Having the nickname Demolishing War Demon, the troll asks me.

“We spoke of it in the war council the other day, but that’s impossible. Every army corps have their hands full maintaing their battle front, currently, being able to move freely is just about our army corps.”

Although, it isn’t like that 7th Army Corps has that much leeway either.
It has just a little more leeway than the other army corps.
As proof the soldiers that could mobilize this time were after all about 2000.
After all they left the minimum military force in their occupied territories.
A expected we have to win against 10000 humans with 2000 soldiers.

As Beio said if it’s the powerful demons, then an enemy of 5 times is simple. Though as I’ve said before, it’s not like the entire Maou Army is demons.

In each brigade there are only a handful of warriors who can call themselves demons.

Most of them are goblins, orcs, kobolds, composed of lower class monsters.

It’s stated that there are 2000 soldiers, but the difference in power might actually be larger.


I feel like sighing involuntarily, but I stop.
Since it’s not an attitude to show to subordinates before departure.

A general’s timidness will be transmitted to the commanding officer.
A commanding officer’s timidness will be transmitted to the unit commander.
A unit commander’s timidness will be transmitted to the soldiers.

That’s the army.
There’s nothing good about becoming timid here.
As calm and collected as possible, and making a dignified voice, I declare as such,

“I understand what everyone wants to say. However, this time please follow my strategy completely.”

“Follow a youngster with no accomplishments?”

No one doubted me like so.
My accomplishments echo within the Maou Army.
Even that Beio didn’t say a complaint.
However, as expected is he frustrated, at the end he ill-naturedly asks me this question.

“If we lose, how will you take responsibility, vice-commander-sama.”

I have no duty to answer, but I reply.

“That time I’ll graciously relinquish the position of both brigade commander and vice-commander.”

There were no lies in that attitude.
Challenging a battle that by all rights should never be done, I’m ordering the other brigade commanders to do so.

If I don’t have that amount of resolve, then I don’t have the right to send my comrades to near certain death.
Was that resolve transmitted I wonder, the meeting room is wrapped in silence.
I wonder if Beio ran out of patience, unusually he spoke with a docile expression.

“This great me will fight at full strength ok, so don’t give clumsy commands.”

As always a spirit of rivalry, in his own way this guy is trusting me.
I’m just a bit thankful for that consideration.


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