The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C9


Bullet Manufacturing and Summons





As I overlook the town from the window of the Ivalice’s office, one after another dwarf craftsman go through the gate.

All of them are carrying large baggage on their small bodies.
Most likely it’s their trade tools.
Those dwarves skillful hands are highly valued, and are prized in various places as craftsman.

The best hand picked dwarfs among them expressly came all the way to this rural town, so I need to thank Gunther.

As I overlook that sight from the window, Sati raises a puzzled voice.

“The dwarves are coming one after another huh.”

“Ahh,” I answer.

“But, it’s a mystery why people other than the dwarves, that humans are gathering greatly too.”

Sati points through the window.
There were merchants carrying barrels on wagons there.

“It’s probably that merchants who learned that dwarf craftsman are gathering picked things up fast and came isn’t it.”

Don’t look down on merchants’ intelligence network.
If they estimate that there’s business opportunities there, they arrive promptly.

If a new industry is born like this, merchants will zero in on that, and bring things that they desire.

“It’s amazing huh. Like this the town will become wealthy right.”

“If people gather, people who make hoes and spades, people who process livestock and make ham and bacon, people who make alcohol, and in addition shops supply that will be made.”

“That’s what Goshujin-sama said before, primary industry and secondary industry right.”

“That’s how it is. If everyone is doing agriculture, then no one can do other work right.”
“That’s certainly true.”

“That’s why it’s best if as much as possible people who are engaging in agriculture is less. To be exact, it would be good if we could harvest many crops with fewer people.”

“If we do that, the remaining people will make things and open stores right.”

“That’s how it is.”

To be exact, it would be best if that manufacturing was done with fewer numbers as well.
If large quantities of things are made with few people, those people too can become able to do other things.
In that case the country will prosper, culture will develop, and it will promote industry.
Like that, civilization will progress.

“……is that too exaggerated.”

Currently it’s a world of wars.

The future where people who are freed from labor will arrive at is as expected “Soldiers” perhaps.

In order to build the peaceful age like the one Sati wishes for, first off those soldiers must become unemployed.

If so, a world that’s easier to live in than now will be able to be made.
As I think like that, I hear the sound of knocking on the office door.


This violent way of knocking is the orc staff officer Jiron I suppose.
I allow him to enter the room.

“Boss. It’s difficult.”

Anythings difficult for you right, so I wanted to sarcastically say, but it’s a pain so I’ll answer with, “What?”

“That is, the mass production of guns is on track, but a problem has occurred.”

“A problem? As expected was the mass production of screws difficult?”

“No, that’s not the problem.”

“Then, is it the gunpowder? Like I thought rather than synthesize saltpeter, it’s faster to find a producing area and harvest it……”

“No, that’s not the problem either. According to Gunther, it seems it’s more difficult to create bullets.”

“Ahh, the bullets huh.”

I completely forgot.
I was caught up with just the gunpowder and screws, and I completely forget about the bullets.
With just gunpowder and a matchlock, the gun won’t have any meaning as a weapon.
If bullets aren’t made then they’ll literally be mere iron cylinders.

“Bullets are those small and round things right? Is it difficult to make it?”

Sati moderately asks me.
I answer honestly.

“It’s quite difficult.”

“But, it’s possible to knead it round with your hands like making meatballs isn’t it?”
“Does Sati have the courage to knead with your hands a lump of iron that’s been heated red?”

I said it jokingly, but Sati, “I-I can’t do that” and quiveringly shook her head.

In things like this Sati is really is adorable.
She probably took it seriously and imagined it.

“Well, the simplest method is making a mold.”

“A mold?”

Sati asks me.

“A mold is, something that becomes the base for times you’re making the same things, do you get it? You make the shape of base, and pour iron into that. It’s used when making things like swords and spears.”

As expected mold techniques at least exist in this other world, I suppose it’s something hard to understand for Sati.”

“In which case Boss, should I immediately request Gunther to make molds?”
“Uun, that’s fine too but.”

I worry.
They probably have their hands full with making screws and gun barrels.
I don’t want to make Gunther take up unnecessary time.

In addition, in this world it’s difficult to make something close to a true sphere with mold techniques.
If it’s a sphere with even just a little distortion, the trajectory will become a wreck.
In short accuracy will become bad.

In that case there’s not much meaning.
For the time being as an improvisation, I have decided to make a tower.

“A tower? Are you saying there’s a connection between that and a bullet?”
“There is. If you make, you’ll understand so quickly make it.”

Jiron accepts with, “Yes,” and diligently begins preparations.

Several weeks later, a simple tower made with a wooden framework was completed.
I order my subordinates to drip a drop of heated molten lead from up there.

Thereupon while it’s falling through the air, due to the air resistance the lead cools, becomes round and hardens.

This area is the field of physics, so I won’t speak at length, but the people who saw that scene were engulfed in excitement.

“Ohh, once again Ike-sama has created a miracle!”
“It’s almost like magic!”

Voices of praise go up from the people who saw this scene, but for the time being once again it seems my previous world’s knowledge has been useful.

This isn’t magic at all, but science.
I thought that, but making the town’s inhabitants misunderstand here is also useful.

If they’re under the impression that I have power unknown to human intellect, then resistance will become that much less.

I have intention to rule the inhabitants with fear, but it would be troubling to be looked down on as well.
My grandpa often said.

“Though it’s fine to make others feel awe. Do not become a person who makes others feel dread at least.
like so––––.

From what I can see of the inhabitants reaction, making the bullets in public was correct.
In politics and ruling, a performance is also important.
While believing that I stare at the town’s people, when Jiron comes jogging.

“Boss, the commander is calling.”

While out of breath Jiron says so.
Apparently it’s important business.

“……some big problem has occurred huh.”

I murmur as such.

There are times when that person calls me with just the reason that she’s free, and times when without meaning she uses transition magic.

However, when it’s really important business, moreover in the case of official business, she’ll use established procedure.
She’ll use a familiar or envoy to send out.

That she used an official method to call me means a army corps scale problem has occurred I suppose.

I, for the first time in a while, I head for Sefiro’s castle Barencelle with normal means.


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