The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C7


Gunther’s Dream ††

††(Dwarf King Gunther’s Point of View)

The sensation of the warm hand of the young man he was gripping until just before still remains.
––––no, that an undead demon’s hand is warm is a strange story huh.
It’s likely it was Gunther’s delusion.

However, those eyes were full of life.
He caught a glimpse of a genial person’s heart.

In this kind of age, in this world of wars, he is a man that held unusual eyes.
It had been a while since he had seen a person with those kinds of eyes.
If it’s this man’s words then let’s try believing it.
That young man’s words had weight, enough to make him think so.
It was a short conversation, but at least there was value in following this man’s dream.
So he thought.

“The restoration of the Dwarf Kingdom”

For many years, he was shut up in that prison, but there was never a day where he didn’t think of that.

In the afternoon, the dwarfs holding various jobs would work while dripping sweat.
Blacksmiths would bang hammers, masons would wield chisels.

A townscape full of hustle and bustle, and liveliness.
When it became evening they would stop work, and everyone would gather in many houses and drink together.

It might be possible to take back that scene that existed there until a few decades ago.
That young man said he would restore such a kingdom once again.

If he said that he didn’t feel excitement at his words, then that would be a lie.
He had no lingering attachment to the position of king, but he had lingering affection for the country.
He wants to once more create a country where dwarfs gather.
For example, it would be fine even if the one who sits on that country’s throne isn’t himself.

If a country where dwarfs could live while laughing jovially could be created, then it wouldn’t matter what happened to his own person.

Quickly, he wants to see that scene.

A town where dwarfs’ jovial smiles overflow, he wants to once more hear their laughing voices.

If it’s that young man, if it’s that young man that named himself Ike, then it might be possible to have that dream be realized.

There was something in him that made him believe that.
The boldness to cross through the the battlefield Rosaria, and invade Isthmus.
The excellence of the skill to take advantage of the disorder and rescue himself.
In addition, that amount of knowledge was also astonishing.

Lathe––––, it’s a word he hasn’t heard before, but lathe, if he put to use that and the mold technology, then the mass production of screws is possible.

That is, it is possible to mass produce those matchlock guns.
If he were to hand over those weapons to the Undead Brigade he commanded, then the war situation would surely completely change.

Now, the balance of the humans and demons that are antagonistic might slant towards the demons greatly.

Gunther decided to bet on his genuine eyes and ability.

Mineral God Gustav, please, bless that young man.

While praying as such, he wrote letters to the craftsman dwarfs scattered about each nation.


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