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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C7


Gunther’s Dream ††

††(Dwarf King Gunther’s Point of View)

The sensation of the warm hand of the young man he was gripping until just before still remains.
––––no, that an undead demon’s hand is warm is a strange story huh.
It’s likely it was Gunther’s delusion.

However, those eyes were full of life.
He caught a glimpse of a genial person’s heart.

In this kind of age, in this world of wars, he is a man that held unusual eyes.
It had been a while since he had seen a person with those kinds of eyes.
If it’s this man’s words then let’s try believing it.
That young man’s words had weight, enough to make him think so.
It was a short conversation, but at least there was value in following this man’s dream.
So he thought.

“The restoration of the Dwarf Kingdom”

For many years, he was shut up in that prison, but there was never a day where he didn’t think of that. Continue reading

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C7

Village Raid





“Kah, damn, so bored”

Crystal Tower First Floor. Having purposely come down from the top floor, and while gazing at the tower’s outside and cursing was Shesta.
The tower that stood in the center of the lake, accordingly commanded a good view, that humans––––that heroes didn’t come to attack was obvious.

And now there was truly no sign of heroes coming. With this it is the third continuous day.

“Geez! Why do none come at all? Hurry and come heroes! This great me will utterly completely finish you”

As always he has staggering confidence huh, Shesta does.
Well I understand the reason they’re not coming, as for me them not coming is something I’m grateful for, allowing me to relax.
For Shesta who has too much free time it’s bad, but lets let him bellow like this. Continue reading