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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C13

Mother Dragon and Hime





Time flows back a little, Deep Forest’s Central Part.

The forest’s master, Mother Dragon was enshrined there like always.
There was a single girl in front of her eyes.
Her best friend of some thousand years, the Vampire Hime.

“My lifespan will run out.”
“Oh my.”

Even with the devastating truth announced from her close friend, Hime was not surprised.

“About when is that?”
“Within a few days.”

“I seee, and, what are you going to do this time?”
“As always, can I leave my egg to you?”
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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C12


Update! Sorry about it being so late. I in the final spurt of exams, and I could only make some time now. I still have exams left and they’re all comprehensive ugh, as such I probably won’t be able to update this week. The next for sure update will be 5/10, but I’ll try to see if I can squeeze out a release before that. Anyways enjoy!

Mother’s Scheme





Secret Crystal Tower, I was basking in the sun with the pseudo sun I created with magic power.
Baking my slime body, I was in a state of half melted and sunny-side-up fried egg like.

Ahh……like I thought it feels good.
Like this half melted and basking in the sun, and passing time idly feels nice above all else.
I want to stay like this forever…….

*Trot trot trot*……*splash*.

I open my eyes at the sounds.
This tower’s new resident, Kaa-san who became small was idling about on top of me.
Almost like a sofa that spoils people, on top of my form that was half melted and became even more indefinite, while changing her posture she was idling about.

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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C11

The Power to Protect One’s Child





Crystal Tower, First Floor.
I wasn’t in the hidden side, I came out here to the surface.

Kaa-san clung to the top of my head.
Treating me like a zabuton, she curled up on top of my head and slept.

Yurie who usually held me was in exchange made to hold an offshoot of me that I made.

Being here was for the sake of absorbing the remains of battle.

After a hero’s and monster’s battle, magic power and life force is left behind in the air, they hang in the air.
I stealthily absorb that, and little by little convert and compress it.
Making it into dragon’s tear, creating Kaa-san’s meal.

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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C10

Father’s Milk





“Ryuu, let’s go defeat heroes.”
“Let’s make a big impact as Dragon Knight today too.”

Secret Crystal Tower, my childhood friends Terry and Lily came around.
The two of them looked at me––––more accurately speaking, the baby dragon mounted on top of me, Kaa-san’s reincarnation, and marveled.

“Oi Ryu, what is that.”
“It’s a baby dragon right. Where did it come from?”
“……it’s my kid.”
“My kid you say, Ryu bore it huh.”

Mixing in a sigh I nod.
It was just a bit of a joke though.
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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C9

Mother Dragon’s Reincarnation





After Hime left everyone gradually regained consciousness.

Karen, Chris, Lucia, Yui.
The four who call themselves Secret Crystal Tower Four Heavenly Kings.

The four of them were completely battered in battle with Hime.

“Is everyone ok?”
“Ow ow ow…… it seems it was a bit, harsh.”

Karen held where she was injured, and feebly smiled.
That Hime, even though it would have been fine if she held back a little more.
There’s no helping it, shall I heal them.

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