A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C12


Update! Sorry about it being so late. I in the final spurt of exams, and I could only make some time now. I still have exams left and they’re all comprehensive ugh, as such I probably won’t be able to update this week. The next for sure update will be 5/10, but I’ll try to see if I can squeeze out a release before that. Anyways enjoy!

Mother’s Scheme





Secret Crystal Tower, I was basking in the sun with the pseudo sun I created with magic power.
Baking my slime body, I was in a state of half melted and sunny-side-up fried egg like.

Ahh……like I thought it feels good.
Like this half melted and basking in the sun, and passing time idly feels nice above all else.
I want to stay like this forever…….

*Trot trot trot*……*splash*.

I open my eyes at the sounds.
This tower’s new resident, Kaa-san who became small was idling about on top of me.
Almost like a sofa that spoils people, on top of my form that was half melted and became even more indefinite, while changing her posture she was idling about.

“……does it feel nice?”


Without answering Kaa-san in exchange increasingly rolled around on top of me.
Something like that noisy and terrifying Kaa-san joining me and idling about, if it was until just a while ago, then it was something I wouldn’t even have imagined.

If it’s this Kaa-san, then I like it.

As such, without saying anything, together with Kaa-san I idled about.


It’s Yurie’s voice.
Since I’m speaking with her like this with the mind’s voice, without opening my eyes or mouth, I replied while remaining idle.

[Is it fine?]
[What iss?]
[That kid, you’re not going to properly teach her?”

I open my eyes, and look at Yurie who’s at a distance.

Right Yurie was juggling.
Using my miniature size, slime plushie like one, she juggled.

Naturally it’s not a mere plushie, created from my body, it’s something that places “Ryu School”‘s burden on physical power and magic power.
So to speak resistance training.

Just by juggling, both physical power and magic power are trained.

[Like I did for Yurie, huh.]
[Nii-san and Nee-san, like you did for everyone.]

I looked at Kaa-san who was rolling around on top of me.
With my thoughts clearing up, my melted slime body returned to normal a bit.
To my body that became solid, Kaa-san looked at it curiously.

Certainly, it would be better to train her right.

I don’t know what occurred, but Kaa-san as far as returning to an egg, reincarnated.
Since she’s a legendary golden dragon, I sense she has staggering potential, but the current Kaa-san is just a dragon child.

If it’s this Crystal Tower where dwelling levels are separated by strength, then within the entire 9 floors, she has strength of about the third from the bottom.

There’s no mistake that it would be better to train her.

And then, above all.

I want to train children with potential.

The reason it didn’t come into my thoughts until now is solely since Kaa-san is Kaa-san, but now I was made to realize by Yurie.

[That’s right, it would be better to train her right.]

Yurie plainly nodded.
Now then, in Kaa-san’s case how should I raise her…….

“It’s here huh! Where it’s said that the Four Heavenly Kings are or something––––.”


I release my dragon power, and with a golden forefootFinal Strike, crush the hero that arrived in one blow.
Just now he hadn’t looked this way, so before I was seen I settled it with a swift attack.

I brought it to an end, shall I once again think about Kaa-san’s matter––––.


To the degree that I unconsciously let out my voice, I was surprised.

Kaa-san moved back from above me.
In a state where she stepped aside she looked at me, and her eyes sparkled.

A child’s eyes, sparkling eyes.
Kaa-san who made those kinds of eyes, swung down her forefoot repeatedly.

*Pechi*, *Pechi*.

It appears like she’s imitating my golden forefootFinal Strike, but she’s still young, coupled with her short and stout body, that gesture was lovely enough that your heart would skip a beat.

“Do you want to do this?”

I release a smidge of power, and with a degree that it wouldn’t become an attack golden forefootFinal Strike––––I swung down the forefoot.

*Nod nod nod*.

Kaa-san nods, glistens her eyes even more, and struck her forefoot.
Watch, mimic, grow.
That’s something common, if there’s eagerness then it would be better to do it and show her.

[Yurie, I entrust to you a message for Karen and co.]
[Yes. What do you want to convey?]
[If it’s a hero of a certain strength, then it’s fine to let them pass. That I’ll undertake it.]

Yurie broke into a run towards the surface Crystal Tower.
Though I entrusted her with the message, the diligent her went while juggling.

A short time later a hero arrived.

“Yes! I cleared the dungeon––––.”

Once again they arrived.

“Mu? What, this ominous air is––––”

With a pace faster than I imagined they arrived.

“It’s revenge, Four Heavenly––––”


The continuously arriving heroes, I without leaving a single one defeated them with golden forefootFinal Strike.

While doing that, I check Kaa-san’s state.

Each time I defeat a hero, Kaa-san glistens her eyes, and struck her forefoot.
Though it was once in a while, sometimes that become attack like.

It seems like it was functioning as Kaa-san’s observation training.
In that case, lets make a little bit more of a serious effort.

I, after a long time *Pop Pop* crush heroes, and when I noticed was peerless.


Ryu’s battle, Mother Dragon who had returned to youth watched.

While watching that she swung down her forefoot, the so-called a child imitates the parent thing, but.


At a point where Ryu wasn’t watching, Mother Dragon’s pupils mysteriously shone, a sense of representing a smile done with her mouth.

Ryu wasn’t able to see, even if had seen, he might not have been able to understand the reason.


“Making Onii-chan voluntarily peerless……Kaa-san, a terrifying kid!”

Yui who was watching at a place hidden from view, shuddered at her mother’s strategy.


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