The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C18

Enemy Territory Infiltration with Lilith





When I returned to my own territory the city of Ivalice, I called the orc staff officer Jiron.

The small man orc Jiron excitedly comes along.

When he arrived at my office he asked, “What do you require?” and rubbed his hands.

“It’s about the case of the White Rose Knights the other day but––––”

I begin speaking.

Summarized, right now, what is the commander of those White Rose Knights doing, is what I wanted to know.

“Now then, I wonder. Though we confirmed the figure of them surviving and escaping, they were completely defeated after all. Perhaps they might have been punished and incarcerated.”

“I see, it’s possible huh.”

I leaked that, and ordered Jiron to investigate what that person was doing right now.

Jiron, “Yes” consented and,
“Is it urgent?”
continued so.

“Extremely urgent. Prioritize it ahead of anything else. Money, personnel, it’s fine not to be stingy.”

Jiron seemed to notice the seriousness of the matter with my serious voice.
Even more than when he came, he went outside of the office in a jog.

Now then, with this the reliable [Proof] that is the White Rose Knights’ commander’s whereabouts seemed to be graspable, but the problem is whether it’s place where it’s easy to [Secure] them.

If the previous day’s defeat if forgiven, and they’re sent to another war front, then far from securing them, even grasping their whereabouts will become difficult.

If possible I would be most grateful that they took the blame for the defeat, and be confined to at their home, or be imprisoned somewhere but––––.

Several days later, due to Jiron, the White Rose Knights’ commander, we understood Alistair’s location.

“The White Rose Knights Commander Alistair seems to be, currently, imprisoned in a jail in the outskirts of the royal capital.”

“A prison huh, this is also harsh, the opponent as well.”

Did they take the blame for the defeat I wonder?
I ask for the particulars.

“No, it seems they didn’t it’s not the case that they took the blame. If it’s that, then most of the knights that participated in the other day’s offensive reversal took the blame I assume.”

“I see, there’s another reason huh.”

“Yes, I understand, that they reported to the king that they should send the whole army to this Ivalice. Repeatedly in front of the imperial council, persistently. Then it seems they incited the king’s anger, and it resulted in their incarceration.”

“The whole army to this Ivalice? Were they that frustrated at having lost to me I wonder.”
“Otherwise that if they didn’t crush our brigade in advance it would become terrible, is what they might have thought.”

So Jiron said jokingly and laughs.

Well, I don’t understand the particulars, but either way, that they were incarcerated seems to be certain.

In a certain meaning, for this side it was a grateful state of affairs.

I called out to a particularly capable subordinate in the brigade, the succubus Lilith, and together with her headed towards the location where the White Rose Knights’ commander is incarcerated.

“Ike-sama, it’s just us two right.”

Those were the first words of Lilith when left the city of Ivalice.

“I’m a bit tired.”

She suddenly said so,

“Perfectly, there’s a forest over there, so shall we rest? About an hour. No, if Ike-sama wishes, then it’s possible to stick together for even an entire day even two days.”

Like that she pulls my arm towards her.

I “Glare” overlooking Lilith through the mask.

Lilith leaks, “Che”, and gives up.

“But, Ike-sama, we’re going to extricate the enemy’s commanding officer that’s incarcerated in the tower right? Will we be fine with just the two of us? Ah, no, as long as there’s Ike-sama, then even ten thousand troops aren’t enough to be afraid though.”

“As one would expect, even for me ten thousand would be harsh.”
“Then, one thousand.”
“Even then it’s impossible.”
“Then, one hundred.”
“In that case depending on the conditions it might be possible to do something.”

It might be overestimating, but if it’s average soldiers then I have confidence that I can be an opponent for about that many at the same time.

“Then, it seems like will be able to somehow manage this times task as well right.”

Like that Lilith was relieved.

“Instead, rather than moving a large army it’s good that we don’t have to be guarded.”

I assert.

The White Rose Knights’ commander Alistair is incarcerated in a tower in the outskirts of the royal capital Leazas. It’s not a place where prisoners are incarcerated, it’s a tower exclusive for nobles.

Since they’re nobles there’s no worry about them escaping, and they shouldn’t expect something like being attacked.

It’s likely but it shouldn’t be a problem even if we consider the security to be minimum.

If it’s as I imagine, 10 sentinel, and there may or may not be 10 humans to care for the nobles, or some such.

Since they shouldn’t be assuming something like being attacked, I alone am more than enough war potential.

Honestly, I’m nimble, enough so that I wanted to proceed unaided, but even like this, tentatively I’m the brigade’s commanding officer. I have to be prepared for the worst case.

“Ah, Ike-sama, the tower’s come into view.”

Lilith seemed to have discovered the tower.
As expected of a demon, is what I should say.
For the human me it’s still not visible.

However, since it’d be troublesome to be suspected, I use Distant ViewHawk ・Eyemagic, and confirm.

Certainly the tower is visible.

A dreary tower be it may, tentatively, it’s a tower where offenders are imprisoned. There should be no need to make its appearance gaudy.

“The number of sentinel, in front of the gate are 2, is it……”

I leaked a mutter.

“Shall we quickly do them in? With that state of affairs, the likes of the soldier’s numbers don’t amount to much.”

Lilith wanted to settle it in a typical demon like manner.
I held that back.

“Showing blood isn’t everything.”

“However, holding back is more difficult. If we slaughter 2~3 people, then the remaining will feel frightened and run away won’t they?”


I answer with silence.

Since Lilith’s proposal was, even as a demon even as a human commander, a correct way of thinking.
What was hindering me here is my previous life’s memory.

If bloodshed can be avoided then I want to avoid it, is what my true opinion was.

“……no, occasionally settling everything without shedding blood is fun as well. It’ll also become practice when infiltrating into enemy territory, and extracting information out of someone.

Listen, as much as possible, do not kill the humans, is what I emphasize, and I cast TranparentificationInvisiblemagic on Lilith and myself.
For a while this magic makes the practitioner transparent.

However, since it has no effect on possessors of powerful magic power, if you make large movements it’ll be canceled.

Just, I don’t think those gatekeepers over there are magicians, and I don’t think they’re strong enemies to the degree that two blows are needed.

Without problems, the gatekeepers should be able to be defeated.
The problem is the soldiers packed inside but…….

I leak a sigh.

For the time being I ordered to hold back, but the Lilin beside me isn’t dexterous enough to abide by that order after all.

As for this no matter how well we do casualties will appear right.
While thinking that we headed towards the tower.


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6 thoughts on “The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C18

  1. maskedanon

    It’d be nice if he at least gave the orders for killing as necessary, if necessary. Not just refuse to do so just because of old morals that no longer apply to his new life.


  2. David Tvedt

    Ugh I have MC’s like this. He spares all humans but probably wouldn’t hesitate to kill demons. Double standard much? If it wasn’t for his merits during the war, he’d be executed for being a human sympathizer in a heartbeat

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