The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C17

The Duel with the Underdog!





7th Army Corps Commander Sefiro’s headquarters, Barencelle is in the controlled territory of the Maou army, and is where the main force of the 7th army corps is staying.

Also it’s being used as a place to stay temporarily for brigade commanders without territory, as a result of coming to report to the army corps commander Sefiro, I’ve often come across the other brigade commanders before.

I was careful so as not to stay in this castle as much as possible.

Demons are, essentially persistent about hierarchical relationships, or perhaps I should say they don’t judge with anything other than whether they’re above or below themselves.

According only to that true strength and achievements, they judge the other party.

Recently, I have been raising brilliant achievements, but I have a characteristic of being underestimated on the true strength side.

The reasons being that I occupy towns without really killing the enemy soldiers, that it still hasn’t been long since I was promoted to brigade commander, or such is what is brought up, but, is it a habit of my previous life, that I can’t really treat others with a self-important attitude might be the origin.

Therefore, when I happen to meet brigade commanders who are strong, or who have low intelligence for instance, it’s inevitable that it becomes a dispute.

That’s why I quickly went to the transition space, wanting to return to my own territory, but because I happen to meet people I don’t want to meet at times like this, I have bad luck.

At the corridor that connects to the transition space I came across the werewolf brigade commander Beio.

Even within the 7th Army Corps’ brigade commanders, he’s a bellicose man.
So as not to quarrel I draw close to the edge of the corridor and give way to Beio.
However, purposely changes his movements, and strikes my shoulder.
And then appends a third rate drama like false accusation.

“Oi, that hurt, what are you crashing into other people’s shoulders for.”

No, I standing still right.
You have a really easy to understand nature huh.
If it was like always, I would docilely apologize, but today the situation is different.
Here I should probably take up the challenge.

The commander was also saying that.

“As far as humans are concerned humility may be a virtue, but for demons it will conversely become a target of disdain. Before you know it that might become a weak point.”

Or such––––.

In addition, it might be a chance to bring to light the traitor.
It’s not bad to behave like a demon once in a while either, so, I decided to say to Beio.

“I gave way to you and stood still right. You’re the one who crashed into me.”

Beio probably thought I wouldn’t refute.

“What did you say!”

Like that his entire body’s fur stood on end.

“You’re the one who should apologize. My valuable robe got some of your dirty fur on it didn’t it.”

Dear me, like that I brush off the fur.
Beio who heard that breathed even harder.

“You say this great me’s silver fur is dirty. The likes of this undead!”

Alright, just as planned.
If I get him this angry, then Beio will take action according to my imagination.

In reality, Beio points at me,
“I challenge you to a duel!”
and declared so.

It’s come to this huh, like that I grinned within my mind.
Duels between demons are constantly occurring.

Even humans, fellow noble are constantly doing it, so it’s not strange, but it’s different from humans, there’s no style in duels with demons.

Like how the instant human nobles throw a glove it begins, or the moment when they each cross swords becomes a sign, there’s none of that.

Starting with no introductory remarks, that’s the demon’s style.

The werewolf Beio,


Like that he raises a war cry enough to vibrate even my spine.

If it was an ordinary human, then just with that they would have been unable to stand, they would have fallen on their backside.

There is magic power loaded into the werewolf’s howl.
They might have lost consciousness just like that.

However, fortunately I wasn’t an [Ordinary] human.
Since I was young I’ve lived together with demons, I also carry mighty magic power.
With something of that level of showing off, I don’t mind it at all.

I put magic power into the Ouroboros cane I inherited from my Jii-chan.

Even if just in name, this man is a brigade commander.
There should be no need to hold back or such.
However, there’s also no need to kill him.

He’s quick to fight, but even then I haven’t my human heart enough to kill my comrades with just the reason of being displeased with them.

I aim Fire Ballmagic at Beio and shoot.

The werewolf’s movement are quick.

If it were the usual, then something like Fire Ballwould be avoided with no problem whatsoever.
However, my fire ball magic is different.
Just now, the shot Fire Ballis a specially customized original one.

With the magic taught by the commander, in exchange for lowering the power it’s speed is reinforced accordingly.

To the Fire Ballthat flew with speed almost like an arrow, Beio wore a surprised expression.

“Shit, using crafty magic.”

At first I’m sure he planned to avoid it, but he changed course and decided to stop it head-on.

Beio stands still, “Something like this youngster’s magic, I’ll pulverize it from head on” like that he caught the fire ball with both hands and crushed it.


I couldn’t help but to feel admiration unconsciously.

Although the magic power is lowered, I didn’t think he could do that kind of stunt.

As expected of a brigade commander.
As I thought I shouldn’t have made light of him.

Nevertheless, even though Beio crushed Fire Ball, it seems he concentrated all his power.

I didn’t overlook that chance.
I endowed magic power into the cane, and aimed that at the top of Beio’s head and swung down.

If an ordinary human were to receive that blow, their skull would crack, and they wouldn’t escape death, but as expected of the werewolf brigade commander considered to be superior even among the demons, though he let out a scream, “Guaa!”, even then it seemed he kept his consciousness.

“Alright, now, shall I deliver the final blow?”

If it were an ordinary demon, then they would think that, but as I thought I’m human, if the match is decided, then I will be hesitant for any further acts of abuse.

That’s my weak point that the commander speaks of I’m sure.

“……shi-shit, not yet, it’s not over yet.”

As I thought Beio saw that softness and stood up.

As expected his step is distorted, though that prided silver fur is dyed in blood, I sensed that he still had plenty of motivation.

(Good grief, why are these demons sore losers like this I wonder……)

Within my mind I leaked a sigh, and began a spell’s aria.
This time for sure I’ll use a powerful magic to shave off his fighting strength––––,
is what I planned, but I didn’t finish that spell’s aria.
Since a certain personage forced their way between the two of us.

She forced her way in between me and Beio in an instant and,

“Both of you that’s enough!”

Like that she stuck out both hands and with Bindmagic restrained Beio.

It is not someone who possesses magic power able to instantly restrain a combat ready powerful person of brigade commander class or such.

The superior of us two, Sefiro, scolds us with a rare, serious expression.

“Though duels of comrade demons aren’t forbidden. As expected if you were to do it in the corridor of my castle, it would be intolerable.”

In addition, she continues.

“The victor of this bout is already decided. Beio, were you such a foolish demon that didn’t understand the opponents capability? Since even among the low intellect werewolves you were remarkably strong, and particularly intelligent is the reason I selected you as brigade commander, but were my eyes knot holes?”

Beio who heard those words at last seems regain his reason.

“……I have no excuse.”

Then he hung his head.

That mad dog like Beio was similar to a pet dog in front of this person.
That’s telling of this person’s, of Sefiro’s true strength.

Sefiro ascertained that Beio understood and,

“Umu, I like your honesty. Well then this match, it’s fine with it being Ike’s win right?”

So she declares.

Immediately Beio,
consented like that.

Sefiro who was satisfied with that answer,

“In the world of demons, ability is everything. Don’t leave any grudges ok.”

So she says, and began casting recovery magic on Beio.

Beio’s body shone a bluish-white, and his wounds closed before one’s eyes.

If you exclude that he’s dirtied with blood, one might be able to say that he’s just like before.

When the wounds were completely healed Beio,
“Commander, I’m very sorry.”
and lowered his head.

Sefiro said,

“Umu, it’s fine already. You should have your own work as well. Quickly return to your post and do a meritorious deed.”

and excused him.

Beio went to abide by the order, but the moment he passed by me he lightly lowered his head.

Apparently he seemed to have admitted my ability as well.

“It won’t go like this next time!”
he left behind those parting remarks.

Well, in a certain meaning he has an easy to understand character.

“I’ll turn the table any number of times.”
I replied according to template as well, and saw off Beio’s return.

At the same time that Beio entered the transition space, I asked Sefiro the commander.

“Now then, commander, could you get some information from that Beio?”

Hearing that remark Sefiro,
“Well. What do you mean?”
and pretend to be the fool.

“If it were the usual commander, you would only say, you reap what you sow, and apply some spit right. And yet this time you cast recovery magic didn’t you? What’s more, thoroughly. You would think you have some ulterior motive right, usually.”

“Fumu, you noticed huh. As expected of Ronberg’s grandson.”

She said so, and revealed her trick.

“To cast Memory Decryptionmagic you know that you can only aim at the moment when the other party has completely let down their guard right.”

“Ehh, for someone with no magic power there’s no need for that labor, but tentatively the other party is a demon after all. So readily……, ah, I see, in other words that’s what you mean.”

“Exactly, if it’s during when he’s receiving recovery magic, then he’ll completely let his guard down.”

“……you’re a vicious person huh. By any chance, did you aim at the possibility that me and that guy would bump heads and call us out, or such?”

“Now then. I wonder about that.”

Sefiro, without affirming it or denying it, “KaKaKa” leaks her usual laugh.

“……and, were you able to gain beneficial information from that guy’s memory?”

“Fumu, I gained some considerably useful information.”

“No way, is that guy the traitor or something?”

“No, that guy is wild and simple minded, but he’s a man that hates those acts. It’s fine if you see him as innocent.”

“Is that so. Well, he’s that kind of guy. He seems unrelated to schemes.”

“However, I was able to have an idea of a person who tempted him to be a “traitor”. He himself didn’t seem to understand that that was an invitation to betrayal, but there is a brigade commander that tried pull him in as a comrade.”

“Ohh, as expected of commander.”

I gave her compliments, and asked the name of that person, but the commander shook her head.

“No, I have a target , but I still don’t have conviction. It’s too soon to bring up that person’s name lightly.”

I want certain proof, is how Sefiro closed.

And then, glance, looked this way.

In other words, she wants to tell me to go seize that proof.
I’ve said it before, but for demons superior’s orders are absolute.

Also this time, my brigade, no, it’s an army corps scale problem.
Even without being ordered, I planned to search for the traitor.


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