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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C17

The Duel with the Underdog!





7th Army Corps Commander Sefiro’s headquarters, Barencelle is in the controlled territory of the Maou army, and is where the main force of the 7th army corps is staying.

Also it’s being used as a place to stay temporarily for brigade commanders without territory, as a result of coming to report to the army corps commander Sefiro, I’ve often come across the other brigade commanders before.

I was careful so as not to stay in this castle as much as possible.

Demons are, essentially persistent about hierarchical relationships, or perhaps I should say they don’t judge with anything other than whether they’re above or below themselves.

According only to that true strength and achievements, they judge the other party.

Recently, I have been raising brilliant achievements, but I have a characteristic of being underestimated on the true strength side. Continue reading