The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C16

Sefiro’s Bathing





I who was called by my respected boss spoke while sighing.

“Mou, corps commander, there’s a possibility of bath or toilet time, so please don’t suddenly call me, I’ve told you so much haven’t I––––.”

That my words stopped is proof that I’m pure.
The one in the bath wasn’t me, it was the corps commander.
She currently soaking half her body in the bathtub.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, due to the vapor I couldn’t see her private parts, but without seeming to care,

“With that brush there won’t you wash my back?”

like that asked me.

“……ask a familiar for that kind of stuff.”

If you’re a commander class magician, then you should be able to employ any number of them simultaneously.

“Idiot, relying on magic for anything and everything is evidence of a second rate magician.”
“Then is summoning your disciple and entrusting them that kind of odd job evidence of a first rate?”


Maou army 7th army corps corps commander, the Witch of Black Calamity Sefiro shakes her head.

“Proof of an elite.”
She declared as such,
and laughed.

“Won’t you wash my back quickly, if you don’t I’ll send you off to the isolation cell.”

She threatened me so.

Since it couldn’t be helped, while averting my eyes, I washed her back with the brush.

“What are you embarrassed about, we’ve gone into the bath together when you were a child right.”

“……that’s from when I was a child.”

“From my point of view, you’re still a child though.”

“Commander has been living since the last, last, last Maou after all.”


Even though I was facing her back, there was a pause where it seemed I could hear the sound of her “Glaring” at me.

As expected, no matter the world it seems it’s a taboo to ask a woman about age.

From her back, I felt a killing intent as if to say, even if it’s you if you touch on that any more than this, I’ll kill you.

I, who had the ability to sense danger, in a panic shifted the topic.

“Nevertheless, your skin luster is as beautiful as ever, almost like a teenage young woman.”

It seems that if you compliment them then they’ll soon improve their mood is also common no matter the world.


“That’s right, that’s right.”

like that with being in a good mood, she suddenly stood up,

“Rinse my back!”

and ordered me.

While I once again averted my eyes when I abided by that, I handed her a towel. On top of being a considerably small towel, since she a voluptuous body, it was to the extent that it just barely covered her private parts. Since she’s a corps commander, I wanted to tell her to use a better towel, but mostly likely she’s doing it on purpose.

Enjoying my reaction like this, that is her aim.

As such, making my face beneath the mask flush, and being embarrassed is exactly her trap, but I’ve splendidly fallen for that.

Even if I say so myself I’m pitiable, but even if I regret it can’t be helped, so I decided to get down to business.

“––––Incidentally commander, I have some information I wish to share you with.”

“What is it? Did you pilfer some of my underwear?”

“I’m being serious. In addition it’s urgent business.”

When I said that in a serious tone of voice, she canceled her joking mood.

“What is it, speak.”

and bore a serious look.
No, since it was from behind I couldn’t see, so guessed but.

“Yes. Actually it seems there’s a betrayer among our brigade.”

“Your basis?”

“In the case of the Ivalice defensive battle the other day, from the escape route that I informed only the demons of, enemy soldiers invaded.”

“Hou, you did well to cope with that.”

“Well, it’s impossible for a large army to pass through the escape route after all. It was an unexpected event, but I wouldn’t lose with that amount.”

“Hou, that’s some adult talk I’m hearing.”
“Thanks to the tactics I was taught by corps commander.”
“Even if you flatter me, you’ll get nothing you know.”

When Sefiro finished, continuing on I spoke.

“However, capturing from the inside was beyond expectations. If I hadn’t left a kobold unit, then it might have been dangerous.”

“Fumu, I see, in summary though being attacked from within was unexpected, since the battle outside the fortress was a complete victory, you managed to avoid further problems, is what you mean, huh.”

“Well, if you summarize it that’s right.”

“Supposing you had had a hard fight with the White Rose Knights, then worst case, the residents would have been incited by the infiltrating unit and you might have lost, is it?”

“……worst case scenario.”

“Fumu, that’s a serious problem isn’t it. And, the one who informed them about the escape route is within the Undead Brigade?”

“I fear that it’s likely.”

“What, you don’t a basis? If you don’t your allies without basis, then you’ll cause internal discord. If so that’s the enemy’s intent.”

“No, I have a basis.”

So I declared.

“Hou, what kind.”

I explained the details.

Sefiro who heard that,
fumu, I see, slightly nodding her head agreed.

“En route of the escape route you installed magic power driven detectors, is it.”

“That’s right. The ones commander made and gave to me.”

“Ooh, that. With that it can’t be easily released if it’s human. No, it’s even possible to detect them.”

“When I examined them after, that device was splendidly released.”

“I see, in that case, there’s no possibility that the secret construction was exposed to the residents, is it.”

“It’s also fine to exclude the possibility that the enemy discovered the escape route by chance.”

“So, you suspected the existence of an internal betrayer. I see, a rational judgment.”

“……though I don’t really want to doubt our allies.”

“What are you being optimistic about. That demons aren’t a group that close friends at least even you’re aware of right.”

“Humans as well though.”

“Exactly, historically, there’s no such organization that didn’t break up after all.”

“Though if possible I wanted at least our brigade to be that exception……”

“There aren’t the likes of exceptions in this world.”

Sefiro declared.
Well, I agree.

Even in my former world, such matter’s circumstances were the same.
Something like a monolith organization didn’t exist.

Much less demons who since their birth, continued mutual conflict, and fought for hegemony.
There’s no way for all demons to unite.

“However, the problem is, who, and for what reason did they betray, correct.”

“The reason is obvious right. In order to cause my brigade to lose.”

“Quite so. However, there should be a reason to make you lose.”

“Well, there’s any number of army corps that that are jealous of our army corps after all. As such the other 6 army corps’ commanders, all of them become suspects. In general, if they want sabotage the 7th army corps, then they would have slipped in a spy into my brigade right.”

When I expressed my own thinking, my boss Sefiro, “KuKuKu”, laughed.

“……what is so amusing? Commander. I, did I say something so off base?”

“No, that you decided that traitor is another army corps’ spy is just like you, is what I thought.”

“……as much as possible I don’t want to doubt our colleagues.”

“Still, don’t abandon thinking until the end. You’re grandfather always said that correct. That the person who doesn’t stop thinking until the end will become the eventual winner.”

“However, even if I say so myself, I don’t remember doing something to be resented for to my subordinates, and I should be doing relatively well with the 7th army corps’ other brigade commanders.”

“That’s it. You seem sharp, and are occasionally foolish.”

Sefiro declared as such and continued.

“Certainly our 7th army corps when compared to other army corps, relatively has esprit de corps. There are few fellows that would sabotage other brigades. Since I educated them in such in a way.”

As if to say however, she thrusts her finger at me and points out.

“There’s something called a limit to things. What are your recent conspicuous services. Just how many armies did you destroy, how many human forts did you fell? What’s more your allies’ injury is minimal, the enemies as well skillfully without hardly killing them.”


Since I didn’t understand what she was saying, I unconsciously gave an idiotic response.

Surely because she saw that kind of appearance of mine, Sefiro, “Good grief”, while leaking a long sigh spoke.

“You’re really an idiot huh. The point is that you should take into account at least the possibility that the other brigade commanders are envious. Is what I’m saying.”

“Am I in a position to be envied by the other brigade commanders?”

When I asked so, she pointed at the map of this continent placed on top of the desk.
Next, nimbly moved her lips.
It seems she’s chanting some kind of magic.
When she finished chanting magic, the map shone.

“This is?”

That I didn’t need to ask, I understand that significance.
1/3 of the east of this continent is painted red.
In other words, the region that the Maou Army is currently occupying.

Like proving that that consideration is correct, Sefiro,

“This is the current Maou army’s occupation zone. And––––”

Continuing so, this time 1/7 of the red region began shining.

“This region is?”

Wasn’t necessary to ask. It was only familiar place names, forts, and city names.

“All of them are regions that you were involved with their capture. Just a single army corps’ single brigade commander is connected with capturing this much area, you’re carrying the main force. What’s more, a youngster that only just recently became a brigade commander.”

“……I see.”

Certainly it’s as commander said.

After becoming brigade commander, I don’t particularly have a recollection of having fought with the other brigade commanders, but certainly when it comes to the other brigade commanders’ feelings, they might become jealous.

Sighing like that, I recalled the other brigade commanders’ faces.
Now then, you was it that tried to trap me I wonder?

The troll holding the nickname, the demolishing war demon, is it.
Or else, the dragonkin race brigade commander is it.

The 7th Army Corps has, if you include me, 10 brigade commanders.
The suspects are 9 people, is what it comes to but––––.

While being careful in order to not hold preconceived notions as much as possible, I began the selection of traitor candidates.


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