A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C9

Mother Dragon’s Reincarnation





After Hime left everyone gradually regained consciousness.

Karen, Chris, Lucia, Yui.
The four who call themselves Secret Crystal Tower Four Heavenly Kings.

The four of them were completely battered in battle with Hime.

“Is everyone ok?”
“Ow ow ow…… it seems it was a bit, harsh.”

Karen held where she was injured, and feebly smiled.
That Hime, even though it would have been fine if she held back a little more.
There’s no helping it, shall I heal them.

I called the dumbfounded Yurie, though she caught up she couldn’t follow the situation, and was standing near the entrance.

[Yurie, come here.]
[Ah, yes. What is it Slime-sama.]
[At the top of my head there’s a different color there right?]
[This golden one?]

Yurie patted my head.

[Yea that, tear that off, and round it and hand it over to those four.]

As I told her Yurie, tore off the different colored place on top of my head like bread dough and rolled it up like dango.
Like I told her she passed that to those four.

“This is?”
“It’s something like an elixir. Using my body as an intermediary I made it. Drink it and recover.”
“Got it––––gulp.”

The one who drank it first was Lucia.

“Uwa, absolutely no hesitation. This is made with Ryu-sama’s body right.”
“I drank it a lot since before. In those days it was boiled claw shreds though.”
“Did you?”
“Dragon’s claw that would completely recover you with one grain. For the final push, it’s a excellent item that even if they used up large amounts of money Heroes wanted to obtain.”
“That’s amazing, huh. Then Itadakimasu.”

Karen with a look of admiration, Chris silently while masked.
The two respectively gulped down the medicine, and completely recovered their wounds.

“Amazing, a restorative that completely recovers with just this, it’s the first time I’ve seen it.”
“It’s unnecessary for monsters after all. Although even in the human world there’s probably not one this extreme.”
“Hee, amazing.”

No there are some, though they’re ones to completely recover stamina.
After the system where even if heroes died they would resurrect at the church was completed, it was obsolete is all.

Having gulped the medicine the two recovered, and began energetically chatting.
On the other hand, Yui who received it didn’t drink it readily.

“Yui? What’s wrong.”
“This with Onii-chan’s body……Onii-chan’s body fluids……”

Surprised, Yui jumps up.
Aren’t you energetic, that retort came to the tip of my tongue.

“What’s wrong, what are you muttering about.”
“I-It’s nothing!”
“If it’s nothing then––––”

Without drinking it Yui wrapped it in both hands, and held it like it was important.
No it’s a restorative so drink it right away.

“……there’s no way, I could drink this is there……”

The same as before Yui once again begins muttering.
Well, she’s a golden dragon and strong, since even now she’s lively it’s fine even if doesn’t drink it, huh.

Now then.

I turned towards the egg.
What Hime left behind, rather.
The egg Hime pushed on me.

Certainly an egg I’ve seen before, the same as Yui, a golden dragon’s egg.

Speaking of golden dragons, now there’s only Mother Dragon––––Kaa-san and Yui, just those two.
Yui has been here all along, which means, this egg Hime brought is Kaa-san’s egg.

Another little brother or little sister has been made huh, is what I thought.


The egg developed a crack.
Cracking it began to split, and the egg itself shook left and right.

“It’s being born, huh––––”

The moment I muttered, a very extreme––––.
An absurdly, staggering level chill shot through.
Dangerous, it’s dangerous like this.

Not intuition, my knowledge screamed that.
Like this what would happen, I knew, because I knew my brain screamed dangerous.

Just what exactly is dangerous? The moment of hesitation as I tried to recall that lead to me being too late.

The egg split, from within a single dragon was born.
A body like a puppy’s, and small wings that didn’t seem like they could fly.
The scales of the dragon entirely covered were no doubt the legendary golden dragon itself.

We met eyes.


Thereupon I remembered.
Dragon––––no it’s not limited to dragons.

There’s a shared trait in animals born from eggs.


Coming out from the egg, and thinking the first animal they meet eyes with is it’s parent, that trait.

I met eyes with the newborn golden dragon.
After that fellow intently stared at me, with tottering steps it headed towards me.

And then, when it arrived next to me, just like that it rubbed it’s body on me.
As expected a puppy like action, a fawning like action.

“Arya? Did it come to like Ryu-sama?”
“That’s wrong, that, it thinks Onii-chan is its parent.”
“Parent? I see, it’s an egg huh.”

Being told by Yui, Karen recalled that as well.

“I see, it’s under the impression that Ryu-sama is its parent, huh.”
“It’s a good thing. As a parent, even as mentor. If you speak about “Raising”, then there’s no existence more reliable than this in this world.”
“I think so as well!”

Yurie who normally doesn’t chat, as if to say this is critical speaks out and agreed with Lucia.
You girls…….

“Onii-chan’s child……ku! Onii-chan!”
“O, Ou. What is it.”
“I’ll also lay an egg!”
“Haa? No, wait what are you saying you.”
“I’ll lay an egg!”
“For the time being calm down. You’ll also one day lay an egg, at that time I’ll help you.”
“Y-you’ll help me!”

Yui unusually, made an extremely happy like expression.

“Uun, I think the meaning of help is different though.”

Karen mutters, Yui glares at Karen.
What do you mean the meanings different……no rather than that.

I looked directly at Yui and spoke.

“Rather than that, about this kid. You don’t feel anything looking at this kid?”
“Eh? Of course it’s my little sister not my niece, is what you’re saying?”
“Wrong, look more carefully.”
“……? …………ehhhhh!?”
“You noticed huh.”

I sighed.
On the other hand, having been told by me and looking at the golden dragon, Yui who noticed that was flustered.

“That’s, but, ehhhhh!?”

It’s natural that she’s surprised, even I’m still half in doubt.
However, considering as well that Hime expressly brought the egg including a test, there’s probably no mistake.

“R-really Onii-chan.”
“Ahh, this kid is Mother Dragon. Kaa-san’s reincarnated form.”


Silence fell on Secret Crystal Tower.


Within that, small golden dragon––––Kaa-san made me a zabuton, and curled up on above me and began sleeping.


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  1. Sunflowers

    Wait wait wait, does that mean the original is dead? looks like Ryu’s truant play really did it now…

    Thanks for the chapter 🙂



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