A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C8

Hime’s Egg





“Ahh……it feels nice……”

The outskirts of Crystal Tower, I went out from the dungeon and was sunbathing.
A step further than half melted, with a feeling of about 70 percent melted I basked in the sun’s light.

Since reincarnating into a slime, what I thought is best are these sunbathing moments.

[Does it feel that nice, Slime-sama?]

In a place a bit apart, Yurie who was sitting in seiza asked.
She was sitting in seiza on the bare earth, and placed a dummy me on top of her lap.

For the sake of her training, it was the dummy doll I created before sunbathing.
The same as when she’s holding me, it’s an excellent thing that gradually consumes magic power and physical power.


It was nice enough that answering Yurie’s question was also bothersome.
I just want to melt like this, by all means I’d like to completely melt.


I jumped up in a flash.
In a flash I return from a liquified body to my original circular slime body.

[W-what’s wrong Slime-sama?]
[An enemy.]

Yurie as well follows the direction I’m looking with her line of sight.

[Over there’s Crystal Tower, is it a Hero I wonder?]
[I don’t know, this presence is a one person, but……oh no!]
[They’ve already broken through the top floor.]

Yurie was astonished.
I broke into a run.
I jumped once, and with that force started flying.

With speed leaving Yurie far behind, I return to Crystal Tower.

Am I in time!?

I sense it while flying.
The enormous existence that invaded Crystal Tower wielding that power and rampaging.

I returned to Crystal Tower with top speed.
When I enter the first floor, there were heaps of corpses there.

Without leaving a single monster they’re all done in––––


Or so I thought, but their state is strange.


From all around I heard groans.
At a glance it was a heap of corpses, but if you look closely not a single one is done in.

Everyone is alive.

Just to be sure I ascended to the second floor, as well as the third floor.
I clearly perceived the traces of the opponent breaking through, but surprisingly not a single monster is dead.

I shuddered.
This amount, something like defeating all of them without killing them, it’s a hundredfold more difficult than normally defeating them.

What sort of strong opponent is the invader……so I thought.
I focus my mind, and headed towards Secret Crystal Tower.


Standing there was a familiar face.


Deep Forest’s Number 2 great executive, and the second strongest after Mother Dragon.

At her feet are Lucia, Chris, Karen, and Yui.
Self-proclaimed Four Heavenly Kings, and in reality the four people from the top strength of this Crystal Tower were collapsed.
Everyone was collapsed and unconscious……but similar to the surface monsters, they appear to be perfectly alive.

Letting Lucia who’s a human live as well……what does this mean?

I frown and looked at Hime.
Contrary to what she’s done, she was grinning.
As usual, showing a smile free of worry.

“Long timee♪”
“Hime-san, what is this.”
“Non non, Hi me. Repeat after me.”
“Jokes are––––”

Hime who was in front of my eyes disappeared.
Having avoided the attack was mostly due to instinct.

Blood lust from the left, enough for chills to run up spine that shouldn’t exist.
Instinctively I separated my body into top and bottom myself.

In the center of the separated body a sharp blow when past.

“Wao, you can do something like that too.”
“What are you doing.”
“Ehh, I mean I’m always telling you right? If you don’t call me Hime, I’ll send you to the next world♪”
“……what are you planning Hime.”

With an effort I held back various things, and asked her.
How much was serious, and how much was a joke.

She’s a person that I couldn’t understand that well normally, but now it’s even more so cryptic.

“Well, just capturing?”
“Un, the dungeon that Ryu made, what kind of place it is, a test see.”
“For what purpose.”
“Nfufuu, do want to know?♪”
“Don’t dodge the question.”
“Then, if you beat me I’ll teach you.”
“Nn, or rather.”

I sensed blood lust from left and right simultaneously.
*tmp*, I kick the ground and jump back.
At the place I was, from the left and right two men attacked on both sides.

There’s no vigor in the men’s eyes.

“Juice Server is it!”

Hime who’s behaving innocently like always.
The “Juice Server” she’s keeping.
The humans, that she made manservants with blood, that the vampire Hime is keeping for blood sucking use.
I didn’t know that they could be used for battle as well.


The juice server men, and Hime.
I alternatingly look at them, and confirm with Hime for remembrance.

“If I defeat you, you’ll let me hear the story right.”

The usual answer, however Hime’s eyes narrowed.
At that moment, I felt like Secret Crystal Tower’s temperature fell 10 degrees.

She’s coming seriously––––I breathed in deeply.

Someone as powerful as Hime, if I give her the pace it’ll continue slipping.
Victory goes to the one who makes the first move! Completely full power!

A golden forefootFinal Strike with my power released.


A blow powerful enough to cause an earthquake together with an explosion.

“Did that do it!”
“Non non♪”

The swung down strongest blow, from the center of the explosion Hime calmly revealed her figure.
The Final Strike that until now no matter what opponent, however Hime was unwounded.

“Ku, hard!”
“Ho-riblee, it’s a girl’s soft fair skin you know.”

If that’s case, even more!

I release magic power, I make numerous magic power balls and throw them at Hime.
I stop her with that, at the same time I use dragon power, and consecutively shoot Final Strike.

I strike blow after blow of certain death class Final Strike everywhere.
*Thud*! *Thud*! *Thud*!

The tower keeps shaking, I throw blows to the degree that if I do it anymore than this the tower itself is liable to collapse––––but.

“Fumufumu, I seee.”
“What the heck!”

Hime who revealed her figure from the centre of the explosion was still acting nonchalant.
Impossible, even though I’ve hit this much she’s completely unwounded?
Even if it’s Hime, even for Deep Forest’s great executive it’s impossible.


Suddenly, a third person’s voice was heard.
Yurie who was constantly communicating telepathically with me.

Yurie who I left behind due to the state of emergency, and who arrived late.

[Eh? Ehh?]

Yurie alternatingly compares me and Hime.
At that moment, I didn’t overlook Yurie’s behavior.
Before looking at Hime she looked towards the distance and for an instant made a face like she lost sight of something, and after that she found Hime who was in the center of the explosion.

“That’s what it is huh!”
“I won’t let you go!”

Hime tried to do something, however faster than that I flew towards where there was nothing––––where Yurie lost sight of Hime.

I half melted my slime body, and like a fishing net cover a wide range.
When I did, rather than nothing Hime was there.

Not letting Hime who was covered with the netSlime, I wrapped her.
A slime caught a prey, in a certain meaning it became an ordinary scene.

Hime who was at the center of the explosion disappeared, and appeared within my body.

“Uun, I missed huh.”
“A miss is it?”
“That’s right, it was unwise to use all my power in order to fool Ryu’s eyes right, if I had waited to start after the sacrifice-chan had come in, it would have been perfect.”
“At any rate it’s my win. I’ll have you talk.”
“Ehh, what should I do.”
“If you mess around, I’ll melt you just like this.”
“Yaan, I’m gonna get something erotic done to mee♪”

Hime’s tone was the same high tension, but already it seemed she had no intention to fight.

Within my body Hime snapped her fingers.
When she did, from the corner of Secret Crystal Tower an egg appeared.
An egg about as big as the slime me.

“That’s……a dragon’s egg?”
“Yuup, or rather don’t you recognize it even more?”
“……the same as Yui.”

My little sister Yui, having seen the state of the egg before she was born, I knew.
That Yui’s egg, it’s completely the same.

“A golden dragon’s egg?”
“Yup yup, this you see, I was looking for a safe place to look after it. It’s Ryu-chan’s pass, just now I acknowledge this place as a place safer than Deep Forest.”
“Properly explain––––ah.”

In a moment’s gap, Hime left her trademark black dress within me, made her body into fog, and sneaked out from within me.

At a distance she materialized only her upper body, and with grinning expression said.

“Well then, I’m counting on you ok.”

Leaving me with that, she departed from Crystal Tower.

I *Pe* spit out her clothes, and look at the golden dragon’s egg.

It’s Hime, she wouldn’t entrust me with this with no meaning whatsoever.

“Soomehow, it seems like it’ll become troublesome right.”

I could only sigh.


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