A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C7

Incurable Illness





Inside the forest during the day.
Me, Terry, Lily.

The three of Dragon Knight were walking around without any particular purpose.
Lily was on top of me. A dragon wearing a slime’s clothing––––since she’s riding on top of me Dragon Knight, it’s a position that became the source of the team name.
Terry was bouncing along side to side with me.

Since it’s Dragon Knight even if I let Terry on it would be correct, but I flatly refuse that, as for why––––.

“I want to raid a town. Just recently I saw this, but Wu village’s head shinto priestess, that’s a virgin. Do you understand Ryu, it’s a virgin head shinto priestess.”
“No, I don’t get it.”
“You get it right. When we monsters attack a town, in order to protect the town’s residents they’re high ranking clergy that offer their own bodies……guhyehye……”

Terry, an ero goblin basis, drooled and panted.
This is why, since he’s this kind of ero brat, I don’t want to let Terry on.
As a childhood friend I don’t hate him, rather I’m fond of him, but it would be unpleasant if when gets on he gets excited like right now.

“Having no choice, the head shinto priestess being soiled by us goblins……a different kind of dignity from queens or princesses, self-sacrificing is the best.”
“I see, I don’t get it.”

No, really I don’t get it.
I’ve felt that Terry since before had gone through that kind of ero way policy, but I truly couldn’t understand the details at all.


Good grief……well that it’s good that he’s enjoying himself.

The three of us wandered around randomly inside the forest.

Monsters are beings that are basically within dungeons, but it’s not like that necessarily.
Since even if they’re done in within the dungeon they can be revived, to that extent, monsters that defeated heroes outside the dungeon are praised as the strong.

As Terry and Lily proposed forming Dragon Knight to me as children overreaching and wanting to be famous, we also very rarely go outside.

Well, naturally.
The reason we’re able to ordinarily do it like this is that Crystal Tower seems to have control of the surroundings.

It’s not absolute, but it’s 90% safe.
That’s why I’ve joined the two’s stroll like this.

“Even so, you really like that huh.”
“Of course! If it’s related to ero, leave it to me.”
“That’s not something to be proud of Terry.”
“That’s not true. If it related to ero, then I won’t lose even to Ryu after all.”

That’s some amazing confidence.
No well, if it’s limited to ero then it’s true that I might lose.

Or rather……I also feel like I don’t really want to win.

“You’re like that too right Lily.”
“Uun, that might be so. Lily, if it’s about drawing won’t lose to Ryu.”
“I’ll honestly admit that. Lily’s drawings are good after all.”
“Ehehe……thank you.”

Lily shyly smiled.
She’s a monster called an Imp, but they’re appearance is close to humans, on top of that with Lily herself’s round face and adorable appearance, that kind of shy smile like expression suits her very well.

While chatting we walked within the forest randomly.

“Please, we can only rely on Shesta-sama now.”

Suddenly we stopped.
Me, Terry, and Lily looked at each other’s faces.

“They said, Shesta, right.”
“Un, that’s what they said.”
“Is Occhan here? Let’s go take a look for a bit.”

Terry briskly ran and went, Lily as well jumped off from atop my head and faced the direction the voice came from and went.
Sheesh, those two will poke their nose into everything huh.

A little late, I faced the direction of the voice and went.

In place where the forest opened up there was a small cabin.
The small cabin’s door was open, and within there were two humans and one monster there.

The two humans were middle aged woman, and a young man.
The man looked in pain sprawled on top of the bed groaning, and the woman desperately clung to the monster.
The monster is our Crystal Tower’s boss, Big Mouse Shesta.

“My son’s illness, various doctors examined him, but everyone said it’s already too late. On top of that, since it’s infectious we were driven out of town as well.”
“And that’s the reason you want me to cure him.”

The petitioning mother.
At that time Terry and Lily entered within the small cabin, and looked at the man suffering on the bed.

“Uh oh, this is already too late, huh.”
“Is that so?”
“There’s no mistake, I––––”
“What, did, you, come, to, do!”

Shesta dropped his fist on Terry and Lily.

“Oww, what’re you doin occhan.”
“It’s not, what’re you doin. This isn’t a place that you children should come to, get back to the tower immediately.”

Terry refused to back down, on the other hand Lily was on step higher.

“Shesta-Ojisan, shows us the figure of you working as well. We’ll watch this and study, and become independent monsters ok.”
“Ou, that so? Gahahahaha, alright, if that’s it then watch from around there. Don’t get in the way ok.”

Shesta who was pleased by Lily’s flattery recognized the two’s observation study.
As simple as always huh, Shesta is.

That Shesta looked down at the suffering man.

“Funfun, funfun. I see I see……”
“C-can you cure him Shesta-sama.”
“Ga-hahhahaha! Who are you talking to, there’s no illness in existence that can’t be cured by this Big Mouse Shesta-sama.”
“Ahh! Really!”

The mother looked at Shesta with eyes like she was seeing a savior.
On the other hand Shesta became even more pleased, and laughed loudly.

“Like I said, it’s impossible.”
“Quiet boy. If you’re studying by observation then be silent and watch.”

After glancing at Terry and scowling, Shesta turned around towards the man.


He held his hand over his head and let out a groan.
Naturally nothing occurs, but……in that case I’ll be troubled.

I’ll be troubled if Shesta isn’t almighty as the boss set up on the surface side.
A boss large enough so that I can hide.

There’s no helping it, shall I lend a hand.

After sighing I stealthily launch my magic power, and make Shesta faint.

He stiffened for an instant, the fainted Shesta.

“It’s come huh, Shesta-Ojisan’s fainting.”
“Eh? Fainting……is it?”
“Un, after fainting once it’s the real thing.”

Lily explained to the mother.
If there’s someone to do that kind of explanation, it’s easy to do.
I once again use magic, and stealthily operated Shesta’s body.

From far away I don’t know what kind of illness it is, so I cast a strengthened recovery magic.
Kaa-san––––directly taught by Mother Dragon, to the extent that even if you’re killed you can be revived recovery magic.

After the curing light covered the man.

“Aaron! Aaron, are you ok!?”

The man got up, and with an that says he doesn’t understand what happened, he looked at his mother and the surrounding monsters.

It seems like he’s cured with this––––.

“Unbelievable, there’s no way he could be cured.”

Terry was lost for words.

“Terry, since before you’ve kept saying won’t be cured, but what do you mean?”
“It’s a sex illness, a disease that’s contracted with sex, but if you’re infected it’s the end. No matter what you do, it’s an incurable illness that can’t be healed.”


“That, is it true?”
“I won’t be mistaken when it comes to ecchi.”

Terry threw out his chest. He has an terrifying persuasive power.
Even so……an incurable illness that shouldn’t be healed is it……did I mess up?

“Thank you very much! Shesta-sama thank you very much!”

The mother thanked Shesta with extreme vigor.
Seeing that figure, well all well, is what I decided to think.


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