The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C12

Woah, been a while since I last posted here… Sorry about that~ I got swamped with exams, but I was reading through lots of series to see what I wanted to pick up for my next project. What I chose is obvious, but here’s a little background. I thought of taking up other series, but I felt like it was a shame that this got dropped, so I decided to try translating it. This series has a lot of kanji I not used to, so it takes a lot longer than Slime, but it’s still really fun to translate, so I hope you’ll stick by. As always I don’t guarntee 100% accuracy, so if you find any errors point them out! Translating Round 2! GO!

Round 2

So without further ado, enjoy!

A Lewd Demon Succubus





When I returned to Ivalice as if he had been awaiting my return the staff officer Jiron came along while rubbing his hands and the adjutant Lilith came to protest angrily.

“Ike-sama, is it true that you left this me behind, and proceed towards the enemies base?”

“It’s true?”

Since I didn’t feel the need to conceal it particularly, I honestly explained.
When I did so, she arched her well formed eyebrow.

“Why, did you do that sort of dangerous action. What would I do if something happened to you.”

“It was just scouting, don’t think about so seriously.”

“Even so, Ike-sama is this Undead brigade’s leader, no, even more than that, the Maou Army’s dagger. If something happened, this Maou Army’s loss would be immeasurable.”

Moreover, she emphasized and continued.

“Ike-sama is the person I’ve decided to give this me’s virginity, if that person were to die, then this Lilith will become the laughingstock of the world as a Lilin demon that finished her life remaining a virgin her entire life.”

That again huh, I leaked a wry smile.
She, the Undead Brigade’s Vice Leader Lilith is a Lilin Race Demon, in other words a Succubus.
Ever since the brigade’s formation she’s worked for me, and her power is outstanding even in the brigade.

However, the problem is, it seems like she’s fallen in love with me.

Usual succubus when they reach adult age, regardless of whether they’re human, demon, animal; they take vitality from men and take it as their own magic power. However, despite having reached adult age she stubbornly refuses that, even now it seems she gets nourishment by absorbing energy from flowers.

I’m told,
“What’s wrong with a Lilin not being a bitch!”
or such.

It seems that she want’s to give that virginity to me no matter what.

Incidentally, since she thinks I’m an Undead race,

“Like this, that wish won’t ever come true. I wonder if there’s no method to have Ike-sama somehow regain life.

Is her pet saying.
She’s the number one candidate that my true colors can’t be revealed to.

Succubus girls are without exception beautiful, without exception intense.

To say nothing of a girl that holds down that instinct, and refuses to steal energy from other men.

If my true colors were exposed, then I would surely become a mummy in a flash.

Thinking as such, I don’t want to mobilize together as much as possible. This time I excluded her from my fellow travelers, but it seems she’s angry at that.

In order to appease her, I somehow think of a suitable reason.

“Lilith, if I brought you along, then no matter how much I deceived with my magic, your true form may be exposed to the humans. Since it’s difficult to conceal your beauty even with magic you see. That’s why I took Sati with me this time.”

Umu, even if I say so myself, it’s a good excuse.
Jii-chan too, first of all you should compliment woman, was his pet saying.

There’s no woman that hates to be called beautiful, is what he said, but it should be common sense no matter what world.

However, even then Lilith didn’t cheer up.
No, on the contrary it made it worse.
It seems like the term “Sati”, touched her pride.

“Ike-sama, even though it’s not ok for me, that woman is fine?”

“She’s human though?”

“However, she’s a beautiful woman isn’t she. Of course, she’s several levels behind me, but even so I think she’ll stand out won’t she.”

She turns her line of sight to Sati.
I make a troubled looking face.
Well that’s natural.

Being told such provocative words by a demon girl, it’s about this timid girl. I can’t even object.

However, surprisingly Sati grasped the sleeve of my robe tightly, and as if mustering her courage she spoke.

“With all due respect, if it’s fighting then Lilith flourishes, and is someone who is useful to Ike-sama, but in everyday life, particularly shopping, housework, etc. I think I’m many times better.”

The moment she heard those words,
“What did you say.”,
made that kind of expression,

“I-I won’t lose.”,
made that kind of expression.

Truly a women’s fight, that kind of thing.
Being in between that work and a hard place was, in some ways, more severe than standing in a battlefield.

Like asking for help I turned towards Jiron’s direction but,

“Please don’t drag me in, Boss.”

He whispered in a small voice.

That whether you’re demon or human, resolving a woman’s quarrel is, even for the world’s best sage, impossible; seems to be Jiron’s pet theory.

Certainly, he’s striking the truth of things.

Usually he’s of no use, but occasionally strangely striking the heart of the matter, this small man of an orc surprises me.

And though extremely rare, he’ll throw out an unexpected lifeboat.

“By the way, what is that bag you’re holding under you’re arm?”

With pointing that out, I remembered the initial objective.
The face of the merchant from who I bought what’s inside this bag, and the information I was informed of as well.

I remembered my duty as the Undead Brigade’s leader, made steady expression and voice and spoke.

“Sati and Lilith. Stop that pointless fight.”

I wonder, was a voice with dignity effective.
The two immediately stopped fighting.
––––At least on the surface.

When I ascertained that, I turned around to the direction of the staff officer Jiron.

“It seems like, soon, Rosaria’s armed forces will come to attack.”

Jiron who heard those words vacantly opened his mouth, Lilith regained a stern expression, Sati made an expression like she was surprised.

It was interesting that each of the three of them demonstrated distinct reactions, but in any case, we have to prepare for the humans invasion.


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    1. Xiose Post author

      Thanks for reading! Yea, at first I was following the syosetu count from the link, but I forgot the first chapter is a prologue. So the prologue would be V1C0, thus V1C12 for this.

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  1. SpringDream

    I’m hoping the MC has some spine and actually gets intimate with at least one girl. Lilith seems like a prime choice; she’d be one of the few capable of learning his true form, get pregnant by him, and still avoid feasting off his vitality by instead feasting off a garden of flowers.



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