The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C13

Ivalice Defensive Battle





Rosaria’s armed force, the White Rose Knights would come to attack on the dawn of the next day.

We who knew of that beforehand took out bow and arrows from the armory, and carefully piled on preparations.

The arms were first class goods sent from a rear city.
There are also goods that contain the mark of a reputable Dwarf workshop.
Proof that Maou-sama’s capture policy is going well.

In the case of the previous Maou army, there wasn’t the sort of concepts of supply lines, let alone arms even food wasn’t supplied.

In other words, everything was procured locally.
Naturally, the humans under military occupation would furiously protest.
In order to hold that down, the demons would suppress uprisings.
Humans would revolt even more.
As a result there were mass outbreaks of refugees, and the residents’ revolts occurred frequently.

When doing those kinds of actions in the back, the combat force fighting in front were too busy to fight.

In terms of numbers, rather than demons(excluding orcs, goblins, etc.) humans were overwhelmingly many.

When they were pressed from both behind and in front by the enemy, even being the Maou army containing demons that could match a thousand, they were helpless.

“However, the current occupation policy is going sufficiently well. It won’t become the same thing will it?”

Was Jiron’s remark.

I gave a dignified response, “Of course”, but in my mind I was anxious.

Certainly Maou-sama’s occupation policy is currently going well.

The city of Ivalice that I’m in charge of as well, for the time being not a single uprising has occurred.

However, if I were asked if it would extend to the future, I couldn’t say yes.
As for why, it’s because I understand the humans’ feelings as well.

As expected, for demons to be loitering inside the city isn’t something that feels good.

Orcs are unattractive like pigs.
The goblins’ eerily shining eyes and green skin give one uneasy feelings.
The trolls’ size frighten people.

In actual fact those are great misunderstandings.

Certainly orcs are unattractive, but if you look closely they have charm, and just like actual pigs they’re monsters that like to keep things clean. Also it’s often said in common sayings that orcs would kidnap human woman, ravish them, and would borrow their stomachs and increase their descendants, but that’s completely misinformation.

In the first place, Jiron has: 3 wives, and 12 children as well.

Besides although the goblins’ appearance for sure is eerie, if you tried talking to them then, there’s a lot that are considerably good natured. There’s a lot of guys that their intellect for sure is lacking, but if you drink sake together then they’ll show you a merry dance, etc.

However, humans don’t know that.

On the other side, the monsters as well look at the humans with similar eyes.
Watching each other with a narrow view is the current situation.

If a trifling incident occurred, then it would snowball, and it’s possible that the residents of the cities under military occupation revolting would occur as well.

“For example, if we were to lose this battle.”

Or something like that––––.

I monologued.

“It’s a story that’s plenty possible.”

At present, I’ve imposed the same taxes as the time the human lord was ruling, but that the person sitting in the lord’s seat be a human rather than a demon would be better is certain.

Supposing, we were to lose this time’s battle, then without even being able to hole up, we would surely be forced to retreat just like that.

––––If we were to lose, that is, but.

Unfortunately, the person ruling this city on top of being bad at giving up, hates to lose.

When I looked down on the White Rose Knights approaching close at hands from the ramparts, the heavily equipped orc party struck them from the front.

Their whole body covered in full plate armor, equiped with large shields as well, and holding long spears.

The so-called phalanx, that thing.
The tactic Alexander the Great utilized in Ancient Greece.
The advantage of this strategy is, close formation, and allows ally shields to protect other allies.
When morale falls, it defends against soldiers fleeing.
As such.

However, for this battle formation elaborate training is necessary.
If there’s even a single coward, then this battle formation will crumble.

“The fruits of habitual training have appeared, right.”

Like that the orc staff officer Jiron’s face slackened.

“A result beyond imagination.”

I answered.

“Usually, against a single knight 5 orcs are a good match, is a rough estimation after all.”

“That’s right.”

Unfortunately, the monsters known as orcs are weak.

They’re often treated as weak fry characters within novels, but that’s the same even in this world.
In the case of a normal knight, they’ll coolly challenge about five alone.

Since they’re fighting on par with that with the same numbers, it can be said that the effect of this battle formation is understood.

I once again express my respect to the originator of this battle formation, and subsequently ordered the goblin archers to fire their bows.

The bows that shot from above the ramparts drew parabolas, and rained incessantly on the knights.


The screams of the knights that shouldn’t be heard, seemed to be heard all the way here.
I’m sure they didn’t think that they would be unexpectedly shot by bows from above the fortress.

Of course, there are monsters that use bows in the Maou army, but surely my unit is the first to organize and manage that right.

In addition to that, making goblins into archers, etc., humans naturally, demons, no, even the goblins in question surely didn’t think of that.

In the first place, handling bows is surprisingly difficult.
No, it’s more than surprisingly, it’s an absurdly high difficulty.

Swinging swords, thrusting spears.
Even monkeys can do that, but to handle bows sophisticated training is necessary.

In actuality, even Japan during the warring states period, more than the handling of swords and spears, learning the way to handle bows and horses was the samurai’s foundation. During the middle ages, the longbow archers of England, that wielded great power, as well, weren’t just conscripted farmers, they were a specialized unit that conducted bow training.

When I was entrusted with the Undead Brigade, the first thing I carried out was the organization of the archer unit.

In any case though they’re clumsy, as a consequence of being clumsy, the goblins that could focus on a single thing were just right for the archer unit, is what I thought.

……Well, though it could also be said that they’re simple.
Be that as it may, my strategy for the time being was a complete success.

The heavy infantry orcs that were more formidable than expected.
The goblin archer unit that shouldn’t exist as an organization.

The White Rose Knights elites that repeatedly trained would no doubt be surprised.
Without overlooking when they became agitated, and without a moments delay I put in my secret weapon.

The demon elite led by the succubus Lilith, I put in the magic swordsman unit.

Usually, demons are stronger than knights that are trained.
By birth they hold tough bodies and powerful magic power.
This one on the contrary, to defeat one demon, 10 proficient knights would be required wouldn’t they.
To such a great extent are demons strong.

However, superior demon’s numbers are limited.
And everyone’s pride is strong, so they’re treatment needs great care.

(––––But then, that Lilith is deeply in love with me, so I have no worries on such matters, but.)

In addition there’s no room to doubt her ability.


“As the Undead Brigade’s foremost magic swordswoman, and Ike-sama’s future wife, watch Lilith’s true strength humans.”

Like that, while raising loud laughter, she tears to pieces the knights’ battle formation.
Due to her performance, the White Rose Knights’ battle formation is split in half, and falls into disorder.

A figure that appears to be the enemies commander,
“Eei, at this rate it’s dangerous, for a moment, let’s withdraw.”
Like that, seemed to give their subordinates an order.

A figure that appeared to be the leader clad in pure white armor fought hard til the end, and while making a path for their subordinates to withdraw, fell back.

“An excellent personage.”

Usually, holding their life precious and running away before anyone else, they themselves remain on the battlefield until the end, excersing command. It’s not a behavior that’s readily possible for an ordinary person.

“It’s a general with backbone, right.”

It seems Jiron noticed that as well.

“Ahh, surprisingly there are lots of losers within those nobles. There’s not someone who could easily do that.”

“There’s not that kind of type even in demons correct. Everyone, puts themselves first and escapes. Usually. ……No, well, though Ike-sama is different.”

“No, flattery is unneeded. In addition, I’m also the type to run away first I guess. If the commanding officer dies, then the person to command the units will disappear. As a result, even more soldiers will die.”

“So that means, that commanding officer is incompetent, correct.”

“That’s what it becomes.”

However––––, I continued.

“Consequently, it seems that saved that person’s life.”

When I said that, I invoked a magic’s aria.

“Resurrect! Puppet soldiers that have lingering regrets in this world!”

In truth it’s more complex, cumbersome, and difficult to understand kind of pronounced language, but converted to Japanese it’s this kind of feeling I guess.

Nevertheless, the meaning is completely the same.

The moment I recited that incantation, from the sandy soil behind the retreating enemies, bone arms jumped out above ground. Next, a human skull showed it’s form.


He saw that sight with Distant ViewHawk・Eyemagic surely. Jiron seemed surprised.

I gave him an explanation.

“Since that area is made of sandy soil, beforehand skeleton soldiers were buried.”

With a cue they’re made to resurrect, catch the enemy in a pincer attack, and annihilate the enemy.
That was the strategy I thought up.
The enemy soldiers would surely be surprised.
Since I adopted tactics that would be absolutely impossible with humankind battles.

On top of overwhelming them plenty, that sort of strange maneuver should have been intolerable. While they were enemy soldiers I couldn’t help feeling sympathy, but I’ve also been entrusted with my comrades’ lives. I can’t go easy on them or such.

That clever strategy became the decisive blow I’m sure.

The White Rose Knights that loss their fighting spirit, could no longer even make a battle formation, they scattered and vanished.

In other words, I triumphed in the defensive battle.
It is also an overwhelming form.


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