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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C13

Ivalice Defensive Battle





Rosaria’s armed force, the White Rose Knights would come to attack on the dawn of the next day.

We who knew of that beforehand took out bow and arrows from the armory, and carefully piled on preparations.

The arms were first class goods sent from a rear city.
There are also goods that contain the mark of a reputable Dwarf workshop.
Proof that Maou-sama’s capture policy is going well.

In the case of the previous Maou army, there wasn’t the sort of concepts of supply lines, let alone arms even food wasn’t supplied.

In other words, everything was procured locally.
Naturally, the humans under military occupation would furiously protest.
In order to hold that down, the demons would suppress uprisings.
Humans would revolt even more.
As a result there were mass outbreaks of refugees, and the residents’ revolts occurred frequently. Continue reading