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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C12

Woah, been a while since I last posted here… Sorry about that~ I got swamped with exams, but I was reading through lots of series to see what I wanted to pick up for my next project. What I chose is obvious, but here’s a little background. I thought of taking up other series, but I felt like it was a shame that this got dropped, so I decided to try translating it. This series has a lot of kanji I not used to, so it takes a lot longer than Slime, but it’s still really fun to translate, so I hope you’ll stick by. As always I don’t guarntee 100% accuracy, so if you find any errors point them out! Translating Round 2! GO!

Round 2

So without further ado, enjoy!

A Lewd Demon Succubus





When I returned to Ivalice as if he had been awaiting my return the staff officer Jiron came along while rubbing his hands and the adjutant Lilith came to protest angrily.

“Ike-sama, is it true that you left this me behind, and proceed towards the enemies base?”

“It’s true?”

Since I didn’t feel the need to conceal it particularly, I honestly explained.
When I did so, she arched her well formed eyebrow.

“Why, did you do that sort of dangerous action. What would I do if something happened to you.”

“It was just scouting, don’t think about so seriously.”

“Even so, Ike-sama is this Undead brigade’s leader, no, even more than that, the Maou Army’s dagger. If something happened, this Maou Army’s loss would be immeasurable.” Continue reading

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C12

I had been messing up the formatting by accident until now, but what should I do? This is how the author formatted it, but do you guys prefer to keep it like it has been?

Sorry about that~



Radio Control Shesta






Night, when I experimented basking in the moonlight in my sunbathing spot, the Vampire Hime came along.

“Non non non, not Hime-san, call me Hime. If you don’t……”
“If I don’t……?”
“I’ll expose the fact that Ryu-chan is actually absurdly strong”
“Bring me some Ourin Juice Hime-kou!”

I tried saying that in desperation.
When I did, Hime said, “OK~” and dashed away.
She came back after a while holding a transparent glass in her hand.

“Here, juice”
“You really brought juice huh–ptuuh~!This is blood isn’t it”
“Non non non, it’s tomato juice♪ Vampire style”
“You’re talking about a blood substitute right! I’ve never heard about blood being tomato juice”

I gave the juice I slightly tasted and spit out back to Hime. She drinks gulps it down, draining the cup in one gulp.
From the corner of her mouth, a thin line of blood drips down.
Illuminated by the moonlight, it was considerably captivating, it was amorous.’ Continue reading