A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C12

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Radio Control Shesta






Night, when I experimented basking in the moonlight in my sunbathing spot, the Vampire Hime came along.

“Non non non, not Hime-san, call me Hime. If you don’t……”
“If I don’t……?”
“I’ll expose the fact that Ryu-chan is actually absurdly strong”
“Bring me some Ourin Juice Hime-kou!”

I tried saying that in desperation.
When I did, Hime said, “OK~” and dashed away.
She came back after a while holding a transparent glass in her hand.

“Here, juice”
“You really brought juice huh–ptuuh~!This is blood isn’t it”
“Non non non, it’s tomato juice♪ Vampire style”
“You’re talking about a blood substitute right! I’ve never heard about blood being tomato juice”

I gave the juice I slightly tasted and spit out back to Hime. She drinks gulps it down, draining the cup in one gulp.
From the corner of her mouth, a thin line of blood drips down.
Illuminated by the moonlight, it was considerably captivating, it was amorous.’

“Haa it was delicious”
“Is that so”
“However, isn’t it better for you to expose it already? Ryu-chan is really strong, so isn’t it fine if it gets exposed”
“No way, it’ll definitely become something annoying”
“Do you really hate troublesome things that much?”
“I do. I really do”

From the bottom of my heart, I don’t want to get involved with troublesome things anymore.
Troublesome things gather around those who possess power.
The best example is that guy who makes a murder scene occur just by seeing his form.
I hate those troublesome things, so I absolutely don’t want my strength to be exposed.

“I also like the trouble hating Ryu-chan”

Hime gets on top of me.
Treating me like a stuffed animal or cushion, she gets on me, presses her cheeks to mine, and rolls around on top of me.
It’s troublesome to push her off as well, so I let her do as she pleased.

“Ne ne, Ryu, is there seconds for juice?”
“I didn’t drink any right!”

A problem before seconds.

“Then a single helping”

Hime snaps her fingers.
After a while, from within the forest appears a shadowy figure.
For a moment I began battle preparations, since aside from one point he looks like an ordinary human.

He’s got a bat riding on top of his head. Almost like a slime, the bat is rolled into a ball on top of his head.
There is no vitality from the eyes of the man, exactly the sense of being manipulated.

“What is that”
“Juice Server”
“Like I said, it’s not juice right”
“If you do this–”

Hime says so and presents her glass.
The man goes up to her, sticks his arm out, and cuts it himself.
Blood gushes out, filling the glass.
When it becomes full, Hime gulps it down.

“Is that supposed to be beer”
“Drinking while gazing at the moon is the best!”
“It’s strangely elegant”

Hime snaps her fingers again and the man disappears into the forest unsteadily.

“He’s being manipulated huh”
“Un, I stock the heroes who come invading”
“The one doing the manipulating is……that bat?”
“Yup, my familiar. It’s convenient isn’t it”

It does seem convenient.
Not all vampires, but the majority give off a lazy image.
Like just now, leaving everything to their familiars and not doing anything themselves is the typical vampire.

“Hey, Hime, won’t you teach me how to do that?”

Hime’s familiars. I thought they seemed extremely useful.

“But that, is a vampire’s characteristic skill you know?”
“Teach me the method at least please”
“U~n. Well, ok♪”

Without giving it much thought, Hime teaches me the method and tricks.

The next day, Deep Forest Eastern Region.
A rare formidable hero came to invade the weakest forest.

The monsters who went out to intercept are done in one after another or forced to retreat.

“Hey Ryu, what should we do about this”
“Lily’s scared……the whip woman hero in the vanguard is scary……”
“That’s a queen right?”
“Ehhhhh!? Even though she’s a hero, she’s a queen!?”

No, I don’t think she’s a queen in that meaning.
That being besides the point, this is a problem.

We of Dragon Knight similarly retreated.
When I formed this party with the two of them I consciously restrained my strength, so we’re no match for today’s hero.
Her strength is too high, I couldn’t defeat her in an instant, so I retreated while protecting Terry and Lily. If it’s only protecting them, then I have leeway. The surrounding monsters are retreating as well, so luckily I could pretend to runaway while being hardly injured.

That wasn’t good.

“Hey, let’s go out once more”
“We aren’t really injured. It’s exactly these times that Dragon Knight should show it’s stuff. It’s a chance to become famous isn’t it”
“But, Queen-sama is scary”
“U, th, that’s certainly scary but”

Terry falters for an instance as well, but his confidence returns immediately.

“All the same, this is the time to do our best”
“U~n, that’s true too”

No no, it’s fine to not do your best, it’s fine to runaway from here generally.
I have to come up with a reason and stop those two.

“Hey!!! You brats pull back!”

From behind–from within the forest we hear a familiar voice.
When we turn around, there’s a big mouse, Shesta is there.


“Ah, you’re that Big Mouse Shesta huh”

One of the retreating monsters, the Big Hornworm, looks at Shesta with a respectful gaze.

“Oh! Since this one’s come, it’s gonna be alright already. You lot run away quickly”

“Hey hey Shesta-san, take us along as well”
“Un! Lily wants to see the scene of Shesta-san’s fight”
“No way no way! It’s going to be a dangerous fight from here on, you brats should retreat!”
“It’s just as Shesta-san says you two. Come on, lets take refuge for the moment inside the forest”

I persuade the reluctant two and we withdraw into the forest but.

“There you are”
“Ufufufufu……with this many monsters. I can have whatever I choose huh”

The hero attacked before we could.
The whip bondage woman came.

“You did well to come here, but this Big Mouse Shesta has come–”

Shesta stepped forward.
The whip flashed.
The whip bends like a living snake, hitting the Shesta’s head cleanly, and blows away the big mouse.


The monsters simultaneously called out Shesta’s name.
Shesta who was blown away smashed his back into a tree and was knocked out. One hit knockout.

This is convenient!

I tear off a piece of my body and throw it at Shesta.
I cast transparency magic on the slime piece. It hit the side of Shesta’s head, bounced above his head and landed atop his head.

I transmit magic. I manipulate Shesta’s body using the trick I was taught last night.
It feels almost like riding inside a golem and steering it.

“Hee, I thought you were knocked out with that one blow. Unexpectedly, you have some spirit don’t you”
“But, it ends here”

The woman swung her whip once more.


I manipulate Shesta and avoid the whip by a paper thin difference.

“T-that was just by chance. How about this!”

She swings her whip again.
The originally fast whip gets even quicker, the tip swishes through the air. I can see three after images.

I manipulate Shesta, and I see through and avoid them all like a martial artist.
Then I counterattack. I fiercely step into the woman’s bosom.
From there I roundhouse kicked her, putting in centrifugal force into my short leg I kick her.
The woman is blow away, she smashes through two thick trees before finally stopping.

If it’s this……I can do it.
I manipulate Shesta and kick the heroes about.
The heroes strong enough to make all the monsters retreat I, manipulating Shesta’s body, repulse them.

The defeated ones collapse, the escaping ones escape–after annihilating them.
While I resuscitate Shesta, I stop steering his body.
At almost the same time, Terry and Lily, as well as the other monsters who heard the uproar and returned, appeared.

“Amazing, as expected of Shesta-san”
“He drove away the heroes all by himself”
“Big Mouse Shesta isn’t all talk right!”
“Eh? Ehh?”

From Shesta’s point of view, after losing and regaining consciousness, he was suddenly surrounded and praised. A strange situation but.

“……fu, well, it would turn out like this after all”

Without minding it at all, he immediately starts bragging.


Shesta who is surrounded by monsters and being praised to the sky continues laughing loudly.
I mastered Hime’s technique and was satisfied I could conceal my strength and avoid troublesome things.


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  1. Darkhaert101

    I just realized why the scene Shesta collapsing and being controlled looks familiar. It’s similar in Detective Conan where he knocks out Det. Mori so he can do the crime solving by voicing over Mori. Also both scene also ends the similar ways where both brags and take credit over the accomplishments even though they had no idea what just happened or how they did it.

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