A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C11

The Being That Surpasses Asura




*tha-dump* *tha-dump* The ground shakes.

Terry and Lily, the Dragon Knight party, intercepted the invading heroes when we heard really loud footsteps from behind.

Avoiding the heroes attack, I move my gaze behind us.

From about 10 meters away I see a large monster approaching here.

Red skin, muscular body, carrying a club larger than an poorly grown adult male.

Just her body alone releases an intimidating air, but on top of that the oni mask she’s wearing further increases it.

If I remember right, this monster was…….

“Chris-san, the Ogre Chris”

“Amazing~. This is the first time I’ve seen Chris this close before”

The Ogre Chris.

Her combat style is just like her looks suggest, an in-fighter. If her club strikes you directly you’ll be pulverized. If the location of the hit is good, it’ll become a fatal wound. Deep Forest’s best attacker.

Incidentally, she’s a celebrity as the monthly first place in the unofficial Number of Heroes Repulsed Ranking, done by tallying.

Normally, Ogres don’t wear masks, after all their plain faces considerably fierce looking.

But for some reason Chris wears a mask, that’s become her trademark.

She approaches with loud footsteps, and she goes out in front of us, facing the heroes.

With a giant red ogre appearing, the heroes started trembling.

There are many bow users among today’s heroes. While panicking, they send a rain of arrows from afar, but they all bounce off Chris’s body and don’t pierce.

An ogre’s body is a body of steel, when the arrows bounce off, a metallic sound goes out.

She counterattacks, a strike with her club.

With a casual swing of her club the vanguard’s heavy armored hero was crushed.

The armor was crushed flat.

“Hi, hiiii!”

“What the hell is that!”


The heroes who lost their fighting spirit due to that one blow scattered like baby spiders.

That’s understandable, if such an amazing blow was shown you would normally run away.


Without saying a word, Chris silently pursued them.

She just them while shaking the ground.

“I have a feeling that I’ll never be a match for Chris……”

“Ah, the bow onee-chan got done in. Shit, even though I was aiming for her since she was a large breasted white elf”

Due to Chris’s appearance, our turn completely disappeared, becoming spectators watching an arena match.

Well, as for me, this way is easier for me, so it’s completely ok.

All the heroes were defeated, and there were no signs of new heroes coming. As such, I separated from my childhood friends, and went to my sunbathing spot.

I faced the sky and shot off an extra larger magic bullet, blowing away the clouds, and guaranteeing at least an hour of sunshine.

Then I moved to the center of the sun rays and basked in them.

Today’s sun is splendid. After only basking for three minutes my body began to melt.

I melted into a runny sunny side up egg like form.

Doing nothing but idling, it was a wonderful irreplaceable moment.

*rustle* *rustle*


Suddenly, noise came from the thicket.

This presence is……a monster.

Lily? Yui? Or is it Hime.

Though I guessed at what monster would come here, none of them were right.

The one who appeared from the thicket was a large monster wearing an oni mask.

A red skinned ogre, as well as a trademark mask.



Chris saw me and let out her voice.



Chris did not say anything.

She remained unmoving in the same posture she came out of the thicket a short while ago.

She’s not coming over here, yet she’s not leaving either.

She remained frozen in the same stance she appeared in.

I wanted to continue leisurely melting, but I was interested in why she hardened up.

“Do you have any business?”

“Are you……going to remain here?”

“Yea……for at least an hour”

I want through the efforts of blowing away the clouds with an extra large magic bullet after all. I was planning to bask in the sun until it clouded over again.

What about it?

While semi-melted, I looked at Chris.

Chris seems to have something to say, but she seems unable to start speaking.

Suddenly, I notice that her gaze is alternating between me and a certain spot.

I was curious. Within my semi-melted body I moved my eye parts, and chased after her line of sight.

At that point was a flower blooming. Chris was glancing at that flower.

Is there……something going on with that flower?

“……I have a few errands I remembered. See ya”

I said that, and moving my semi-melted body like a snail, crawled on the ground and left that place.

When I entered the forest I snapped my body back to normal, hid my presence so even Kaa-san wouldn’t sense me, and circled back around.

Incidentally, I learned this technique in order to escape Kaa-san’s scolding.

A technique to completely erase your presence. It’s not a metaphor. Your presence becomes zero so nobody is able to sense you.

I desperately learned it, however it had no real meaning to Kaa-san.

On the contrary, she utilized the fact that presence became zero. I was sad when conversely she found me in a place where there was “nothing”.

Well, it will work on anyone other than Kaa-san normally, so there’s no problem.

I use that and return.

When I do, I see Chris sitting in front of the flower.

Her figure as she holds her knees while sitting on the ground looks like an artificially made hill.

Her mask was on the ground next to her.

Chris remained still, staring at the flower.


And then she laughed.


Eh, was that her way of laughing right now? laughing like, hehe?

Not, Gahahahaha or Goooooo or Nwuaghahahaha, but hehe.

An ogre is secretly watching a blooming flower in the magic forest and laughing “hehe”?

“That’s a lie right……”


I unintentionally let my voice out. Chris suddenly jumps up like a string that snapped.

She snatches the mask next her, puts it on, and looks towards my direction.

“The slime from……just now”

The surprised Chris said in a husky voice.

She plainly shows me her surprise that slowly changes into frustration, and finally blood lust–blood lust!?

Why blood lust!?

“Since I was seen”

Chris slowly faces me.

She drags her club and slowly approaches me with loud footsteps.

Combined with her mask, this seems a little horror like.

“Waitwaitwaitwait, I didn’t see anything”

“That’s a lie, definitely”

“I really didn’t see anything, even if did, look”

While saying that, I crushed my own eyes.

*Pucha*, Jelly body fluids scattered around.

My crushed eyes became X. (X_X)

“See, I didn’t see”




She muttered something. Chris panicked and then returned to her senses.

While still letting out blood lust she approached me once again.

“I really didn’t anything so”


“Really really”


Chris puts down her club, and dissipates her blood lust.

Fuu……that was dangerous.

As expected of the Ogre Chris. Other than Kaa-san, this is the first time I’ve felt this stinging blood lust.

The reason was……probably because of what I just witnessed. Chris probably didn’t want that to be seen.

I slightly regret coming back out of curiosity.



Do you like……flowers?”

“Eh, I, I wonder……rather, I’m sorta like a flower?”



I head to the center of the sun rays, and my body melts as I bask in the sunlight.

Using my semi-melted body like clay, I lift up a portion. At the top of my head, I made something like a flower.

A surreal image of a flower atop of a sunny side up egg like body.

“Kinda like this”


Chris burst into laughter. The atmosphere became lighter.

Good, there was an effect of acting the clown.

“Does Chris like flowers?”

“Un, I like gazing at flowers like this”

“Hee. Come to think of it, you put on your mask just now, but why do you put on a mask in the first place?”


Chris fidgets……fidgets!?

A red ogre like giant is fidgeting?

“I get n-nervous”


“I get nervous if I don’t put on a mask. My body freezes if I lock eyes with someone I don’t know”


W-well, there’s those kinds of things as well.

It’s strange, Chris who has confessed such a thing started to look like a lovely young woman.

I rub my eyes.

Un, as expected she’s an Ogre. A mask wearing, full of intimidating air, the strongest Ogre.

However, my interest has grown. I’m curious of Chris’s real face that she’s hiding under her mask.

Purposely looking for scary things, confirming the smell of laundry before washing, that type of thing.

“Ne, take off your mask and show me your face”

“N-no! If I do that, you’ll laugh”

“I won’t laugh”

“But……it’s embarrassing”

“You took it off when you were looking at the flowers earlier right? Look, I’m a flower too”

I deform my slime body and make a flower bloom atop my head.

*Popopon* three flowers bloomed.

Was that amusing, Chris lets out a laugh with a pu.

“You won’t laugh”

“I won’t laugh”

“ok. Then……I’ll take it off”


Chris says that, and slowly takes her mask off. Slowly……and shyly.

Under the oni was an Shura!!!

The mask was frightening and gave off plenty of intimidation, but her true face was several tens of times scarier and gave off even more intimidation.

That intimidation was Kaa-san–Mother Dragon class.

It’s scary to the point that it seems like a weak hero would have a heart attack from the sheer intimidation.

“It’s embarrassing, so don’t stare”

Shura seems to be saying something Kaa-san.

No no, it’s not that’s not something to be shy about right. That’s an amazing weapon Chris.

……but, Chris is fidgeting. She seems too shy to show her face.

I feel considerable killing intent just from staring at Chris but. A weak hero would likely have a heart attack from sheer fear, but.

To me, who was constantly receiving Kaa-san’s scoldings, this wasn’t a big deal.

“You have a nice face”

“T-thank you”

Shura Chris’s red skin gets even redder as she says her thanks.


Suddenly a voice comes out from the thicket. Chris gets startled.

A male hero appeared from the thicket.

The hero who appeared from who knows where, freezes when he is shown Chris’s face.

He begins to tremble as he stares at Chris.

His face goes pale and his teeth begin to clatter. If you look properly his pants are stained and water is collecting on the ground–he had an accident.

That’s not unreasonable, Chris’s face is that much like an shura.

On the other side, Chris is frozen as well.

She froze when the hero appeared. Her red skin is subtly pale and is girlishly trembling.

Ogre and Hero, both of them are staring at each other and trembling in fear.

……what the hell is this.

I was wondering what I should do when, from the corner of my field of vision, the flowers came into view.

The flowers Chris was gazing at, the flowers she was gazing at with her mask off.

She also felt relaxed when I made a flower bloom.


I used magic, and made a flower bloom atop the head of the trembling hero.

Howaa……along with a sound effect of relaxing, she tensed her muscles.

That’s probably a smile right, it’s without a mistake surely a smile.

Chris smiled when she saw the flower, but……that face became horrifying enough to surpass the Asura.

The hero began trembling even more, but Chris moved.

She returned to her senses and quickly put on her mask, and crushed the hero with her club.

In that moment the surrounding air of intimidation became weaker. Just putting on the mask her level returns to normal.

“Tha……that was scary”

No, the scary one was you ok.

The Ogre Chris, when she takes her mask off, she becomes a eccentric timid Shura-chan.

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