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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C11

The Being That Surpasses Asura




*tha-dump* *tha-dump* The ground shakes.

Terry and Lily, the Dragon Knight party, intercepted the invading heroes when we heard really loud footsteps from behind.

Avoiding the heroes attack, I move my gaze behind us.

From about 10 meters away I see a large monster approaching here.

Red skin, muscular body, carrying a club larger than an poorly grown adult male.

Just her body alone releases an intimidating air, but on top of that the oni mask she’s wearing further increases it.

If I remember right, this monster was…….

“Chris-san, the Ogre Chris”

“Amazing~. This is the first time I’ve seen Chris this close before”

The Ogre Chris.

Her combat style is just like her looks suggest, an in-fighter. If her club strikes you directly you’ll be pulverized. If the location of the hit is good, it’ll become a fatal wound. Deep Forest’s best attacker.

Incidentally, she’s a celebrity as the monthly first place in the unofficial Number of Heroes Repulsed Ranking, done by tallying.

Normally, Ogres don’t wear masks, after all their plain faces considerably fierce looking.

But for some reason Chris wears a mask, that’s become her trademark. Continue reading