A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C13

Another week, another translation~ I managed to finish another chapter this time, so make sure to check it out! I think a lot of people missed it the last time I did this.


Waving Cat

Dragon’s Trait and Goblin’s Instinct





Late at night in the Deep Forest.
The majority of heroes invade at noon, by nightfall they’ve either been annihilated or withdrawn.
Fighting at night in the forest has many disadvantages for heroes, so it’s naturally become that they fight during the day.

However, today there is a group that has remained within the forest even though it’s late at night.
Using perception magic, there are around 50 heroes gathered that are not moving.

What is this.

“Ryu! You were here”
“Terry. What’s wrong”
“Come here for a bit”
“W-wait, don’t pull my head uwaagh!”

My head was seized by Terry who suddenly appeared and began walking quickly.
If I resisted, it would end without him pulling me along, but it was so sudden, and it was my childhood friend as well.
I allowed myself to be pulled along by Terry.

“It’s a major incident, help me out Ryu”
“What’s difficult……uoh!”

I who let myself be dragged along by Terry finally arrived at a group of goblins.
They’re gathered in a place where the forest opens up slightly.
If you look left, there’s goblins. If you look right, there’s goblins.
A big group of golblingoblingoblin.

“What’s up with this”
“From here on we’re going to defeat heroes”
“With only goblins”
“Why in the world”
“You see, there are heroes”
“Yea, it seems like there are”
“There’s a human queen among the heroes you see”
“A queen?”

When I mutter, my words attract the attention of the goblins as they all simultaneously look at me.
At night in the middle of the forest with countless shining eyes of goblins glaring at me……to be honest, it’s a little scary.

What’s scary isn’t just that, the goblins have started some mysterious ceremony.
Groups of 10 are made as they gather in rings and began turning around, they do a strange dance.
A dance that can certainly only be called a ceremony.

“W-what’s going on with everyone”
“We’re going to attack the heroes now and capture the queen. A recently enthroned, young queen”

I finally understand the situation.
One trait of goblins, they feel tremendous fascination with human girls, especially those “who have not been defiled” or “noble”.

Even now there is a queen among the heroes, will you attack that queen in a sexual meaning?

“I understand the situation, but why did you get me?”
“No one will cooperate with me”
“Well yea……you know”

Investigating as much as possible with perception magic, the heroes who are here now have been in the same place since around evening.
From the flow of magic, they aren’t doing anything, they’re just there.

The monsters of Deep Forest don’t usually start attacking as long the heroes don’t come attacking.
For heroes that haven’t moved for around half a day, if you leave them as is and let them go back, it’ll end with that.

There are proper reasons for situations like this.
This time as well–probably.

I stealthily used magic, directional sound collection magic, magic to eavesdrop on a designated location.

[It looks like we’ll get receive daybreak with nothing happening]
[Don’t let your guard down, it’s Her Majesty the Queen’s first campaign after all. It will be a overwhelming victory if we return even if we don’t battle]
[I understand, whatever kind of monster comes, even a dragon, we’ll drive them away]

The human’s conversation I overheard was more or less as I expected.
It’s usual for attacking a monster’s nest and attaining victory to become a status within high ranking humans or nobles.
This time it’s that. When I heard there was a queen I guessed the unmoving heroes came to gain the queen prestige.
And I was right on the money.

“Hey Ryu, cooperate with me”
“……sorry but, pass”
“Ehh why”
“It’s bothersome, I don’t think anything of the Queen after all”

I’m not a goblin.
It might be instinct for goblins to attack noble woman, but I’m a slime.
No matter a queen, princess knight, or elf priestess, I don’t have any particular interest.

“Che, it’s fine already. See ya”

While sulking Terry bid farewell to me.
The goblins who went to the mysterious ceremony also stopped and departed in groups.

Well, it’s within the forest, and the opponent are heroes who have trying to gain prestige as a goal.
Even at worst it will only be annihilation with the promise of resurrection, so I thought to leave the matter of the goblins as is.

“Cooperate with them”
“Uwah! Y-yui, it’s you huh. What are you doing in this kind of place”
“Properly cooperate with them”

My stepsister,the Dragon Yui, suddenly appears, directs her stare at me and said as such.

“Why, isn’t it fine”
“This is Kaa-san’s orders”
“Uu, b-but isn’t it fine not to do it? If it’s those kinds of heroes, they won’t attack all the way to Kaa-san’s place right. Then–”
“A message from Kaa-san”

“‘I am sleepy, when I have to resurrect enough to the point that my sleep is disturbed then at that time'”
“t-that time……?”

*Gulp* I swallow my saliva as I hear the tone of my own voice.

“‘I’ll scold you as much as I revive'”
“That’s not a laughing matter!!!”

The goblins who advanced just now easily crossed 100, a great march of 100 goblins.
And the goblins will surely face complete annihilation right.
There’s no way the heroes who came along in order to gain the queen prestige would be weak, and 100 goblins combined are still only goblins.

……in other words, when morning comes I’ll be scolded 100 times huh.

I don’t want that, don’t want is not the word for it.

“It’s like that so. I conveyed it ok”

Yui said so and turned aside so as to leave.

“What, I’m sleepy though”
“I understand the situation, so cooperate with me please”
“No way. Didn’t you listen? I’m sleepy”

Eei are all dragons lazys!

“I don’t want to hear that from Onii-chan only”
“Don’t retort to the voice of my heart. Not that, I’ll do it so give me a single scale please”
“Something like demanding your little sister’s scale……Onii-chan on top of being a lazy person, you’re a hentai”
“Take back that last one!”

Yui looks at me for a while, then let’s out a sigh with a dear me.

“There’s no helping it, if I don’t give it to you, it seems Kaa-san will get angry”
“It’s fine if you understand”
“Wait a moment……”

Yui says that and put her hand inside her skirt.


She gropes about making rustling sounds, and after her face flushes she takes her hand out from her skirt.
In her hand is a single scale, a dragon scale.
It’s always a wonder why she takes it out from such a place while in her human form.

“Here, don’t use it for strange purposes”
“Like I would idiot!”

I throw the dragon scale I receive from Yui into my mouth.
I take the dragon scale into my slime body and process both my flesh and magic power.

When I do, suddenly a transformation occurs.
A change occurs in my jelly form body’s flesh, and in a flash I transform into a the figure of a dragon.

A huge, a body that protrudes out of the forest dragon figure. The figure of Yui’s dragon form.

A kind of transformation magic, by taking in a portion of the target’s body, it’s possible to transform into the target’s figure.

Incidentally, the transformation is the appearance only, it’s not capable of copying even abilities.
If I transform into Terry……oegh.

Even if I take in Hime’s hair and transform into a vampire, I won’t be capable of turning the opponent into a retainer by sucking their blood.
It’s only the outward appearance to the end.

Even so why did I transform, that’s because I’m Kaa-san’s son.

I’m a slime, but I was born in a dragon’s nest. The effect of Mother Dragon working me hard for many years is that I acquired a dragon’s abilities in general.
In other words this means that in this moment, I have, in appearance and in content, become a dragon.

“Dear me, well then I’m off”
“Un, do your best”

Yui sends me off, and in the body of a dragon I head towards the direction of where the heroes are.

I pass the goblins on my way.
All their eyes are glaring, some number f them are already imagining about after the queen is captured.

I passed those goblins and finally arrived at the heroes location.
The tent is casually set up, becoming a small campground.

“M-monsters have come to attack–”

The hero on night watch spotted me, but I crushed him with my forefoot.

“No way, it really came!”

There’s a single voice I remember hearing.
While being in a hurry I came to attack, so breathed fire from my mouth.
The blazing flames burned the heroes from there equipment into nothing.

I killed the heroes who came attacking all at once one after another.
Around 50 heroes, they’re all the queen’s guards so as one would expect they’re considerably strong.
They strong to the point that, individually, they could each breakthrough the weakest eastern forest.

I’m at a loss with that kind of opponent, but I’ll be scolded by mother when damage goes out to the goblins, so I used all my power to rout them.

“Her Majesty the Queen, escape at once”
“Please hurry!”

In the tent in the furthest place there were those kinds of shadowy figures. I saw the figure of a hero that was trying to let her escape.

The queen was young, a young girl of about 12-3 years of age.
A pattern that is often seen. The type that’s enthroned easily enough but without any prestige, they’re looked down on.
So I understand very well why they came……but.

I stick a magic barrier on the queen, and breathe out flames in her surroundings.
Other than the queen who was protected by the barrier, her hero followers were burnt to nothing.

I don’t let the queen escape, Kaa-san didn’t order me to, but if the queen escapes the goblins will pursue her and it’ll become a nuisance.
That’s why, I don’t let her escape.

I leave aside the queen who sunk to the floor, and I obliterated the reaming heroes.
The heroes were tough opponents, but I somehow annihilated them leaving behind the queen before the goblins arrived and took off from that place.

[Hyahaa! Heroes give us the queen–are?]
[Queen or Destroy! –he?]
[Why aren’t the heroes not here?]
The goblins that are late to the scene are bewildered.

[More importantly, that’s the queen isn’t it]
[It’s true, the queen]
[I understand, that queen is a virgin]
[[[Hyahaa! A fresh queen]]]

They’re stimulated by the queen left behind, not a single one of them thought about the situation deeply.
Good grief, like this it’ll end without me being scolded.


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10 thoughts on “A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C13

  1. thatguy572

    Like the story, and I’m completely fine with killing humans and whatever, but rape is a difficult to tolerate thing for me to say the least. The only solace is that author doesn’t go into detail when it is implied, all but said, to happen. Still gonna read the story in spite of it, but its ever-looming cloud brings the thing from a 5/5 (not saying too much since I am a relatively patient reader who judges fairly) to 3/5-4/5. I guess meeting in the middle to make it 3.5 is fine. Good relaxing read otherwise that I don’t really plan on dropping unless author brings it center-stage.

    Liked by 6 people

  2. snake23

    i don t know how to feel i like this one
    but still as an human hate the MC -_- ( no really why he gave the queen to the goblin even for a lazy person like him a bit of pity ….)


  3. kettern

    Thanks for the chapter
    I have no problem with massacre (rape is a different matter) as I read these kind of novels, but I seriously think: couldn’t he just have kicked them out of the forest? I mean, the image of him being a former human is completely destroyed by now… or the general human in this world is a scumbag…

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Kurt Minic Avila

    Guys have to understand that goblins are thieves and rugged creatures. Most of all they are EXTREMELY perverted. They are the definition of really low monsters. Rape may be morally unsettling but that’s what makes goblins scary. Setting aside their hideous appearance, it’s the aftermath of the battle that is scary. Author brought this up probably to bring the character of goblins not just a basic and weak creature that you meet in early levels but also how villains really work. This novel is not a hero but a villain novel


  5. digimaster6662000

    The main character slaughtering the humans who attack isn’t a problem for me. I can stomach the rape since it is a core part of the goblins life. My problem comes from the fact that the queen that the MC left to be the goblins victim is a 12-13 year old child. In this kind of situation, the most likely scenario is that she is a novel’s puppet, was sent into the forest to gain prestige, making her a more useful tool, and is now about to suffer for it. If she was a little older and shown to be a corrupt royal doing this for the sake of her pride or selfishness then I could still accept it, but from what is in the story, I can only see an innocent little girl being willingly sacrificed by the MC out of laziness and fear of a little pain he as already experienced many times before.


    1. night

      Possible this is a side effect of reincarnating as a monster. He wants to protect the monsters which live in the forest and would hate it if his childhood friends died (even if they can revive) but he is completely fine killing humans. This would be odd if he still kept all his human sensibilities unless he really doesn’t care about life.



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