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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C7

Incurable Illness





Inside the forest during the day.
Me, Terry, Lily.

The three of Dragon Knight were walking around without any particular purpose.
Lily was on top of me. A dragon wearing a slime’s clothing––––since she’s riding on top of me Dragon Knight, it’s a position that became the source of the team name.
Terry was bouncing along side to side with me.

Since it’s Dragon Knight even if I let Terry on it would be correct, but I flatly refuse that, as for why––––.

“I want to raid a town. Just recently I saw this, but Wu village’s head shinto priestess, that’s a virgin. Do you understand Ryu, it’s a virgin head shinto priestess.”
“No, I don’t get it.”
“You get it right. When we monsters attack a town, in order to protect the town’s residents they’re high ranking clergy that offer their own bodies……guhyehye……” Continue reading