Slime no Kawa o Kabutta Dragon~ Saijaku no Furishite Shizuka ni Ikitai


A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing ~ I Want to Live Peacefully by Pretending to Be the Weakest

Author: Miki Nazuna

The hero tired of the world’s problems used all of his power to reincarnate into a slime. As one of numerous small fry, without standing out he was supposed to be able to live inconspicuously but due to accidentally being born in a dragon’s nest he was brought up as a dragon and became the most powerful slime ever. If that strength is discovered it will become tiresome once more……The appearance is a slime, within is a dragon, he uses his power to the fullest and through various means he resolves to conceal his [Supremacy].

Original Work :

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Deep Forest

The Weakest Son, The Strongest Slime

Dragon Knight and Big Mouse

Big Mouse Shesta

The Man Who Knows My Past

Back and Bottom

Being Treated as a Child, Being Treated as an Adult

The Two’s Guide

Dungeon Master

The God of Beauty and the Two Lolibabaa

Hero Rush

The Being That Surpasses Asura

Radio Control Shesta

Dragon’s Trait and Goblin’s Instinct

King of Heroes Sympathiser

Maiden Dragon

Sacrifice Training Plan

Saint Slime

Noble Illness

An Accurate Judgment


Puppet Regime

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing

Chapter 2 Crystal Tower

Crystal Tower

Dungeon Skill

Skill Point

Thanks to the Drunkard

Hidden Top Decisive Battle

The Sacrifice Saw

Village Raid

A Younger Aunt

Chaos Seed

Queen of the Night

Reason and Worldly Desires

Last One Attack

A Dragon’s Pride

God’s Offering

Ojii-chan’s Blow

Secret Dungeon

A Reliable Man

Slime Tower


Brief Tranquility

Chapter 3 Secret Crystal Tower

Prologue~Secret Crystal Tower’s Four Heavenly Kings

Rumors of the Secret Boss

Sleepin Shesta

Slime Covering For Another

Endless Lewd Dream



Good Person, Wonderful Master

A Good Person Won’t Be Cured Even If They Die

Dancing Slime

A Child Who Can Do It If They Try

Awoke to the Surge of Murderous Intent Ryu’s Disciple

Onii-chan’s Present

Traditional Theatre

Oni, Flower, and Contrary Person

Oni and Smile

A Once in a Hundred Years Flower

First Gathering

Onii-chan’s Amazing After All!

Cleaning Up After Little Sister

Thickheaded Slime and Oversensitive Dragon

I’m Not a Siscon

Cooking Slime

Hero’s Mode of Life

Paying Back Double

First Rank and Second Rank

Outside the Dream

Fat Ant

Epilogue, From Parent to Child……

Chapter 4


Slime Within the Smoke

Queen and Undressing

Want to Lay Eggs

Golden Dragon Within the Darkness

Enveloped by Onii-chan

Incurable Illness

Hime’s Egg

Mother Dragon’s Reincarnation

Father’s Milk

The Power to Protect One’s Child

Mother’s Scheme

Mother Dragon and Hime

Future Arcs and Chapters